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Turdlebag Leash Attachment – Hands Free, Stink Free!

Written by Rachael Sando

We are always on the lookout for any accessories that will make a dog parent’s life just a little bit easier. That is why we are so excited to let you know about Turdlebag – a company with a very creative solution to a stinky problem that we all face!

Simply put, the Turdlebag is a convenient leash attachment that holds (and conceals) used bags of dog poop.

Demonstrating the Turdlebag Dog Leash Attachment

The Problem

How often does your dog choose to do his business near a garbage can? I’m guessing almost never, and nobody likes carrying around a poop bag for miles. Especially when you already have your hands full wrangling dogs and trying to keep leashes from getting tangled.

Walking with multiple dogs

Not to mention the awkward encounters with friends and neighbors while you literally have a bag of poop in your hand!

TurdleBag – About the Company

Turdlebags are the brainchild of regular dog owners who were tired of the inconvenience and awkward moments involved with carrying around dog waste. 

Turdlebag logo

The very first “Turdlebag” was sewn by hand for personal use only. Shortly after they began using it on daily walks. It wasn’t long until they found themselves being asked about it. Everyone was requesting one for themselves!

Since the interest and need was clear, they decided to take their invention to the next level! After putting some more time into the design and features, Turdlebag was officially born!

The tasteful solution to a not-so-tasteful problem

TurdleBag comes in 3 classic colors: the folks at TurdleBag were kind enough to send 1 of each to test out and share our thoughts with our readers.

The Turdlebag leash attachment comes in 3 different colors.

Breaking Down the Features of the Turdlebag

While the product may seem simple at first glance, the TurdleBag has several clever features that really make it stand out.

  • Attaches to nearly any leash:   Whether your leash is round or flat, wide or thin, it is almost certainly compatible with the Turdlebag.
  • Unique buckling system to contain odors: The pouch contains extra material at the top allowing it to be folded over and then snapped shut with a buckle. Not only does this keep the dog waste inside but all of the odors as well.
  • Machine Washable: The Turdlebag is constructed of a durable canvas-like material that can be put right in the washing machine. Such a great idea for a product that does a dirty job!
  • Large Receptacle: The pouch is large enough to handle multiple bags of dog waste. 
  • Built in Poop Bag Dispenser: Pouch is large enough to fit 1-2 standard size rolls complete with a bag dispensing hole
  • Poop Bags Included: Not just any cheap poop bags either, but our favorite Earth Rated poop bags!

Built in poop bag dispenser - comes loaded with Earth rated poop bags!

Attaching the Turdlebag

The Turdlebag can be attached to your existing leash in just a few easy steps:

  1. First, slide the end of your leash through the loop on the back of the Turdlebag.
  2. Next, pass the upper strap through the leash handle
  3. Snap in place.
  4. (Optional) Roll down the top of the pouch towards the front and attach the buckle around the back.

That’s it! Your Turdlebag is now secure!

The Turdlebag attaches to almost any leash in a matter of seconds

How to Use the Turdlebag

  • Fill: Simply knot your used poop bag as usual and drop it into the Turdlebag
  • Close:  Roll down the top of the pouch 2 times towards the front and clasp the buckle around the back to secure
  • Empty: Undo the buckle, unroll the top and grab the handle on the bottom. The poop bag will fall right out into the garbage can. You don’t have to touch it again!!

Poop Scoop Dump - Demonstrating how to use the Turdlebag

Our Experience with the Turdlebag


Each Turdlebag comes with attached instructions which made it a breeze to install and use. Attaching the TurdleBag only takes a few seconds and we love that it accepts nearly any type of leash.

Walking with our Golden Retriever Harley

The TurdleBag feels very secure once attached, and you will note that it does add a bit of weight to the leash. In our opinion this was a good thing as the leash felt more balanced in our hands.

Choking up on the leash with the Turdlebag attached

Since the TurdleBag attaches directly to the handle of the leash we had some initial concerns about it getting in the way when we needed to choke up on the leash.

After a bit of awkwardness at first, we quickly figured it out. While you won’t be able to wrap the leash several times around your hand like you may be used to, forming a large loop will allow the TurdleBag to hang unobtrusively and give you more control when your dog needs a shorter leash.


The TurdleBag has a very large opening, making dropping the used bags inside easy.

Large opening for dog waste - easily fits multiple bags of poop

We were very impressed with the storage capacity! The TurdleBag had no issues containing the waste from 2 large dogs. It is a good idea to knot the bag as far down as possible to avoid entrapping extra air and save on space!


The TurdleBag was simple to roll down and snap closed. This keeps the waste inside, but what we were most impressed about was how well it retained odors as well. We didn’t smell their business for the remainder of the walk!

MyDogLikes reviews the turdlebag - dog walking accessory


This part really could not be any easier and we were amazed that they devised a way to empty the TurdleBag without requiring a second handling of the poop bag. The handle on the bottom is conveniently placed and the wide opening allows the waste to fall right out with no issue.

Why MyDogLikes the Turdlebag

MyDogLikes reviews the Turdlebag - a convenient solution to a stinky problem!

The Turdlebag designers really have thought of everything. Not only does this contraption keep your hands free of carrying poop, but it has a built in bag dispenser for convenience and can be emptied without touching. One of our absolute favorite features however is that the top rolls down to contain odors – and does this job surprisingly well!

The Turdlebag eliminates an annoyance that we all have faced, looks great, and helps to make walks that much more pleasant! It also makes for an amazing gift for any dog lover!

How would you like a Turdlebag to make your walks easier?

Click Here to Pick Up Your Own!

About the author

Rachael Sando

Rachael is a School Psychologist with degrees from the University of Rochester and RIT. Though a lifelong dog lover, this passion has taken on a new direction through the utilization of therapy animals in her day job. Charlie, our Golden Retriever, works with Rachael as a school therapy dog in a local primary school where he brings comfort and support to students and staff on a daily basis.


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