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Have you read about our Dog Friendly Tour of America!? Next week the MyDogLikes crew is venturing out on a huge road trip with dogs!

This trip would not be possible without the support of our sponsors – all fantastic companies with great products and great missions. I encourage you to check them out below to learn more about these brands and why we love them so much. We will also be highlighting their products throughout the trip and explaining why they are perfect for pet friendly travel and active dogs in general.

Last but not least, the companies below have graciously offered some wonderful deals and LOTS of giveaways for our readers. Make sure to visit the blog daily and follow our social media channels to keep up! Search and use hashtag #MyDogLikesAmerica on Facebook and Twitter to follow our adventures and enter to win!

Platinum Sponsor

Dr. Harvey's

Dr. Harvey's is the platinum sponsor of our cross country road trip with dogs!

Our regular sponsor and the official food of our Pet Friendly Road trip. Dr. Harvey’s creates some of the finest food available for companion animals, however, that is not all. They also offer treats, supplements, grooming supplies and health care aids – basically anything a dog could need in a holistic formulation!

Click here to save 10% on Dr. Harvey’s with code: MDL630

Gold Sponsors


Pawz will be our official paw protection sponsor with their dog boots and paw wax.Our official paw protection sponsor! We will be traveling through some very warm desert climate over surfaces too hot for a dogs sensitive paws. Pawz dog boots will be essential in protecting their feet not only from high temps but also on the rough, jagged terrain we will encounter while hiking. That’s not all however… Pawz is also sending along some of their Max Wax dog paw balm to help sooth and heal any irritations that do develop along the way!

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4-Legger Dog Shampoo is all natural, organic and non-toxic.With all of the hiking (and hopefully swimming) our dogs will be doing on this trip, a few baths will be necessary. 4-Legger has become our go-to dog shampoo due to its impeccable ingredient list. Organic, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and cruelty free!

Visit and Shop 4-Legger Dog Shampoo


4Knines bench seat and cargo covers will be protecting our vehicle throughout the trip. We wouldn’t dare head out on a road trip without quality seat/ cargo covers, and 4Knines will be our official vehicle protection provider. We have been using these covers for about a year now and they have saved our cars from countless messes. 4Knines seat covers are waterproof, easy to clean, easy to install and look great.

Click here to shop 4Knines on Amazon

Brave Beagle

We recommend using Brave Beagle's all natural dog ear cleaner as part of a regular ear cleaning routine.This trip falls right smack dab in the middle of allergy season, and we will be visiting lots of new places our boys have never been. There is also a good chance they will be doing some swimming along the way. For floppy eared, allergy prone, water dogs like ours routine ear cleaning is a must. We will be using Brave Beagles’s all natural dog ear cleaning formula to keep our dogs ears clean and healthy.

Use Code “HARLEY16” to save 20%  


Vetriscience has been a leader in the pet supplement industry for over 40 years.With Golden Retrievers, joint health is always in the back of our minds. This is especially important during periods of heavy activity (like a cross country trip!). That is why we will be relying on Vetriscience GlycoFlex to provide our dogs with the needed ingredients to help repair and strengthen their joints, and provide additional comfort and flexibility.

Visit and Shop Vetriscience on Amazon

Silver Sponsors


The turdlebag is a leash attachment that holds used poop bags and dispenses them as well.We will be visiting some of our nations most beautiful and protected places on this adventure. While we always take proper care of pet waste, TurdleBag makes “carry-in/carry-out” a breeze. This leash attachment not only holds used poop bags, but also dispenses them as well.

Visit and Shop Turdlebag


We will be hitting some EXTREME temperatures during this trip. Phoenix in particular is forecasted to reach the 120’s! The Chillspot will be our official dog cooling solution – helping to keep our boys safe and comfortable. EXCLUSIVE OFFER – Get a free Chillpod with the purchase of a ChillSpot!

Use Code “mydoglikes” for a free Chillpod!

Bronze Sponsors

Jones Natural Chews

Jones Natural Chews manufacture a wide variety of healthy dog treats and chews made right in America!It’s not a real road trip without some tasty treats. Jones will be supplying us with an assortment of tasty treats to keep the boys satisfied when Mom and Dad stop for ice cream! Don’t worry, no junk here – Everything from Jones is all natural and made in America!

Visit and Shop Jones on Amazon

Lilly Brush

The Be Forever Furless brush from Lilly Brush will be our much needed pet hair solution during the trip!Pet hair is a serious issue with 2 Golden Retrievers. We will be relying on the Be Forever Furless brush from Lilly Brush to keep our vehicle and ourselves looking presentable throughout the trip! Best of all, they also have a travel size that fits right in my purse!

Shop Lilly Brush on Amazon!

Other Contributors


Zuke's is providing an assortment of treats for our boys to enjoy on their road trip.
Kurgo manufactures all sorts of gear for active dogs and pet friendly travel



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