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Pridebites Dog Toy Review – It’s a Puppy Pizza-Palooza!

Charlie can't believe he has his very own PrideBites Pizza! Click here for our full PrideBites dog toy review!
Written by Rachael Sando

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Football Sunday!!

If the men of the house got what they wanted, football Sunday would amount to a day on the couch with only one interruption: the pizza delivery man with a large pie to share.

If the men of the house got what they wanted, they would be BIG FAT boys! Don’t they know that pizza is not a health food?!

The perfect fall Sunday - Football and Pridebites Pizza!

SO, when I offered my boys a slice of pie, they could hardly believe what their (big floppy) ears were hearing….

Would their mouths be full of bread, cheese, and sauce…sadly, no. Could I possibly have something that made them just as happy? Yes siree!!  A Pridebites Pizza!!!

Dinner is served! It's a PrideBites Pizza night!

We had been wanting to test out Pridebites for some time now. Pridebites toys were all over Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook…one thing all of these posts seemed to have in common is that every dog that had one seemed to love it!! We just had to get one!

Charlie waiting patiently to try out the award winning PrideBites Dog Toy

Pridebites boasts that their toys are where “durability meets design”. This is no joke, these toys are amazingly adorable! Not only do they have funny classic collections featuring character such as Larry the Mailman, Sadie the Squirrel, Steven the Baby, and Tux the Penguin; but pet parents can actually have a custom Pridebite created with the likeness of their best friends sewn right in. Check out their image gallery!

About Pridebites

PrideBites Logo

PrideBites was started in Los Angeles by four young guys who turned their passion for dogs into a company that not only produces awesome toys, but gives back to the community!! Watch their video below!

So what IS a Pridebite Toy?

Charlie showing us his puppy dog eyes

Advertised as a “the best of both worlds”, Pridebite toys have many features of your dog’s favorite plush toys such as softness, squeakiness, easy washing, light weight, and safety indoors, while retaining many of the features found in your dog’s favorite rubber toys like durability, flotation, and versatility.


  • PrideBites are made from two layers of Durabite fleece with a rip stop technology sewn in between.
  • Durabite foam: Light weight, interactive, floats and retains shape!
  • Squeakers encased in pouches and then sewn onto the toy for safety

Pridebites boasts that their toys are machine washable and can withstand 55lb of pull pressure!!

Time for the TEST – Our PrideBites Dog Toy Review!

Charlie anxious to try out his new Pridebites dog toy

I know it seems silly to read the packaging of a dog toy, but that’s exactly what I did! Pridebites provides some helpful information on how to introduce the new toy to your dog, ensuring that they play appropriately! 

  1. Play a nice game of tug of war or fetch (indoor or outdoor).
  2. When playtime ends put the Pridebite away or in the wash.
  3. Reward with a treat!

A quick read, but as I would discover later, a good call!

Charlie mouthing on his new PrideBites Pizza dog toy

Since it was a lazy day around the house, we decided to toss the Pridebite around indoors. It was nice knowing that although it flew through the air similarly to a saucer/frisbee, it wasn’t going to be knocking over lamps or causing any damage to things in the house. It is super lightweight…I have to say I was a bit skeptical at first, this toy weighs almost nothing, how could it be “durable”?

A closeup of the PrideBites Pizza dog toy. This toy is a great combination of softness and durability.

I knew I had just the pup to put it through its paces, Charlie! Although he gets better every day, Charlie is still very much at the “destroy all things” stage of his puppy life. He will go several days without any carnage, then rip the innards out of 4 toys in one night!!

Charlie is a tired puppy after playing with his new PrideBites dog toy

Keeping a close eye on him to make sure that he didn’t settle in for a serious chew, Charlie, the lover of Frisbees, was completely smitten with this toy within seconds! Between tosses down the hallway, Charlie gently carried his Pridebite treasure all over the house. He loved it so much he seemed to need a few extra reminders to “Ready, Steady, Go” and not lunge after it!

Charlie nervous that someone is coming for his PrideBites!

If you think you are taking this from me, you are CRAZY!

Harley and Charlie wondering who gets the last piece!

A jealous Harley looking on as Charlie plays with his new pridebites toy

Our Golden Retrievers Harley and Charlie posing with their new PrideBite Pizza dog toy!

With Charlie all over the new toy and his “in your face” style of play, Harley barely had a chance to play! Thinking that we would give him a little uninterrupted play time, Charlie was put out to pasture (let outside).

Harley can't believe that he actually has a chance to play with his new Pridebites dog toy!

Well, it didn’t take Charlie too long to figure out our plan and within a matter of moments, he was at the door barking and whining to be let in for some more Pridebite playtime.

Charlie stealing a Pridebite dog toy from a stunned Harley!

Charlie, the thief!

As playtime winded down, I noticed that Charlie started to chew the toy rather than just mouth it. Its triangular shape made it perfect for settling in for a corner chew. Pridebites makes it very clear on their website that these toys are interactive and are not a chew toy. Though they provide nice resistance for some gentle mouthing, they are not designed or advertised, to withstand adolescent puppy chews!

Charlie having a great time mouthing his PrideBites Pizza

Charlie chewing on a ne wPridebites dog toy. This toy has the perfect combination of toughness and softness!

Remembering the little note about taking the toy away when playtime was over, I decided to do as advised and snatch it up. However, before I had realized what was happening, Charlie had managed to make a small puncture hole in the Pridebite toy! After collecting the toy, giving him a treat, and putting the Pridebite away, I had to endure a few pathetic puppy whines. Lucky for us, he got over it quick (I guess knowing that no one gets to play with it helped).

Just a small puncture in the pridebites after a long play session. Not bad standing up to an adolescent Golden Retriever!

Though there was a small puncture hole in the toy, it didn’t seem to show any other vulnerabilities. Unlike a lot of other plush toys, it wasn’t oozing stuffing, which was great, and prevented the “kill switch” from being activated. Its construction is solid, and there were no parts of it which Charlie showed any interest in zeroing in on and destroying. Though Charlie’s Pizza Pridebite clearly does not fall in the “indestructible” category of toys, its solid construction and the common sense design makes it a high interest and engaging toy that Charlie didn’t WANT to destroy! 

Charlie can't believe he has his very own PrideBites Pizza!

Why MyDogLikes Pridebites Dog Toys

These toys are fun to play with and to look at! When thrown, the Pridebite behaved a lot like a Frisbee. It was lightweight and flew through the air in a similar fashion. Where Pridebites rise above a standard Frisbee toy is that they are safe indoors!! If it hit a lamp or table top item, no worries, its so lightweight, and cant do any damage!! We know that this toy was a winner because Charlie got that crazy look in his eye (like when his flying squirrel is out)!

We can’t wait to test our Pridebite outdoors!! We get pretty grossed out by many of the plush toys we have that look even worse when they come out of the washing machine. I love that these are made of a micro-fleece that is known to  wash easily and retain color over time. With visions of Harley and Charlie being the dirty dogs they were born to be, and lots of rolling in the dirt, I know we will need it! Knowing that they can float is awesome, but I think we will be saving outdoor playtime for the yard and swimming pool… I wouldn’t want to lose this awesome toy when my “retrievers” fail to retrieve!! 

Harley (in his limited exposure) and Charlie loved to mouth these toys and feel the squish of them! The squeaker only adds to the fun!! Pridebites would be a great fit for you if you have a dog like Harley who would rather die than destroy a toy or if you plan on doing some interactive play with your pup. Though they are designed to be durable, they are NOT a chew toy, and could be torn up by a dog on a mission. 

PrideBites Pizza Closeup - Note the detail in the design!

Make sure to stay tuned on Facebook/IG…We will share our outdoor results and some post-washing machine pictures! Next on our list is one of PrideBites personalized dog products – perhaps with a beautiful Golden face?!! I can imagine nothing more beautiful!! 

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About the author

Rachael Sando

Rachael is a School Psychologist with degrees from the University of Rochester and RIT. Though a lifelong dog lover, this passion has taken on a new direction through the utilization of therapy animals in her day job. Charlie, our Golden Retriever, works with Rachael as a school therapy dog in a local primary school where he brings comfort and support to students and staff on a daily basis.

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  • My little sis Bailie got her Pride Bites pizza about two weeks ago and is enjoying it. It is her fourth Pride Bites toy. She has lots of fun with them and they were great for the pool in the summer, but she does rip them apart if we don’t keep a close eye on her.