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Kevin and Rachael from MyDogLikes

Hello, we are Rachael and Kevin, the humans behind the beautiful dogs you see all over this blog! To say that we are huge dog lovers would be an understatement.  Ever since our first dog Harley came into our lives 6 years ago, we have been obsessed.  We are not pet care professionals, only passionate pet owners always seeking to learn more and improve the lives of our dogs.  Through this blog we aim to share lessons learned and experiences gained as well as to connect with other dog lovers.  At MyDogLikes you will find comprehensive dog product reviewsdog friendly travel guides, and tips for proper dog care.

Meet the MyDogLikes Crew

Harley from MyDogLikes (Senior Product Tester)Harley

AKA (Harles, H-Dog, Harles Barkely, Baxter)

Harley is a 10 year old Golden Retriever, and our first dog. He is a gentle giant who has acted like an old man for most of his life.  He serves as the Sr. Product Tester here at MyDogLikes. All dog product reviews on the site are first subject to his rigorous and exhaustive evaluation process. He has very high standards in regard to dog products, and rest assured that he will not hesitate to give an honest opinion. (In due diligence, I should state that preference may be made to things both edible or cuddly.) When Harley is not on the job, he enjoys swimming, keeping the yard squirrel free, and is a highly proficient napper.


CharlieCharlie from MyDogLikes (Jr. Product Tester)

AKA (Chuck, Chuckles, Monster, Robocop)

Charlie is the newest member of our family, who we adopted from a dog rescue group almost 3 years ago. He is a sweet boy and a good listener but definitely still a puppy! He has stepped into his role of Jr. Product Tester with enthusiasm but is still working under the supervision of Harley. In his time off Charlie enjoys zooming, licking faces and is a well known stick connoisseur.


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We spend a lot of time and money putting all of this together, but it is our passion. We want to improve the lives of humans and dogs everywhere by celebrating our relationships with one another.

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