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Walter’s Dog Balm – Soothing a Dry Dog Nose and Cracked Paws

MyDogLikes Walter's Dog Balm review
Written by Rachael Sando

As pet parents, you have a good idea of how to protect your dog from the elements. Dog clothing is not only adorable, but it is functional, offering added protection from extreme weather.

Charlie modeling his dog raincoat

Don’t Forget the Soft Parts!

An important, and often overlooked, part of protecting your dog from the elements is keeping all the parts of their body that are not covered with hair in good shape. Dog booties go a long way in keeping their soft and sensitive paw pads protected, but many dogs won’t tolerate these and it is not practical to put them on EVERY time your dog steps outside for a potty break. Booties can be part of the solution, but they don’t address the need to protect other sensitive parts of the body like the nose.

Taking care of a dry nose on dog with Walter's Dog Balm

That is why we are so excited to share a product that we have just started using to keep our boys safe and protected, no matter the weather around them: Walter’s Dog Balm! Our little Duckie loves it so much, he always keeps some in his back pocket!

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Protect your dog from the elements with Walter's Dog Balm!

Walter’s Dog Balm: A Personal Mission

Like many of our favorite companies, the inspiration behind Walter’s Dog Balm is a real dog – Walter!

Walter is a Newfoundland mix who was adopted from a high kill shelter at only 5 weeks old! During his first vet visit it was discovered that the poor pup had cracked paw pads – likely the result of walking on hot pavement!

Walter’s Dog-Mom searched for a natural ointment that could be used to help heal his pads, but came up empty handed. That is when she decided to formulate her own!

Walters Dog Balm - Paw and Nose Balm for Dogs

What exactly is Walters Dog Balm?

Walter’s Dog Balm is an all natural, salve designed to be used on your dog’s dry paws, elbows or snout. It works to moisturize and sooth the irritated skin, helping to heal and also protect against further damage.

Walter's Dog Balm Review

Charlie, Walter’s Dog Balm is NOT for eating!

Ingredients – So Good, you can use it too!

If able to reach, your dog WILL lick anything you apply to his/her body. Thankfully, Walter’s knows this too and puts nothing in their Balm that could harm your pet. Just take a look at the ingredient list:

  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Beeswax
  • Shea Butter
  • Vitamin E

That’s what we like to see! Absolutely nothing but natural here. Since you can bet some of the balm will remain on your hands after application, you’ll be happy to know that it is completely safe to rub it in and use on your self! 

In need of some paw pad moisturizer!

Why is protecting your dog’s nose and paw pads important?

Harsh, cold winters will often lead to a dry dog nose and cracked paws. These areas are typically licked leading to further irritation. If you have ever had chapped lips, you know that licking does NOT help! Winter also brings ice and snow that can build up between your dog’s paw pads during walks and cause painful inflammation. Last but not least, the use of salt and chemical ice melts can be corrosive to paw pads – and dangerous to their health!

Live in a warm climate? Dry cracked paws are not only an issue in the cold. Did you know that dogs can burn their paws on hot pavement?  A good rule of thumb is that if you can’t place the back of your hand on the surface for more than 5 seconds, it is too hot for your dog to walk on. Sensitive areas can also simply dry out from warm, arid conditions.

Have a working dog? If your dog frequently digs, walks on gravel or pavement, or spends a lot of time in the great outdoors they are very likely to develop dry/cracked paws as well.

Applying Walter's Dog Pad Moisturizer

How to use Walter’s Dog Balm

  1. Using your fingernail, scrape out a small chunk (you really can’t get too much). The more I used it I realized that scraping around the outside rim was easiest to get the perfect amount of balm.
  2. Walter’s Dog Balm is hard at room temperature. Warm it in your hand/between fingers by rubbing them together. This will help to spread the balm better.
  3. Massage into the paws and nose, taking breaks and giving treats whenever they seems to pay too much attention. Once they get used to what’s happening, they tend to relax and treat it like a massage!
  4. Apply as often as needed to moisturize, repair, and prevent future sensitivity on the paws and nose.

Letting Charlie sniff to get used to the smell

Tips for an Easy Experience

  • If your dog is not used to having its paws or nose handled, it may be a good idea to take things slow. Some dogs are very sensitive to these areas being touched. Start a week before you intend to use the product touching and rubbing their paws and then giving treats to help them to realize it equals good things!
  • They will likely be curious when you open the balm so go ahead and allow them to sniff it. Remember an errant lick is no big deal since Walter’s Dog Balm is completely natural!
  • While still getting used to the balm, try to apply right before you are about to do an activity, or when they are very tired. This way they are less likely to undo your handy work by licking it all off!

Happy puppy Charlie!

So what did we think?

Both Harley and Charlie have been suffering from dry nose and paws this winter. Though it hasn’t been nearly as cold as it typically is, the weather has fluctuated from very cold to warm, causing some serious drying out to occur! Be that as it may, we were eager to see how it worked for us. We found that Walter’s Dog Balm was very easy to apply and had a pleasant odor.  We really liked that the balm was hard at room temperature because it felt as though we had more control over application. It really was a breeze and no mess at all! The dogs were awesome about us rubbing it into their noses and paws without going crazy on the licking – but it was great peace of mind that the product is all-natural regardless! In fact, Harley got so into all that rubbing and pampering that he turned into a ball of mush! 

Dealing with a dry dog nose? Try Walter's Dog Balm - an all natural moisturizer!

You can see an immediate difference in the appearance and feel of their skin as soon as you rub the balm in. We checked back periodically over the next few hours and were very pleased at how moisturized both the nose and paw pads remained. We also found that the balm created a barrier when going outside in the elements. The rain seemed to bead off of their paws! We have continued to use the balm and are finding that the baseline dryness in their paws and nose is improving. For something that only takes a few minutes to apply, we couldn’t be happier with the improvement that we are seeing!

MyDogLikes reviews Walter's Dog Balm!

Why MyDogLikes Walter’s Dog Balm

Living in the Northeast, cold dry winters are the norm – and this typically leads to dry and cracked skin. It should not be surprising that our dogs may suffer from the same issue! Especially considering that they are typically much less protected from the elements than we are!

Walter’s Dog Balm is a great all-natural remedy for irritated paw pads, noses and elbows. Simply rub a bit into any affected area and you will see the relief right away. Walter’s is also great for preventative care, as routine applications will help keep things moisturized and may save your dog from discomfort later.

Interested in giving it a try?

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Tell us: What kind of seasonal weather does your dog face? How could Walter’s dog Balm keep them protected?

About the author

Rachael Sando

Rachael is a School Psychologist with degrees from the University of Rochester and RIT. Though a lifelong dog lover, this passion has taken on a new direction through the utilization of therapy animals in her day job. Charlie, our Golden Retriever, works with Rachael as a school therapy dog in a local primary school where he brings comfort and support to students and staff on a daily basis.


  • Schooner’s nose gets so dry and looks awful. I have tried many things but I have not heard of Walter’s Dog Balm. Both dogs could benefit from Walter’s Dog Balm for their paws. Great giveaway! Thank you for the review. Reviews are always very helpful to me.

  • We have lots of cold, snow, and ice. Walter’s Dog Balm can help relieve our dogs dry noses and paws.

  • We have the extreme temps, but our noses and paws have never cracked. Sounds like interesting stuff. I wonder, does it make paw prints on wood floors if you put it on indoors?

  • Being a California dog Nala doesn’t face to harsh of weather until El Nino hits then lots of rain.

  • We’d love to give this balm a try – it is pretty cold here in Newfoundland now but our still dog loves the outdoors. It would be nice to have something to help him stay comfortable.

  • it depends, we have had a fairly warm winter so far, but i like the balm to keep their pads of their feet in good shape, in the summer, the surface can get very hot, i live in thecountry, so walking on the gravel roads, woods, sometimes their pads get cuts or cracked, it also get very muddy, lots of rain this yr

  • we live in Boston, so we never know what new england weather will bring! this will be his first winter with us (we got him last March) and we are hoping we don’t get dumped with the same snow we got last year!

  • I don’t think that it is seasonal so much as just an ongoing thing for our darling senior Mike. Sometimes his nose gets dry and needs care, and his paws. When we got him his nose was cracked (!) which was very bad, but that has healed now.

  • My Bailey gets dry cracked nose and paws in the winter. This would help him
    when we go for walks.

  • the girls get cracked paws in the winter, no snow as yet, but they dont really go out in the snow. they are mini schnauzers. they may get cracks from the road, gravel, running. we run on the road and in the fields. or they may get a cut in their paws. the winter has been mainly rainy now. expecting colder weather soon.

  • I’m guessing this would work on little kitty paws too? Zev loves going for walks and I’ve noticed his paws are dry and cracked. We tried another product but it seems to rub off easy. Of course, being a cat, he won’t wear booties, lol.

  • Right now we have lots of snow and ice and wind (and salt on the sidewalks, too). IN the summer we get hot, humid weather. This would help keep my pups’ paws smooth and healthy through the winter.

  • My little shih tzu always has a dry little nose. It doesn’t matter the weather, it always looks like it’s cracked. Poor little guy! I’ve tried several things but he gets so mad and rubs it off. I’d love to try something that may work for him. Our great dane is very active and her paw pads are often dry, especially in the very hot desert summers!

  • As you know, we deal with the same New England weather you do! Sheba is the only one that will tolerate having booties put on. Luke doesn’t like having his paws handled at all, but I’ve got a better chance of rubbing that stuff in than getting booties on him!
    Our beagle Kobi had a very dry nose…I think it can be a symptom of old age as well. I definitely could have used it for him, and I imagine the girls might need it as they get older too.

  • This would be very great to protect from the cold winter winds and snow we’ve been getting!

  • We live in the PNW, so we get a lot of rain, but my dog’s pads are always dry, and my sister’s dog has always had a dry nose! I would love to try this!

  • I have noticed that the winter weather makes my Rocky’s feet dry-This would be great if it worked-But I really think he would just lick it off.

  • We live in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio and my dog is subjected to the cold, brutal temps when he goes outside for just a short period. I know my skin gets dry and cracked in the winter so I know that my dog’s does too!

  • We’re near Chicago and tonight we have a wind chill advisory, with the effective temperature dropping to 20 or more degrees below zero tonight. My senior Coonhound, Suki, is especially having trouble with the extremely cold and dray weather and her nose is very dry. I worry about my dogs’ pads on their feet, too, going out into the cold and snow. I would love to try this for them.

  • Poor Shadow has dry – but not cracked thank goodness – paw pads. And sometimes her nose is a little dry as well. We’ve had some cold, dry days interspersed with cold, rainy days and that doesn’t help. I’d love to try Walter’s Dog Balm on her nose and paw pads! She also has a callous on her right ankle that might benefit from some of the balm.

  • Two dogs and sore paws!I think no matter what the weather they
    do get sore paws either through hot weather,they can burn,and in
    winter the salt is bad.Anyway,you need to protect their feeties.

  • Even though we’re in a warmer winter climate now, I still make sure I lubricate those paw pads. I keep forgetting to do the nose. Thanks for the reminder. I will definitely need to do that this summer.

  • We receive snowy, freezing weather here in Upstate NY. My Bailey could use this for his cracked paws.

  • We have had below freezing with snow and ice a couple times. In fact, Ruby actually fractures her toe nail playing in the snow. We have the heat on a lot now too so any extra protection for her feet and nose would be awesome.

  • Our Texas winters are not extreme, but our summers are. I believe this balm would help my two rescue pups at that time!!!

  • We’ve had an unusually warm winter but we usually have some incredibly arctic days. I’m sure we will this winter eventually.

  • We live in New York so we get a taste of all the seasons around here. So in the winter the balm would be great for her paw pads with the snow and ice and of course her little nose too when its cold out!

    • Oh yes, we are right there with with Christine! Your pup has to stay nice and soft for her admirers!

  • My English bulldog tends to have a dry nose during the winter months. His paws get rough feeling also. I’d love to try this.

  • My little Pennie girl, who is a little chihuahua, loves the snow and wants to go out every chance she can. She is so not the typical chichuahua. And with the cold and then the dry heat on the indoors it worries me that her nose and pads dry. I’ve been using vaseline and lip balm . But now that I’ve read about the Walters Dog Balm , I am really interested in trying this. Thank you for the chance to try it!

  • Down here in the South we never know what kind of weather is around the next front,,,snow,,,thunder storms with down pours and HOT Humid days & nights so we could use this year round..Thanks

  • I’m not sure why this year is different than other years, but Chloe is suffering from terrible cracked paws. Being that we live so close to each other, you know the weather! Here’s hoping I can find something to help soften up her paws! Thanks for letting me know about this Rachael!

  • It’s not that cold here in SoCal, though Mike has been wearing a sweater when he has his night walk. He could use this balm because he is a senior dog who came to us with a cracked nose and paws. We have cleared those up for him but those areas will always be vulnerable and always need care.

  • It gets cold, then hot. It is very humid here and my dogs paws get very dry and cracked.

  • Upstate New York winters are harsh! Though (knock on wood) this year hasn’t been too bad. But the cold, the dry air, and the salt can do a number on my dog’s skin. Usually their feet get the worst of it.

  • Dexter needs this big time. We are recovering from kennel cough and he has dry nose. I have used saline spray for babies and would love to try this.

  • Here in central Ohio our dog paws are currently quite cold, and yes, cracking! No doubt Walter’s Dog Balm is just what my Coonhound needs for his paw pads. I never even thought about his cold wet nose, oh my!

  • Our winters are pretty mild although we do get some cold weather. The worst weather we get though is the summer when the temperatures get high.