MyDogLikes mission is to create a valuable resource for dog owners. One way that we do this, is by providing high quality product reviews. This allows us to vet products and services; allowing you to see what MyDogLikes, so you can make better decisions for your family.

When we first started our blog, most of the products we featured/reviewed were things that we had purchased for the boys. As the reputation of our blog has grown, brands more often reach out to us, asking our Senior and Junior Product Testers provide a review.

As a policy MyDogLikes does not post sponsored content that was not written by our team.  Everything you read on this site is our words and our opinions. This means that while we may accept payment or product for a feature, brands are not guaranteed a favorable review.

It takes a lot of time and effort to put together the comprehensive reviews that we have become known for, but we never want our readers to question our editorial integrity.

Our blog is our voice, and we want to have complete control of the content of our posts.   Receipt of a product does not ensure a favorable review.  It is our mission and our promise to readers to always give our honest opinion of a product. Our voice cannot be bought.

So why do you rarely see negative reviews?

Well the short answer is simple.  We have standards.

We are offered plenty of products that we politely decline for various reasons.  We may not like the ingredients or materials,  may not trust the location of manufacture, or they simply may not be a good fit for our lifestyle.  If interested, read more about our feelings here.

Our Passion…and Career

While MyDogLikes is our passion, we are also working to build it as our livelihood.  To build our business, we work with companies in a number of ways which may include: blog sponsorships, sponsored giveaways, and paid advertising/affiliate links. We will always disclose our relationship and only promote or recommend a product or service that we have used/reviewed in the past and believe in.

How we work with Brands/Companies:

Blog Sponsorship

Blog Sponsorship is  available only to companies that we know and trust.  Blog Sponsors are brands/companies that we regularly use ourselves and have reviewed in the past.   We are comfortable recommending them to others as we have already vetted them as a whole and agree with their standards and practices.   Though they may send us new products to test in the future, we will will continue to be honest in these reviews.

Giveaway Sponsorship

When we review products/services that meet or exceed our standards (and think our readers would really like too), we work with brands to set up a giveaway. Our management of a giveaway (commenting, moderating, etc) is  a service that we offer to brands and are compensated for. Our review is in no way influenced by our management of a giveaway.

Affiliate Links/Advertisements

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

Affiliate links/Advertisements allow MyDogLikes to earn a small commission when you buy the things that we love (and we think you will love too).  Often, we are able to offer our readers an exclusive deal as a result of this relationship. This small financial benefit allows us to keep the site running. You will never pay more for clicking on an affiliate link.

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