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Dog Friendly Road Trip Across America – 2016

Follow along on the MyDogLikes 2016 Dog Friendly Tour of America
Written by Rachael Sando

We have some very big news to share!

The MyDogLikes crew is headed on the adventure of a lifetime. And guess what….you are invited!
In just a few days we will be setting out on a road trip WITH the dogs in tow! This is no ordinary weekend getaway, however. Instead, we will be gone for almost 2 weeks, hitting 16 states, traveling 6,000 miles, and visiting countless landmarks along the way.

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To show you that it can be done, and how to do it!

We will be using this trip to share with you all of our best tips for traveling with dogs.  This includes what to pack, where to stay, where to visit, and how to keep them happy, safe and entertained along the way.

This trip is being made possible by some great brands that we will be sharing with you in the coming days. These are companies we love and whose products align perfectly with our mission of getting out and being active with your dog.

Traveling with Dogs

We are huge proponents of bringing your dogs with you wherever you can – and that includes vacation. Although it may seem overwhelming at first, with a bit of knowledge and a lot of planning – it is not that difficult to put together a fantastic trip that includes the dogs. 

MyDogLikes is headed on a major dog friendly road trip!

So, while we venture out across this country, we will be keeping you up to date on where we are, what we’re up to, and giving you a realistic impression of visiting with dogs.

Not only will we be letting you know about dog friendly destinations – but also what we find that is NOT so dog friendly!

Where are we Headed on our Dog Friendly Road Trip?

Below is our general road map. We will be starting out in Rochester, NY and quickly making our way down to Phoenix, AZ. After that we are headed North through Utah and Wyoming all the way into Montana before heading east back home.

The road trip outline for MyDogLikes Dog Friendly Tour of America - 2016

As you can see, we will be traveling through 16 different states including NY, PA, OH, IN, IL, MO, OK, TX, NM, AZ, UT, WY, MT, SD, MN, and WI!

We are trying to squeeze in as much as possible because “Hey – how often do you have an opportunity to take an adventure like this?!”

Visiting Dog Friendly Parks 

One of our main goals is exploring some of the most famous parks and landmarks in our nation and showing you how to do plan a visit with dogs. Some national parks are not particularly dog friendly, so we will show you how to make the most of your trip, and also present great options nearby that are a bit more welcoming to furry friends!

Find out which parks are worth a visit with dogs

These are the main parks we are planning to hit:

UPDATE: Below are our travel logs from the road!

Visiting Dog Friendly Cities and Towns

Naturally, we will be passing through dozens of cities and towns along the way. Although for many we will be simply driving through, we will explore as time permits.

Highlighting dog friendly towns throughout the country

 A few that towns that are definitely on the list:

  • Chandler, Arizona
  • Jackson, Wyoming
  • Kanab, Utah

What else do we have planned?

Aside from all the hiking and exploring, we have a few other great activities planned.

I'm Going to BlogPaws 2016! Join me!


We have planned this road trip around our second BlogPaws Conference. Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, this is a gathering of the top bloggers and brands in the pet world. We will be learning how to grow our business, create better content and reach more readers.

Harley and Charlie at last years BlogPaws conference

We will also have a chance to catch up on the latest trends in the pet industry and let you know about cool new products and services we find.

Best Friends Animal Society Tour

While we venture through Southern Utah we are going to be stopping in to tour Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. This is the nations largest no-kill animal sanctuary, tucked into a beautiful canyon, and home to nearly 2,000 homeless animals. We are so excited to learn more about what they do here and to make some new friends as well!

Games and Prizes

We wanted to make this trip not only informative, but interactive as well, so we have lots of surprises planned. There will be photo contests, quick giveaways and a major grand prize!

Traveling with dogs does not need to be difficult! Visit MyDogLikes for plenty of tips and helpful how-to's!

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About the author

Rachael Sando

Rachael is a School Psychologist with degrees from the University of Rochester and RIT. Though a lifelong dog lover, this passion has taken on a new direction through the utilization of therapy animals in her day job. Charlie, our Golden Retriever, works with Rachael as a school therapy dog in a local primary school where he brings comfort and support to students and staff on a daily basis.


  • This sounds amazing!!!! I hope to make it to Blogpaws one of these years and could use the tips! Have a wonderful and safe trip!

  • We thought you weren’t going this year? Sounds like a fun trip. I see you are passing through MN too. Honk so we can hear you!

  • Sounds like an amazing trip looking forward to following you. Would love to do a meet up in Chicago but you’ll only be going around it I suppose. But we would love to show you Montrose Dog Beach! Love Dolly

  • Wahoo! Such an amazing road trip! I can’t wait to follow along on your adventures and see you in Phoenix! Safe travels and have a blast!

  • Sounds like a wonderful road trip! We love road trips – they are good for the soul and reconnecting! Hope you enjoy BlogPaws and I look forward to seeing trip updates!

  • Love that you are doing this! One of my biggest goals/dreams is to pack up the dogs, hop into an RV and travel around the country. I look forward to hearing more about your trip and learning some more tips for if/when I get to hit the road with my three 🙂 Looking forward to meeting you in person in Phoenix next week!

  • That sounds amazing! Best of luck to you and we look forward to following along on your adventure!
    Maybe we’ll see you as you drive through Ohio!

  • Wish you were coming to Idaho. It’s a very dog friendly state. But I wish you joy and fun and a tail-wagging good time on your travels!

    • We really tried to fit it in, but just did not have enough time. There were so many gorgeous parks in Idaho that we wanted to explore! Next year!!

  • I also thought I read that you weren’t going to BlogPaws this year. Well, anyway, how exciting and we hope you have a wonderful time and a safe trip! We’ll look forward to reading all about it!

  • this road trip blog is something ALL pet parents need to read. i’m so glad you’ll be letting us know which places (to visit) are pet-friendly & which places are not. thank you so much for this information! please have a safe & fun journey!!!