It’s hard to believe, but our 2nd annual Dog Friendly Tour of America is about to begin!

If you remember back to last year, we ventured all the way across the country – from NY to Arizona before returning along a Northern route! The goal for the trip was to show you (our readers) that traveling with dogs does not have to be stressful, and that with proper planning there is no reason that your pups can’t join you on your road tripping adventures.

The goal of this years trip is the same, but we will be sticking to the East Coast, and checking out some vastly different landscapes. Over the course of 2 weeks we will be making our way down to Myrtle Beach, SC and back on a 2,500 mile journey. Though we will be hitting major parks all over, we will focusing much of our time along the famed Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina and Virginia.

Make sure to visit our dog road trip kickoff page for more information about our route and the towns, parks and landmarks we will be hitting!

Needless to say, this trip would not be possible without the support of our sponsors. Learn more about these companies and how they support our mission in the boxes below. Don’t forget to show the love and visit their sites to see all of the wonderful things that they have to offer!

Throughout our trip we will be highlighting the products and services of our sponsors, showing you how each makes traveling with dogs (or living an active lifestyle) simple, safe, and convenient.

These brands are also offering some amazing deals and giveaways throughout the course of this trip!

When all is said and done, there will be dozens of winners and thousands of dollars in prizes, so make sure to visit MyDogLikes every day and follow all of our social media accounts at the top right of this page!

Gold Sponsors

Dr. Harvey's

Dr. Harvey's is the platinum sponsor of our cross country road trip with dogs!

We are proud brand ambassadors for Dr. Harvey’s and they will of course be the official food of our Pet Friendly Road trip. Most pet parents who feed raw or homemade diets might think that they would have to settle for kibble on a road trip, but thanks to their Oracle dog food this is not the case! This dehydrated raw formula will allow us to continue feeding our boys a whole food diet from the road! 

Plus, we will be bringing along plenty of Dr. Harvey’s single ingredient dog treats for the boys to snack on!

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PrideBites LogoPrideBites offers a huge variety of products including novelty dog toys, gear, apparel, beds and blankets. What really sets them apart is that nearly everything they make can be personalized with your dogs name and likeness!

Harley and Charlie will be using their plush Sherpa blankets to keep themselves comfortable in the car and our hotel rooms. They will also be utilizing their raincoats and jackets to stay warm and dry on our various hiking adventures. Last but not least, we will be bringing along several of their plush toys for snuggling and fetch!

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Brave Beagle

We recommend using Brave Beagle's all natural dog ear cleaner as part of a regular ear cleaning routine.Pet parents know that Springtime means allergies, and one of the most common symptoms is ear infections. Cleaning your dogs ears will go a long way in staving off these infections, so we will be making sure to use Brave Beagle’s all natural dog ear cleaner after every swim on this trip.

We will also be bringing along plenty of their freeze dried dog treats to keep the boys energized on our hikes. Not only are they single ingredient (which we love) but they are super lightweight and perfect for our backpacks!

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Glamping for Pets

We are routinely approached by readers wondering how we find pet friendly lodging when traveling with pets. Thanks to Glamping with Pets it is easier than ever, plus, the locations are REALLY cool. Visit their online portal to browse vacation homes, cabins, cottages, and even tree-houses available for rent – all welcoming of your furry friends!

Book a Stay from Glamping for Pets

Silver Sponsors

West Paw Design

West Paw has been one of our favorite companies for many years now, not only due to the quality of their products, but their commitment to the environment.

You have likely seen their zogoflex line of super tough dog toys, but did you know that they also make some of the coziest dog beds around? The boys will be bringing along a load of their toys to keep them busy in the car and during our stays.

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Bronze Sponsors

Lilly Brush

The Be Forever Furless brush from Lilly Brush will be our much needed pet hair solution during the trip!We are fighting a never ending battle with dog hair, and Lilly Brush has become our secret weapon. We will be utilizing their Be Forever Furless brushes to keep our rental car (and ourselves) looking presentable throughout the course of the trip!

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You can be sure that Harley and Charlie will be working up an appetite, and thanks to our friends st Wellness, they will have plenty to snack on along the way.

We will be traveling with a sampling of their new CORE line of all natural, grain free treats. These are available in tons of different flavors and forms so you can be sure they have something your dog would love!

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4Knines bench seat and cargo covers will be protecting our vehicle throughout the trip.Pet seat covers are an essential on any road trip, and we are so excited to have 4Knines on board as our official vehicle protection provider.

No matter what you drive, they have the perfect cover to fit your needs including bench seats, bucket seats, or cargo areas. Everything is beautiful, durable and easy to clean!

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Red Roof Inn

Here’s something that you probably didn’t know…Pets stay free at over 500 Red Roof Inn locations! This is a big deal as other chains often charge $50-$100 per pet per night!

We are going to be scoping things out and giving you a sneak peek at their amenities. They are also offering our readers the chance to save 10% when you book a stay from the link below!

Save 10% Off with our Pets VP Code 604673

Delightfully Delicious

The logo for Delightfully Delicious bakery in Rochester, NY!

We are very excited to be bringing a little piece of Rochester along for the ride! Delightfully Delicious is a local pet bakery who makes all natural treats that Harley and Charlie LOVE! We love that use only human grade ingredients and they are free of fillers like wheat, corn and soy!

DD’s treats come in 3 tasty flavors including Peanut Butter, Organic Sweet Potato and Organic Pumpkin. As you can imagine these will surely keep the boys on their best behavior!

Click here to pick up some of these tasty treats online!


Pet Qwerks

Our pups are going to need some things to keep them busy should they get bored in the car or the evenings in the hotel.

For that reason, we will be packing several Pet Qwerks Barkbones to let them burn off some pent up energy! These tough nylon chews can keep even a dedicated chewer busy for hours.

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