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The Hydro Pet Automatic Dog Water Bowl – Convenient & Eco-Friendly

MyDogLikes reviews the Hydropet water bowl
Written by Kevin Sando

We are always stressing how important proper hydration is to the health of your dog.

Unfortunately, making sure your dog get enough water is even more difficult this time of year as the weather warms, the sun shines bright, and they begin spending more and more time outside.

Golden Retriever enjoying the Summer sun!

So what do you do when your dog is spending time in the yard?

Well most likely, you simply set out a bowl for them to enjoy at their leisure.

Unfortunately there are a few problems and annoyances with this setup…

  1. The bowl must be constantly refilled – If your dog will be outdoors for an extended period of time, you need to constantly check in on the level of their bowl to make sure that they have enough.
  2. The water gets warm – Even if you have a nice shaded spot for their bowl, it will get warm relatively quickly in the Summer heat. Who wants to drink warm water?!
  3. The water gets dirty – Let’s face it, our dogs are not exactly neat and tidy. Between digging in the dirt and chewing on sticks, they are sure to leave plenty of debris behind in their water bowl. That is not even mentioning whatever leaves, seeds, or pollen is falling from the sky on its own!

Thankfully, we were just introduced to a new pet watering system that solves all of these issues and more – and they are sponsoring this post to help spread the word about their awesome product!

Introducing the Hydro Pet Outdoor Water Bowl

The Hydro Pet is an automatically refilling outdoor water bowl which makes sure that your dog has access to clean, fresh water at all times. That’s not all however… the system also purges warm or dirty water as a means to irrigate nearby flowers or plants.

Our automatic dog water bowl filling via 3 water jets.

How Does it Work?

The Hydro Pet system attaches to your homes current water supply and utilizes a timing device and system of water jets to fill your dogs bowl at preset intervals. Meanwhile, old and dirty water is discarded via a built-in waterfall and recycled to neighboring foliage.

The built in waterfall recycles warm or dirty water to nearby plants

Continuously exchanging the water in your dogs bowl achieves several different things:

  1. Keeps the water cool – Still water sitting outdoors will heat up in no time. The Hydro Pet will refresh your dogs bowl often enough to keep the water at a pleasant drinking temperature.
  2. Keeps the water clean – Aside from the visible debris, algae and insect larvae can also settle in your dogs bowl. The continuous purging washes this nastiness away and helps to assure that your dog isn’t ingesting anything that could make them sick.

Some of our favorite Hydropet features

Features of the Hydro Pet Automatic Dog Water Bowl

  • Multiple Installation Options – Comes with all necessary fittings to connect with a sprinkler system, drip system, or simple hose bib
  • 1 Gallon Capacity – Perfect for multiple dogs
  • Ground Stakes – Keeps the bowl secure and prevents your dog from knocking it over
  • BPA-free – Safe for your dog to drink from
  • Made in America

    Trying it out for Ourselves (Our Hydro Pet Review)

    We have only a standard hose spigot on our house, so installation was really simple. The tube to hose adapter fitting will get your Hydro Pet connected to your water line, and you are good to go.

    If you purchased the deluxe version (with automatic timer) you will want to put this in-line as well. This handy contraption takes care of filling the bowl at preset intervals so you don’t have to!

    Harley taking a drink from our automatically refilling outdoor water bowl!

    Now, place your Hydro Pet Bowl in a place where you don’t mind your dogs walking, and where you have some plants or ground that could use a bit of extra water!

    Water enters the Hydro Pet via 3 jets which are strong enough to fill the bowl quickly, but were not violent enough to startle our dogs. Both boys walked right over to check it out right away!

    Watching the water jets refill his Hydro Pet dog bowl

    We love that the Hydro Pet has a large capacity, with plenty of room for multiple dogs to drink simultaneously. The waterfall area works exactly as intended and we are excited about the prospect of recycling any water that is not ingested into our flower bed! This is particularly important for the more drought prone areas of the country where water use most be closely regulated.

    Why MyDogLikes the Hydro Pet Dog Bowl

    We love anything that can make a pet parents life easier, and the Hydro Pet takes one more thing of your plate. This genius device makes sure that your dog has access to water at all times – and not just any water…but fresh, cold water. This is hugely important for both your dog’s health and general safety.

    We are super excited to have this in our yard for Summertime BBQ’s and get-together’s!!

    Want to try a Hydro Pet for yourself?

    Click Here to Order Online


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