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Pawz Dog Boots Review – Maximum Winter Protection

Pawz Large Booties
Written by Kevin Sando

You’ve all seen dogs in boots before… and the hilarity that follows when they actually try to get around in them. As silly as these videos can seem, dog booties are not simply a fashion statement, but a practical and essential part of keeping your dog safe and healthy throughout the year (yes, you heard me not just in the snow).

Pawz rubber dog boots logo

Exercise is essential to keeping our dogs fit and healthy and PawZ- Resusable, Disposable, Waterproof Dog Boots are the four season accessory that you need to have.

MyDogLikes Pawz Dog Boots Review! Pawz are a disposable, reusable and biodegradable dog boot!

Pawz dog boots are made of a natural biodegradable rubber and look a bit like deflated balloons before they are put on.  They are meant to be reused, yet are disposable so come in packs of 12.

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Pawz are available for all different sizes of dogs, and they were kind enough to send us some of their large (black) dog booties for review!  We have been using (and loving) Pawz for several years now, so were very excited to give them a thorough spotlight!

PawZ are NOT your grandmother’s dog boots…

Its awkward…I feel ya.

Part of the reason that we get the awkward (yet delightful) videos seen above is because when dogs put traditional booties on, they can no longer feel the ground.  Every high stepping move is tempered; careful, yet completely erratic and crazy at the same time.

Pawz makes natural rubber dog boots that are disposable and reusable. They come in several different sizes and now in black!

Because PawZ are made of flexible rubber, each step that a dog takes is not only protected, but allows them to feel and grip the ground in the way that they are used to. While the first time that you use them may make your dog do all sorts of silly things (like believe they are stuck to the ground), these silly episodes are short and fleeting. As soon as you entice them with a treat or say the magic word W-A-L-K, they are off without a second thought!

Ready for a Walk with PAWZ Boots

While typical, high quality booties can cost upwards of $50, PawZ semi-disposable dog booties won’t break the bank, but will absolutely do the job! Unlike their more traditional counterpart, where a lost or torn boot means a large re-investment (and a new set of boots), PawZ can be worn until one tears, or is inevitably lost, and a new boot from the pack of 12 can take its place!

Pawz makes Disposable Dog Booties that are also reusable. These are the only dog boots that have worked for us and our boys love how they allow them to feel the ground beneath them.

Even with daily walks in the winter (when we use them most), we have never gone through more than one pack in a season. Though they may tear, we sometimes save those that simply have holes from nails etc, we just don’t use them when we need the water-proof seal they typically provide.

Pawz dog boots are waterproof and perfect for winter conditions. Protect those paws from ice, salt and snow!

How to use Pawz Dog Boots:

PawZ Dog Boots resemble a deflated balloon and easily stretch on (even with a wiggle butt puppy), while staying right where you need them during action.Putting them on is easy and gets easier the more you do it!

PAWZ Dog Boot Stretch

I start by stretching out the opening of the boots. Next, I use one of my hands to squeeze the paw so that its nice and tight. I then  carefully place the boot on the side of the paw closest to my hand, then stretch the opening over the remaining part of the paw.

Or…if you have a little time try this trick that our good friends at GoldenWoofs demonstrate here.

Putting on Pawz dog boots

HELPFUL HINT: If your pup is very interested in the boots while you try to put them on, try giving them a bone/kong filled with peanut butter so they are paying less attention to you. A little preoccupied after getting them on? Try telling them they are going for a W-A-L-K and/or giving them some training treats to distract them. Soon, they will come to associate their boots with walks and might even start carrying them around!

Ready for a walk!

We’ve talked a lot – So why does your dog need these?

Your dogs paws aren’t as tough as you think

The pads of their feet may look invincible, but they are susceptible to the elements just like human skin.  This is especially true when winter rolls around.  It is very important to know the potential dangers that can be encountered this time of year and also what can be done about them!

(NOTE: Click here to learn how Pawz dog boots can protect your dog’s paws from the Summer heat!)

Pawz makes the perfect Dog Boots for Winter. These rubber boots are easy to put on and they stay on. They are also very affordable!

  • Winter Dangers:

    • Temperature – You know how your skin gets chapped and dry in the bitter cold?  Well it is no different for your dog.  The pads of their feet can crack and bleed in freezing temps – not surprising when you take into consideration that they have to walk directly on the snow and ice!
    • Snow Buildup – Take a close look at your dogs paws next time they come in from a walk or romp in the snow.  Chances are you will find a ball of ice or snow in between the pads of their feet.  This is especially true if you have a long hair dog.  This hair is like a magnet for the snow to clump onto and freeze.  Needless to say this buildup can cause significant discomfort and irritation.
    • Salt and Ice Melt – The salt and chemical ice melts that coat our sidewalks and roadways this time of year can be corrosive to your dogs paws.  Even more concerning is when your dog licks the residue of their irritated paws after coming inside!

Snow Pawz Booties

Why MyDogLikes Pawz Dog Boots

We have been using PawZ for more than 3 years now (check out our super old review here) and cannot say enough good things about them!

  • Protection

    • Weather – As we explained above, Pawz are perfect for protecting your dogs paws in all sorts of weather conditions (and other dangers that may coincide with this weather)
    • Allergens – For dogs with seasonal/contact allergies, these are heaven sent! The boys get to enjoy the great outdoors likes dogs should, and I know that they won’t have irritated, sore, and red paws later!
    • Water – Recently, when Charlie hurt his paw, we used PawZ to keep his bandage dry when going outside.

We were able to use a Pawz dog boot to help keep Charlie's bandage dry.

  • Traction

    • As Harley ages, it is getting more difficult to get up off the hardwood floors. Wearing PawZ around the house helps him when he is having a hard time by providing just a little bit of extra “stick”.
    • PawZ are also great for therapy dogs who are frequently walking around in hospitals, schools, or other buildings with glossy industrial floors. PawZ make them more stable and less likely to slip or put excess wear and tear on their joints.

Pawz are Dog Boots That Stay On! They are also reusable, disposable and very affordable!

  • Cleanliness

    • Not only does the waterproof nature of PawZ make for easy paw cleanup after a walk, but they also keep what I like to refer as their “under carraige” clean. No longer do they look the dirty wheel well of your car…When wearing PawZ very little water and debris is kicked up on to their bodies…..long hair dog moms and dads, you know what I mean!

Drying out a couple sets of Pawz Dog Booties. These rubber dog boots are disposable but reusable.

  • Value

    • High quality boots can cost upwards of $50 for a 4-pack. PawZ range in price from $10-18 for a 12 pack based on the size of your dog’s paws.
    • Though PawZs are advertised as disposable, I like to refer to them as semi-disposable. You get a shocking amount of wear out of each, but when something inevitably happens to one, its no sweat, just throw it out and replace it singularly!
    • Like all things, the life of the boot can be extended by taking time to clean-up after use like laying them flat and making sure they won’t stick together.

Pawz dog boot sizes

  • Environmental Impact

    • We absolutely love that Pawz dog boots are biodegradable, so you don’t have to feel bad when it is time to dispose of the old and swap in a new set!

Time for a Walk with PAWZ

 Interested in trying out Pawz for yourself?

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About the author

Kevin Sando

Kevin is a mechanical engineer with a degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has move than a decade experience in new product design, prototyping and early stage manufacturing. Pairing this background with his love of dogs, gives him a unique perspective to evaluate the design and execution of new and interesting pet products.


  • Great review! These look like great booties, very thin and not bulky on the paws. Kilo hates any sort of clothing or accessory but I wonder if he’d put up with these? The tip to distract while putting them on would be helpful.

    • We have tried them with other dogs in our family and they have all tolerated them! I definitely think Milo would be willing to give them ago, especially if distracted!!

  • Nice review! We personally love and adore Pawz booties too- we’ve been using them for going on 7 years now for both our boys. Scooter, our handicapable pom, uses them year round- his unnatural gait causes odd wearing of his nails and foot pads if they’re not protected. Our senior boy Bear uses them to protect his feet from the cold and the heat when we’re out adventuring. They’re a ‘must have’ for us- Scooter has the Pawz1z coat too- so so nice and waterproof!

    • We look forward to trying the coat too! I picked them up on a whim at Harley’s groomers years ago and will never go without them again! Once you have them in the house, I think you find other ways to use them!

  • I absolutely love Pawz Dog Boots. My pug is undergoing chemo and has lost a lot of the pigment in her feet. This causes her pads to be even more sensitive. She would not be out walking in the heat and cold without these – they’re an absolute God-send. I go through a lot of them, and with two dogs, would love to have a new package as I’m running out!

    • These stories make me tear up. I love to share a product that others feel so passionately about. I want everyone to win a set!

    • Have your dogs adjusted to the regular boots? Just today Charlie was out tearing it up and running around, we lost one and it was nice to know that it wasn’t going to set me back a lot of money! But that’s Charlie for ya!

  • We so gotta try Sugar’s trick because I have to wear them but mom hates getting them on me.Thanks for the tip! Love Dolly

    • We know our favorite girl, Sugar loves PawZ!! We shared your awesome video too! I think Harley would like to take Sugar out for a date in their coordinating boots! 🙂

  • My girls have worn boots before!! Zoe is allergic to the Oregon grass and she will occasionally get infections in her paws and they also wore them when we lived in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. They are not fond of wearing boots but they put up with it! LOL

    • Have you tried these yet Lauren? Harley would not tolerate regular boots, but he puts up with these because they mean a walk!!!

  • I always wanted to try PawZ and this would be a great excuse. I had to get boots for Tucker last year when he tore a nail in the middle of winter. I had to get whatever was in the pet store, and boy were they expensive. I didn’t think about how boots like PawZ might help with the snow that gets caught in my dogs’ furry paws. What a great idea!

    –Wags (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats.

  • We don’t like wearing shoes, but the house rule is -10 or colder and we have to wear our PAWZ. As shoes go, they are simple to wear and keep our paws from freezer burn outside, but ours never last. All three of us have our own, but 2-3 walks and they start tearing, getting holes, etc, so we flip them upside down and get another couple walks, but that is it. Mom keeps buying them as she likes them, but they never last for us. We try to buy up a few packs on clearance in the spring.

    • Hmm? I wonder if maybe you need to size up, Emma? The pair that we are currently using have lasted for 6 walks already….or maybe you just get more exercise than us!?

  • I’ve never tried dog boots but I’ve been thinking about it lately. Queenie has been getting show stuck between her pads this winter and I think she may be getting frost bite.

    • That is ultimately what led us to buying them the first time. We had taken Harley snowshoeing and he he kept getting balls of snow stuck in his paws and they got sore and raw 🙁

    • They are great for our our senior golden. He is a big boy and struggles to get him back end off the floor from time to time, they are amazing at giving him a little extra traction!

  • We’ve been hearing all kinds of good things on these and would love to try a set.

    Monty and Harlow

    • Awesome!! I want to hear her story! All the way from the Bahamas has to be a tough transition to Colorado!

  • Our 8 year old Pekingese has steadfastly refused to wear any winter boots over the years. He either chewed them off or they pulled off in the snow baring his paws one by one. Absolutely no success until this year when we finally tried Pawz boots from a local pet store. I’m still learning how to put them on his paws though as he wiggles a bit. Once they are on, he walks completely normally and tonight in -19 degree C weather, he actually scampered along on his walk. I highly recommend them to other pet owners as they have definitely solved our doggie dilemma.

    • That is wonderful! Did you see the video we posted? We are going to try it this weekend! It looks so much easier to put them on!

  • A few years back, I tried some standard fleece “doggie boots” on my dog. The whole ordeal didn’t go over well, but I most certainly got a sweet little video of him running around, trying to flip the boots off. I no longer have my pal, but I do have a family member with a tiny little dog, whom I think these would be perfect for. He is so small and she definitely worries about him hurting his little paws on the ice and snow.

  • We use Pawz when it is really cold or hot. I haven’t used any of the other boots because I never thought Luna would keep them on. I hadn’t seen Sugar’s video before, so I might have to start putting them on like that!

  • My dog didn’t like the ones I tried. Those look alot easier to use. I think she would love it!

    • They are really easy to use once you get the hang of it or use that cool life hack we posted!

  • I originally bought some Pawz when Chewy cut one of his paw pads, and that worked really well to keep his wound clean. Then we started using them in the winter because of the salt on the road. Last winter we lost so many pawz in the deep snow, when it started thawing, there were purple booties everywhere along our street!

    • Haha! Chewy will be glad to know that they come in black now too! Where you able to reuse any of them!?

  • I have tried many boots for my chihuahua but she always walks sideways after I put them on!

  • I don’t have any experience with dog boots, but I’m always worried about my beagle’s feet during the winter. He goes on walks every day, so I’ve been looking for a solution so he doesn’t injure his paws!

  • Great review, I really think we need to try these out. At the moment we’re using Musher’s wax and although it works pretty well it’s not near as much protection as these would offer. Laika had a fit when I tried her first pair on; maybe I’ll have better luck next time around (with a peanut butter stuffed kong as you wisely suggest)

    • I was surprised how easy going Charlie was about it. I think he was pretty amped up because I had already said the magic word (W-a-l-k) 🙂

  • I have not tried any boots yet luckily I do not get much snow but I get frost and rain and the pugs hate going out in the wet cold ground these might be just the thing.

    • Yes definitely! They are great for allergies as well as heat. Basically, anything you would want to wear shoes for!

  • Ive tried other types of boots with our little dog that were heavier material that he didnt like, but these look easier to put on and would help him with the cold and salt on the sidewalks right now

  • I have never used dog shoes before because I know that my dog wouldn’t like them. These are completely different and I think that I may have to try these out on my golden! Thanks for the review!

  • We haven’t ever tried dog boots or shoes of any kind. I think my shih tzu may rather like some. He hates getting his paws all dirty and dislikes walking on the types of grass we grow here.

  • I’ve tried several different kinds and brands of dog boots, and pawz is by far the best. They stay on, and my dogs aren’t as bothered by them because they can walk more naturally. And despite being disposable, they actually last a long time.

  • I have not had the opportunity to try dog boots but I plan to. One of my dogs hates walking in wet grass. I plan to try boots so that she is not such a wuss when it rains. 🙂

  • I am a big boot wearer. I have been wanting to try these boots out. I know my friend , Sugar swears by them. Only thing that I didn’t like about them is that the mediums are purple but I need a large and they don’t come in purple and I am known as the purple poodale. BOL! But a large is the blue and I can write UK on them for the Ky Wildcats Basketball team.

    • Carma I dont know if black fits in with your wardrobe, but all sizes now come in black! Sounds like you are facing quite the conundrum!

  • I recommend you add a note that points out that there are potential allergen issues. Natural Rubber allergy (latex) can be a serious problem and lifethreatening. It is wonderful when products made of this material clearly identify it, so people like me can avoid it. I sure wish they were an option for us!

  • Terrific review but you didn’t get a chance to touch on the other great use of Pawz; indoor traction for senior dogs!

    We have a senior dog who is also a bit overweight because of his meds. Even with runner rugs all over the place he still was having problems with navigation (slipping). He was losing confidence and becoming reluctant to walk around. I saw Pawz on a pet related blog (maybe this one) and bought them. It has been night and day for him. Absolutely the most wonderful innovation. I wish that I could post a picture here of Mike standing up and on the go in his Pawz.

    Important note**! If you use Pawz for indoors it is important to (a) cut off the rolled cuff at the opening (it gets too tight after long hours of wear) and (b.) – most important!! – cut a few holes or slits in the Pawz so that indoors paws can breath and don’t become damp and uncomfortable.

  • Have started using Pawz rubber boots with Ree after an infection resulted in surgery removing the web between two toes.He tolerates the Pawz very well and they hold up well.How do you wash them without the rubber getting tacky and sticking together?Am rubbing small amount of petroleum jelley on them to unstick the material but I dont believe it is good for the material in the long run.

    • If you use some cornstarch it will be perfect and not stick together. We don’t usually wash ours much since they are semi-disposable, but I have also heard that poking a hole in the bottom helps them to get some of the sweat out and keep their paws from getting damp! Let us know how that works!

      • I will try the cornstarch,they hold up so well with Ree that I wash them every couple days.I am also using a similar application method shown on video using a plastic tube to make it more efficient to put them on.I cut the bottom out of a plastic measuring cup,it is firm enough to hold its shape and short enough to store easier.

  • My boxer has degernerative myelopathy so her back legs do not work so well. We have tried several different kinds of boots for slippage control and these work the best because they stay on and it doesn’t matter if they turn. However when she wears them it rubs the hair off her ankle and causes sores. Any good ideas what we can do to prevent it?

  • What size do y’all think for a 70 pound pit terrier mix? My brother sent me measurements but they seem questionable.

    • We use a large for our ~75 lb Golden Retriever so I think that would work for a Pit Terrier mix as well. Let us know how these work out for you – we swear by them!