Staying on top of Dental Health with the Waggletooth Dog Toothbrush
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Staying on top of Dental Health with the Waggletooth Dog Toothbrush

Learn how to keep up with your dog's dental health in our Waggletooth review
Written by Brittany

Did you know that dogs have 42 permanent teeth – 20 on the top, and 22 on the bottom? 

Despite all those pearly whites, dental care is often overlooked by dog parents, and studies have shown that by the age of 3, 80% of dogs exhibit signs and symptoms of gum disease! 

Thankfully, something as simple as brushing your dog’s teeth can greatly lower their risk of gum disease. So, today we are excited to be checking out a few new tools designed to help you get the job done. Waggletooth is sponsoring this post so that we can help spread the word about their innovative line of dog dental health products.

Waggletooth's finger cot toothbrush is made of an FDA-compliant plastic and has small bristles all the way around.

Introducing Waggletooth

Waggletooth is a dog dental health care company (founded by a real dentist) that is committed to helping pet parents get proactive about their dogs oral health. Veterinary dental procedures can be expensive (and risky) so they believe that the more routine maintenance done at home, the better.

They currently offer three products, all of which are made in the USA, to help dog parents take care of their dog’s oral health:

  1. Waggletooth Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste
  2. Waggletooth Dog Toothbrush
  3. Waggletooth Sparkling Breath

The company was kind enough to send us a sample pack so that we could test them out and let you know what we thought! Before we jump into the review however, lets take a look at some dog dental health facts…

What Causes Gum Disease in Dogs?

A buildup of food particles and bacteria along the gum-line can turn into plaque. This in turn leads to an immune response which can cause damage to the gum tissue.

Top 5 Signs of Gum Disease

  • Gingivitis
  • Bad Breath
  • Receding Gums
  • Bleeding
  • Loose Teeth

Waggletooth Dog Toothbrush Features

Waggletooth is not your standard shaped dog toothbrush. Instead it is designed to slide over your finger and has 360-degree bristles on the exterior. It is made from TPE (BPA-free, FDA-compliant), non-toxic dye and is bite resistant. If you have ever tried to brush an uncooperative dog’s teeth before you understand that this is particularly important!

Waggletooth Finger Dog Toothbrush Review

Waggletooth’s unique finger cot design is intended to give you more control over the tooth brushing process. Being right on your finger makes it easy to control the amount of pressure you are applying and help you judge exactly where you are brushing in your dog’s mouth. The 360-degree bristles also ensure you are brushing all the sides at the same time, making the cleaning process much more efficient.

Demonstrating use of the Waggletooth dog toothbrush and toothpaste

Waggletooth Dog Toothpaste

Waggletooth’s toothpaste comes in a 3 ounce container, is unflavored and made with human grade ingredients. It’s formulation helps maintain clean teeth and gum health.

Brushing with Waggletooth is Easy as 1-2-3

  1. First, place the Waggletooth Toothbrush on your finger. I found using the pointer finger on my dominant hand worked the best.
  2. Next, squeeze the Waggletooth Toothpaste onto the Toothbrush until you have a pea sized amount
  3. Finally, with your other hand raise or lower your dog’s lip and begin to brush.

Waggletooth dog toothbrush review from MyDogLikes

Tips Before and After Brushing

  • Before brushing both Spencer and River, I let them smell the brush and toothpaste first.
  • I went at their pace and didn’t “fight” them to do a specific spot.
  • Continuously moving the brush around worked the best.
  • After use, simply clean the toothbrush with warm soapy water.
  • Waggletooth recommends using a different brush on each of your dogs.
  • Change your brush every 3-4 months or at the first sign of wear and tear.

Waggletooth dog water additive for fresh breath

Waggletooth Sparkling Breath

Waggletooth Sparkling Breath is a water additive designed to help reduce bad bacteria in your pet’s mouth. It comes in an 8 ounce container and is mint flavored. Simply add 1 tablespoon to your pet’s water bowl for fresher breath!

What Did We Think of Waggletooth?

The Waggletooth Toothbrush was extremely comfortable and fit my finger with ease. I was unable to bend my finger and could feel the durability of the brush.

I liked that the Waggletooth Tooth Paste was unflavored with no detectable smell. The paste came out of the container smoothly and I was able to spread it around the brush easily.

Brushing your dog's teeth is a breeze with the Waggletooth dog toothbrush

Brushing both Spencer, who is 10 years old, and River, who is 2 years old, was surprisingly quite easy! Normally I don’t brush their teeth, so this was a new experience for both the dogs and I. Neither pup resisted or fought this new process. Instead, River wanted to lick the brush the entire time which made moving around her mouth easy. Spencer just sat there and allowed me to brush his teeth without any problems.

Since, I only had one Waggletooth, I washed it off between uses. I was actually just going to brush Spencer’s teeth for this dog toothbrush review, but River wanted to join in the fun! Washing the brush was quick and easy. I simply used a little soap and water and was able to clean between the bristles with ease.

Adding some breath freshener to our dog's water bowl

The Waggletooth Sparkling Breath is a really easy way to help your dog if they have bad breath. When filling up their water bowl all you need to do is add in the solution and it goes to work.

Spencer posing with the full line of Waggletooth products

Why MyDogLikes Waggletooth

Although we do get Spencer and River’s teeth and gums examined at their annual Vet check ups, I must admit that we were not doing much prevention at home. I was pleasantly surprised at how well both dogs took to the teeth-brushing process and found the Waggletooth line easy to use and efficient.  I love that these products are made by a dentist as well.

Just like humans, if we don’t maintain our dog’s oral health it will cost more in the long run. The best part for me, however, is that River finds getting her teeth brushed to be a fun experience!

Want to try out the Waggletooth line for yourself?

Click Here to Purchase the Toothbrush on Amazon



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