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D&M Dog Fashions Review: Bringing Style, Fit, and Function Together

Harley and Charlie modeling their new dog bandannas
Written by Rachael Sando

As the pet parent of two large dogs, the struggle to find clothing and accessories that are stylish AND functional is all too real.

Don’t get me wrong, I have purchased a few coats, sweaters, and bandannas in my time, but I’m rarely satisfied with all aspects of the product. It seems like I always have to choose between the fit, fashion, or function.

Sometimes I wonder whether pet accessory manufacturers think about the actual proportions of large dogs or simply make a larger version of a small dog accessory?! The problem with large scale manufacturing is the wide variety in dogs builds. While a Boxer with a huge barrel chest and a poodle with a tall, slender frame may fall within the same weight range, their bodies are built very differently!

Large and difficult to fit dog pet parents, rejoice! There is an answer to our fashion conundrum!

Looking for a coat for a Golden Retriever? Check out D&M Dog Fashions for a custom fit!

Introducing D&M Dog Fashions

With a love of sewing and the desire to help friends who had expressed similar frustrations with the fit of standard dog accessories, Maria and David started D&M Dog Fashions!

After experiencing local success in their Maryland neighborhood, David and Maria took their goal of “seeing all dogs warm and well dressed” to the internet, expanding their business to include an Amazon Handmade Shop that carries the highest quality jackets, bandannas, collars, and toys!

Imagine how excited we were when Maria asked if we would test out their amazing products and share our thoughts with readers! They are sponsoring this post and a wonderful giveaway below so make sure to read all the way through!

What Makes D & M Dog Fashions Unique?


Everything from D&M Dog Fashions is custom made for your large or difficult to fit dog! Simply measure your dog, choose your favorite patterns and colors, then prepare to be amazed as Maria creates your dog’s tailor-made items!

Craziest of all, Maria accomplishes this with an average shipping time of just 2-3 days!

Attention to Detail

D&M Dog Fashions has thought of everything in designing their products! Read below to see some of the features that make their products stand out.

Breaking Down the D&M Product Line

Coats and Jackets

Each double-lined jacket is constructed out of quilted cotton and fleece or flannel. Perfect for those cold fall, winter, and early spring days!

Dual layer dog coat with durable stitching and back pocket

Jacket color, trim, and fabric can be selected from a wide variety of options to create a truly personalized look! However, these jackets are so much more than just nice to look at! No detail is overlooked in their construction, and they are closed with an extra thick, reinforced Velcro that won’t easily come off during wear.

Last but not least, you will never again get caught without a doggy bag on a walk! Each jacket is fitted with a large pocket on the back for keeping bags (or other accessories) on board!


D&M Dog Design bandannas are made from two complimentary fabrics so you get 2 looks for the price of 1. Putting the bandanna on is a breeze-simply slide your dogs collar through the 1″ pocket sewn into the rim.

Patterned dog bandannas from D&M Dog Fashions

Not only are the bandannas reversible, but the two fabrics make them slightly heavier so that they do not blow around and stay nicely in place.


Bright and colorful dog collars

While most colorful collars are made of sewn ribbon, each of D&M Designs collars are constructed of utility webbing which is fade resistant, washable, and brightly colored! Durable and beautiful!

Rope Toys

Durable braided rope dog toy

D&M’s rope toys are constructed of polypropylene that is braided together to create a durable dog toy that is perfect for the toughest and roughest playmates!

Trying D&M Dog Fashions for Ourselves

Upon opening our package from D&M Dog Fashions, the quality of each item was immediately apparent. The jacket was thick and soft but still had a nice structure to it. Looking at all the details, I was really impressed by the thick Velcro closure, as this area is typically a weak point on an article of clothing.

These dog coats remain secure via a thick velcro strap

They looked and felt amazing but the real test of course, was whether the jackets would fit!

I am so happy to report that the jackets fit like a glove, being the perfect size for each individual dog. I loved the way they looked in them  too – like little packages that I just wanted to squeeze!

Thanks to a large pocket on the back of the jacket, you will never forget poop bags again!

Would the jacket hold up to the cold and wet spring weather? YES! Even after wearing it to the park, Charlie could run and tumble in his coat without it falling off! I also wasn’t worried about the jackets getting dirty since cotton is so easy to care for!

These thick dog bandannas are sewn from 2 fabrics and therefore reversible as well!

The bandannas were nice and thick and we loved that they had two different fun patterns. Taking them on and off was also super easy.

Best of all, the fit was perfect! Wondering how a bandanna could possibly not fit? Trust me, it’s a real thing. Our boys have big barrel chests and if a bandanna is not created thoughtfully it can be too narrow and crinkle up on them.

We love how these collars pop against Harley and Charlie's coats

We love patterned collars at MyDogLikes but with thick luxurious fur, it’s hard for most to stand out against all that hair! What we LOVED about these collars is that the patterns were bright and bold (actually popping against their fur)!

D&M’s collars are also constructed using heavy duty utility webbing rather than the traditional sewn ribbon collars we have purchased in the past.  With sewn ribbon collars, we have found that repeated neck scratching causes the ribbon to fray, and they just don’t hold up.

I have no concerns at all about these collars standing up to the test of time!

Charlie testing out his new braided rope dog toy with some tug-o-war!

Last but not least, Charlie loved the tug toy! I loved that it had a handle for me to hold as he pulled me across the room. Even with all that tugging, there were no signs of weakness. The braided design seemed to distribute the force of pulling. It’s going to take a lot more than a few determined dogs to break this toy!

Harley and Charlie modeling their coats from D&M Dog Fashions

Why MyDogLikes D&M Dog Fashions

So often, pet parents need to choose between quality, functionality/fit, and fashion. With large and hard to fit dogs it feels like you either end up with a accessory that fits well but is kind of ugly, or it looks really good, but doesn’t meet quality standards. We loved that each of the items that D&M Dog Fashions made met all of the standards that we had. The boys looked fantastic and and the quality of these items is unlike anything that you can find in a big box store. You really just can’t beat handmade!

We also loved that despite the high quality of the items, they were very affordable! The quality of the jacket, toys, collars, and bandannas could easily cost twice as much! Also, despite being homemade – these orders were fulfilled extremely quickly! So if you aren’t great at planning ahead, D & M Dog Fashions has your back!

We love to support small businesses and find over and over again that the quality of items just does not compare to what can be purchased elsewhere. We wholeheartedly recommend D & M Dog Fashions for all dogs, but especially those who are large and hard to fit!

Want to Give D&M Dog Fashions a Try?


About the author

Rachael Sando

Rachael is a School Psychologist with degrees from the University of Rochester and RIT. Though a lifelong dog lover, this passion has taken on a new direction through the utilization of therapy animals in her day job. Charlie, our Golden Retriever, works with Rachael as a school therapy dog in a local primary school where he brings comfort and support to students and staff on a daily basis.


  • i like the dog jackets because they dont go thru the legs and mat their feathers. i have a hard time finding jackets that are long enough for small dogs but fit the belly. my girls are in great shape and most of the time the jackets are too big in the belly area.

    • I think more companies need to make long dog coats (similar to talls for humans)!

  • I have a hard time finding coats my dogs will wear. I like that they are made out of heavy duty materials.

    • LeAnn, please visit our shop on Amazon and we will be more than happy to customized a coat for your pup. Thank you. Maria
      D&M Dog Fashions

  • I have a small dog (bichon) but she is hard to fit. She is only 11 lbs but wears a size medium in most clothes because she is soo long. However, she has short legs & a small chest so the size medium can sometimes result on her dragging the coat on the ground (or at least the velcro tabs since I have it on the tightest setting- I can’t buy the non-adjustable ones at all). But if I buy the correct size for her neck & chest, half her back is exposed!

    She would love a custom coat! I have knitted her a few sweaters but they don’t work well when it is wet.

  • I do have trouble finding clothes for my Sadie. We live in a small town and don’t have shopping options so I have to look online. I like the adjustable feature!

  • I have only dressed my dog in a jersey for tailgating.. this would be awesome to win.

  • My dogs have so many clothes they each have their own closet. They are small dogs but I need to buy them size Large since dog clothes do not fit according to size.

  • My “granddoggie’ is a pit bull and she is not so much tall but more stocky. We love to give her new and different things to wear because she enables my daughter to be more self reliant and secure.

  • I like the double lining and quilted cotton of the jackets. That both looks comfortable and like it would keep my dogs warm in the cold. Yes, it is difficult to find jackets that fit because my dogs are pugs. This means they are thicker than the average dog and often brands make the neck fastener too tight for them.

  • I like things that are adjustable to fit my Cocker.He loves to wear clothes so I look for comfort and ease of use for me.

  • I’ve never purchased fashion for my dog but I’d love a jacket for my lab mix. I think he’d enjoy his walks more if he was warmer int he winter!

  • It is a good quality product that looks comfortable for the dog to wear.

  • I have never tried to buy apparel for my Rocky before. I imagine it would be expensive and hard to find as he is approx 130 lbs. I only ever see real tiny stuff in the stores.

  • Yes, we do have trouble finding dog clothes that fit our chiweenie because he is long and skinny, but very short. The other 2 dogs are pretty easy to fit. I love that D & M fashions are all custom made.

  • I have a corgi golden retriever mix. He is very hard to fit because he is between a medium d large. I would love to try your doggy apparel.

  • I haven’t bought too many coats for my dogs, but I do have trouble finding ones that fit right. If they have built-in legs, my dogs don’t like getting into them (especially if the legs are tight). These look perfect – adjustable and actually styled for larger dogs.

  • We have lots of trouble finding coats to fit as we have Dalmatians who are very fit. Anything that fits their length hangs halfway to the ground. I also like the lengths that cover their hamstring muscles to keep the warm. I love the colors of the D & M collars.

  • I love that they are homemade. I find it hard to fit my Boston’s also, either to small or too big. Also that you can reverse them to give a different look.

  • We have 4 dogs 3 of them are Golden retrievers, & finding them things like coats that fit & look good are hard,so we would love to be able to try these things out on one of our dogs

  • I have a hard time deciding what size I should buy. I am always afraid it will be too small.

  • I would love to win this for my dog I think he would love it that they have different colors

  • It is very hard to make sure I get the correct size. Even if I measure all the areas the websites say the doggie clothing looks too big or small. I like the feature of this jacket that it stays on even when the dog is playing.

  • I have a liitle dog with very little hair and I end up making alot of her cloths to get a good fit. I’ve never found cloths that would fit my 1115lb girl. Love the style of the coats.

  • I love that they are adjustable, I sometimes find it difficult to find apparel that fits my doxies.

  • I have two dogs that are Corgi and Australia Shepard mixed. The one has a deformed front leg so we can never coats. I like the fact that they don’t have holes for legs and that are long. So these would be great for the one.

  • The coats in this picture look durable. Some of the clothes I have bought my Cujo has fallen apart after a couple of washings.

  • I have trouble finding things to fit my Angel. I love that you can wash the coat.

  • I love that they are adjustable and can be washed. One of ours is a little pudgy. He never fits the size it says for his breed.

  • I don’t buy clothes for my dog. Hard enough to feed her and keep bones around.

  • My doxie has a hard time finding something that fits his linger, short-legged body

  • Even though my dog is small, he’s a deep chested terrier, as well as a dog who can’t and won’t wear anything that isn’t velcro fastened, and it is nearly impossible to find the coats he really needs for him. These sound perfect!

  • Their products sound wonderful because they realize that not all dog breeds fit into the same sizes. I had that problem buying dog harnesses and coats for my dog. I got them home and none of them fit right because of her bigger chest. Frustrating.

  • I do all the time, with their little long bodies that are low to the ground. It’s rare to find anything that fits right and then often it slides around while they move – drives me crazy! I love that these are custom made.

  • My 3 rescues came to me and my husband with nothing…totally “naked.” All mixed breeds, there is nothing standard about them. My husband feels our first female dog, Rosie, is a Chihuahua mix and wants “something to make her look feminine and pretty” I love looking at your website.

  • I have purchased some jackets before before they ended being so cheep that they had to be hand washed and even doing that they fell apart soon after i bought them. I can tell by looking that your jackets are made from much better material and will hold up for a long time

  • I love the patterns they are so bright n very cool u cant find anything in stores like that. I got a miniature schnauzer that weighs 28lbs n a Chihuahua thats a puppy weighing about 3.8lbs hard to find my puppy anything that fits him.

  • The jackets look great a nice cover up for the chilly evenings. I like the rope toys too.

  • I loved that the collars are so bright. I need something that stands out on black lab hair and this looks like it would do the trick great!

  • I have problems finding coats for Milo. He is a MinPin/Chihuahua mix and he has a barrel chest, is a bit chubby but his neck is tiny.

  • I have a Miniature Wire-haired Dachshund, so yes, finding a coat to fit her is difficult. Sounds like this type is pretty good at fitting. Thanks!

  • I have a Miniature Wire-haired Dachshund, so yes, finding a coat to fit her is difficult. Sounds like this type is pretty good at fitting. Thanks!

  • I love that you get to customize the jackets and how easy they are to put on and off. They are gorgeous. I have a hard time finding clothes for my dog sometimes because she can fit a large in the clothes when it comes to length and neck size but her girth is always too big!

  • I do have trouble finding things that fit my barrel chested but small neck dog. My favorite feature of the DM DOG FASHIONS is that the jackets have a thick Velcro closure making it a perfect fit for each individual dog.

  • Yes, I have had trouble finding clothes that fit my dog Tillie. She’s a bichon, but one of the larger size bichons. We actually made her a sweater once when I accidentally shrunk a wool one in the dryer. It fit just right and she loved it. I really like how your dogs are in outfits that look a lot like a horse blanket – warm and protecting, but not so fitted.

  • I just got a puppy last week so I haven’t bought her any clothes yet but I would like to. I love the designs they have.

  • Yes it’s very hard to find the right sizes for my dogs. I love the style of the clothing.

  • yes i have trouble,the sizes they say for the dogs never fit the breed it says,,i love the colors of this brand

  • I ALWAYS have problems finding sweaters and coats that fit my dogs – I swear I have a closet full of the ill-fitting cast-offs. My English Bulldog is impossible to fit and even my Boston Terrier, who is large for his breed, is hard to get fitted right. I love that these are custom fitted!!

  • My pup is difficult to fit. He is small, think and long. A handmade garment may be the solution.

  • i always have a hard time finding coats that fit her properly. shes very small but very fluffy!

  • I like the double lining of the jackets! My dog is a small chihuahua; so we have a hard time finding collars that fit.

  • I have had trouble finding clothes for my bulldog with her frame. I love the styles

  • I have never had problems fingding clothes for my dog but she hates hats and shoes.

  • I do have problems finding things that fit my dogs and I like that they stand up to cold weather

  • I have a small dog. He is 10 pounds I know it’s very hard to find something that fits him appropriately. I like the fact that these are customizable and absolutely adorable

  • I have a large mixed breed dog that is long-bodied. It is so hard to find anything but a collar that fits him.

  • Such a great article with so many detailed photos. Thank you for all the work you’ve put in to write it and to share with us all these useful info. I have two dogs (Suri & Miky) and be sure i will follow your advice.