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Flavorit BarkBone Review – Helping a Busy (Pet) Parent Manage it All!

Harley and Charlie are ready to get to work on their Flavorit Barkbone Review!
Written by Kevin Sando

In just a matter of weeks, Rach and I are going to become first time parents.

No, no another dog or cat, but an actual human child! We are beyond excited, but of course a bit nervous as well. It is going to be a big adjustment around here, and the pups are going to have to learn to share some of the attention. (Don’t worry, they will still be getting plenty!)

Golden Retrievers begging for some attention

So what are we going to do on those occasions when Harley and Charlie are jealous  of all the fuss that the new baby will be getting?

Well, as luck would have it, our friends at Pet Qwerks just sent over a couple of new products for the boys to test out – and they may be just the perfect thing to keep the dogs stimulated and entertained while we get acquainted with our new life!

Reviewing Pet Qwerks new Flavorit BarkBones - Peanut Butter and Wood/Mint variety

Introducing Pet Qwerks Flavorit Barkbones!

You may remember our previous review of Flavorit Bones? These nylon dog chews come in a huge variety of flavors and are designed with aggressive chewers in mind. Over time they wear down slightly and work to gently clean the teeth and gums.

One of the coolest things about Flavorit Bones are their “flavor cells.”

Flavor Cells filled with almond butter spread

These small round cavities are molded right into the plastic and are designed to accept peanut butter, cheese, or your dogs favorite spread. This makes the bones even more enticing to your dog!

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What’s Different about BarkBones?

Well, the new line of Flavorit BarkBones have a curved design – making them much easier for your dog to pick up, or manipulate with their paws while chewing.

BarkBones are a curved version of Flavorit dog chews

Flavorit Barkbones come in 3 sizes and 3 flavors – Wood with Mint, Peanut Butter and Mesquite Chicken. Just like the original Flavorit Bones, they are also made right here in America!

What about the Flavor Cells?

Dont worry, they are still there, and they are on BOTH sides for double the flavor action! Pet Qwerks sent us a Large version of each bone to try – so let’s see what the boys thought…

Small cavities called "Flavor Cells" are molded into each side of these dog chews.

Flavorit BarkBone Wood with Mint Flavor Review

Believe it not, this dog chew is partially comprised of real wood – which is mixed and embedded into the polymer itself. On top of that, it has been infused with a mint flavor to help freshen your dogs breath!

One of the first things you will note about these BarkBones is that you can smell them before even opening the package. This is because they include a little sniffing window right on the back! How cool is that?!

Smell the flavor before opening the package thanks to the sniffing window!

Pet Qwerks suggests the wood variety for medium strength chewers so we though it might be best to give it to Charlie first. He is not quite as powerful as Harley plus he also loves chewing sticks!

Harley and Charlie working on BarkBones for MyDogLikes latest dog chew review.

It took no convincing (or flavor spreading) to get Charlie chomping away on this chew. He enthusiastically grabbed it from my hand and settled in. He kept right on at it for about 15 minutes until I noticed that a small piece had broken away…

Make sure to supervise your dog while chewing and to take the bone away if they are able to break a chunk off of it!

A Note about BarkBone Safety

The photo on the left shows normal chewing wear. The ends of your bones should become rough and frayed during use. The materials used are non toxic, so you do not need to be concerned if tiny fragments are ingested.

That being said (as with all chews) you will want to keep an eye on your dog when they are enjoying these toys. If a larger piece breaks off it could become a choking or blockage hazard! The photo at right shows a chunk that Charlie broke off that we would not want him ingesting, so we took it away.

We were prepared for this however, knowing that this particular variety is recommended for MODERATE chewers – which our boys are not! 

Just use common sense and make sure to choose the variety most appropriate for your dogs size and chewing strength.

Peanut Butter Flavorit BarkBone Review

Next up was the Peanut Butter flavored BarkBone, which is designed for aggressive chewers. This bone smells strongly of peanut butter and that fact was not lost on our boys.

Lucky for Harley, it was his turn!

Harley working on a peanut butter flavored nylon dog bone

Once again he needed no urging to get chewing so we decided to save the flavor cells for another time! Harley really enjoyed the contour of his bone as he was able to easily flip it around and hold it steady with his paws. This also made it convenient for him to pick it up off the floor when he wanted to bring it into a different room.

It's a tough life being a dog product tester at MyDogLikes!

Neither Harley nor Charlie were able to cause significant damage to this bone after their first sessions – which is a strong endorsement from 2 heavy chewers!

Clearly this is the most appropriate model for dogs of our size and chewing style, but for small or less aggressive dogs we would highly recommend the wood version as well. Charlie was LOVING it before he broke off a small piece!

Make sure that you are following us on Instagram for some more fun photos of the boys enjoying these bones (with added spread!) later in the week!

Why MyDogLikes Flavorit BarkBones

Depending on what is going on in your life, it can be difficult to find the time to get your dogs the exercise and mental stimulation that they really need. We are about to find this out in a big way when new baby arrives next month!

Interactive toys like these Flavorit BarkBones can be the perfect solution for when life gets in the way. Not only will they help burn off some pent up energy, but they will get your dog using their brains as they figure out how to manipulate the bones in order to get off all of that precious flavor!

As we mentioned above, you still must always keep an eye on your dog, but toys like this can be a lifesaver for when you have your hands full, but want to reward your pup with a special surprise. We expect that ours will be getting heavy use over the next couple of months!

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Pet Qwerks Flavorit BarkBone









  • Multiple sizes
  • Multiple flavors
  • Flavor cells play on dogs natural urge to forage


  • Wood bone is designed for moderate chewers and can be broken by more aggressive ones

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