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Like a Boss – Reviewing the PooBoss K9 Utility Vest

MyDogLikes reviews the PooBoss K9 Utility Vest
Written by Rachael Sando

Dogs poop. Two dogs poop even more.

What’s worse is they hardly ever care where they are when they do it. As responsible pet owners we know that exercise is important for our pets, but taking our dogs for walks can leave us stranded with multiple bags of poop and no garbage can in sight.

In the past few years, several options have been introduced to the market for pet owners to more conveniently carry their dog’s business. We have tried and loved some of them and are really excited to tell you more about a product that we think offers a convenient way to carry everything a dog and his person need to enjoy exercise and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Introducing the PooBoss K-9 Utility Vest

We first met, Mary, from PooBoss at Backer Total Pet Expo. At first glance, the PooBoss looked a bit like other “poop vests” we had seen on the market. A short demonstration and we knew that this product had a lot more to offer!

About PooBoss Company

As a family of dog owners who love and walk their dogs daily, the owners of PooBoss LLC realized that they could make their daily walks easier, safer, and more convenient by solving some basic issues that all pet parents deal with; visibility, poop, and convenience!

PooBoss Dog Vest Logo

Increases Visibility

Like lots of busy pet parents, the creators of the PooBoss walked their dogs in the early morning or late evening hours when it was dark. Concerned about the safety and well-being of their family they knew that they needed to be seen and added reflective tape to increase visibility.

A reflective dog vest like those from PooBoss make walking in the dark or low light much safer

Holds Used Poop Bags

Innovation didn’t stop with increasing visibility. Knowing that dog owners have another big problem on their hands (a 60 million pound problem to be exact), PooBoss knew they could do something to help increase pet owner responsibility and clean-up. By their figures the average dog produces about 3/4 lb of feces daily. Multiply that by the number of dogs and thats a whole lot of poop!

PooBoss wanted to encourage dog owners to clean up after their dog every time, not just when it was convenient, so they added a poop bag dispenser and storage compartment to hold bags once they have served their purpose. Not only does this ensure that you always have bags with you, but allows you to go hands free and completely in control of your dog rather than juggling bags of poop!

Harley testing out the PooBoss K9 Vest for the MyDogLikes review!

Maximum Convenience

Knowing that we hardly ever travel lightly, PooBoss also includes a handy storage compartment, allowing you to carry some of your dog’s favorite treats, a cell phone, some doggy first aid gear, or anything else you might desire!

Harley from MyDogLikes testing out the PooBoss Dog Vest in our official review

Its a Dog Multi-Tool

When they say K9 Utility Vest, PooBoss isn’t kidding. Here is a look at some of the built in features we really liked:

Poop Bag Holder

Without a doubt the coolest feature on this dog vest is the built in poop bag dispenser! Just pull and tear. We love that the bags are always handy but don’t add bulk to our leash! While Harley is the primary wearer of this vest, and can handle this novelty just fine, Charlie is a different story. Though only an occasional wearer of the vest, Charlie takes a “I will pull all bags free from their captor” approach to this feature. No worries, just push the bags into the dispenser and it is officially puppy proof!

The K9 Utility Vest from PooBoss comes with a built in Dog Poop Bag Dispenser!

Dual Pocket-Mesh/Regular

One for poop and one for stuff. Our boys never seem to do their business near a garbage can so we love being hands free on our walk. If you are going to have off leash playtime, be sure there are no poop bags inside before some golden rolls ensue.

Harley wearing a dog vest with pockets from PooBoss

Though we loved not having to carry poop around we realllllllly liked that Harley could pull his weight and carry some of our stuff around for a change. The mesh compartment is big enough to hold your wallet, phone, and/or a snack for longer hikes! As an added bonus, I like to use my phone to keep track of the distance that I walk/run as well as listen to music and I can still hear it through the mesh pocket.

Iphone Holder

Harness Zipper

This vest works with all kinds of collars and harnesses. There are no adjustments that need to be made if you use a front connection harness or a collar. If you use a harness that connects to your leash on your dogs back, simply unzip and pop the harness through!

The PooBoss dog vest is harness friendly with its special zip open slit!

Adjustable Strap

The vest adjusts for dogs of varying sizes. Even though Harley has a good 20 lbs on Charlie, both can wear the vest because of the triglide adjustable stomach strap and velcro chest wrap.

Our Golden Retriever Harley is a Dog on a Mission!

The adjustable chest strap made the PooBoss extremely convenient to take on and off and even switch between dogs

The one that we have is the perfect size for Harley (it fits like a glove) and I’m sure that a size smaller would be the perfect size for Charlie, but we love that it works for both of them. Browse all the colors and sizes to determine the perfect fit for your pup!

The Dog Vest Size Chart from PooBoss

Reflective Gear

As busy pet parents we aren’t always able to fit our boy’s exercise into the daylight hours. The PooBoss K9 Utility Vest is outlined in wide reflective strips to help assure visibility on those late night or early morning walks (Ha, who am I kidding). In the summer its not as hard, but on those long winter nights, this is essential for us!

Doesn't Harley look like such a proud dog sporting his utility vest?

Why MyDogLikes the PooBoss K9 Utility Vest

First, have you seen Harley in this vest? It is adorable! When he wears the vest he looks like a dog with a very important job to do! Cuteness factor alone, I love when he wears the vest. He tolerates it beautifully and I swear, walks a little prouder when he is wearing it.

The PooBoss also solves some big problems for active dogs and their owners in a really practical way by adding key features like reflective tape, a poop bag dispenser, storage compartments, adjustable straps, and an easy access spot for connecting to a harness. Sometimes I get lucky and the boys do their business near a garbage can, but the PooBoss gives us the flexibility to explore new areas regardless. I also love using the mesh pocket to play music and track my run/walk. Charlie and I are able to rock out while exercising together, which I think is pretty awesome!  As PooBoss says, we are able to “be green and be seen but not get caught holding the bag!”

Interested in trying out the PooBoss K9 Utility Vest?

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About the author

Rachael Sando

Rachael is a School Psychologist with degrees from the University of Rochester and RIT. Though a lifelong dog lover, this passion has taken on a new direction through the utilization of therapy animals in her day job. Charlie, our Golden Retriever, works with Rachael as a school therapy dog in a local primary school where he brings comfort and support to students and staff on a daily basis.


  • I never seen any vests that can carry poo so this is a first and I’m really digging this one, there are so many nice features on it. Harley is really proud wearing the vest, great review!

    • Yeah, Emma I know you and your Mom like to run together. I like to use the GPS/Fitness tracker on my phone through the mesh pocket! Be sure to enter!

  • Thanks for the great review on MyDogLikes.
    Great idea to use the mesh pocket as a ‘speaker’ pocket for cell phone music. Never thought of that. Besides wearing earbuds while walking near traffic could be dangerous.

    • We love it! Thanks for offering a giveaway and extra savings for our readers so that they can give it a try!

    • There is always a newer, shinier version! I love the idea of Harley doing the work for me. Not sure that I can trust Charlie except on a run!

    • I know right? I saw the girls have some really nice utility vests already, but these ones have some great features!

    • Yeah, we thought that this was a really awesome feature as well – We frequently use a harness on both of the boys so it will definitely come in handy!

  • I like that it has places on it where you can have the clean bags and a place for the dirty ones.

    • Absolutely – and the built in dispenser makes it so convenient to get one bag at a time!

    • That is one of our favorite things as well! In the long NY winters we end up taking a lot of walks after dark so this will make us feel much safer!

  • I love this vest! The best feature is all the compartments so that my dog can carry small items so I do not have to carry everything!

  • I love this vest! Everything about it is great. I really like the reflective part, such an important part of any dog vest, especially when hiking in the woods.

  • Your posts are wonderful, I just love looking at all the pictures and reading your reviews. So glad I found your site!

    • That means so much to us! We want to be a resource to all of our readers! We would love if you shared our site with other dog lovers too! We are so appreciative of all of our readers and we hope you will always follow our adventures!

  • This is such a great idea.not only is it functioning and attractive,is the whole concept.thanks so much for sharing.

  • I love the one hand poop bag access! I have a dog that poops several times a day and I also dog sit so we go through a lot of bags. I hate having to dig in my pocket for a bag especially when I already have a bag full in hand. These vests just look awesome.

    • Heather, it sounds like you need this!!! If you don’t win be sure to use our coupon code to save for your own!

    • Yes! Us pet parents are busy but want to make sure our babies get their exercise!

  • Gee, there’s so much to like. I like all the features, but I think I like the reflective quality. I have five rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds and love taking them for walks. During the extreme heat of summer I find that walking them after dark is cooler,but I worry about cars not being able to see my dogs when we have to cross streets.

    • It absolutely is! Its hard to fit those walks into the daylight hours sometimes!

  • Very nice! It’s like a vest/backpack, my dog will be happy to carry stuff and help me out

  • I like that the vest has the zipper on the back to allow for a harness because my boyfriend and I use our harness differently on our dog. I prefer to attach the leash to the front of the harness because I feel that it decreases our dog’s pulling on the leash. My boyfriend prefers to attach the leash to the back of the harness because he doesn’t like that sometimes the leash gets caught between our pup’s legs when it is hooked in the front. Either way, with this vest, we can both be happy.

    • Harley often uses a harness too, so we love that feature!!! Sounds like you could walk in harmony!

  • What a genius invention! My brittany spaniel is very hyper and excited on walks and we run through the parks so my purse gets really annoying to carry. So I bought a fanny pack for when I walk the dog which is better, but It makes me feel a little dorky. So sometimes I’ll opt for a jacket with big zipper pockets but that doesn’t work well in the hot summer months! I really love this solution that lets the dog carry the essentials!!

    • We have tried little drawstring bags and we just fumble with them too much. This is the best, you would love it!

  • I love the mesh pocket and the harness zipper. Since I use the leash on the back, this is awesome!

  • I like the reflective strips. Where we live there are no sidewalks and we take our walks on the road so this would be helpful in getting us seen by cars 🙂

  • The pockets seem to be the absolute best , walking a dog takes up both your hands – but those things allow the dog to help a little ( and get tired out faster !)
    It looks like a great vest overall

  • What a nice vest! I think it’s the coolest thing, with all its zippers and different compartments. And a place to put your cell phone too! Awesome! Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these. 🙂

  • This sounds amazing! Would love to try it on QQ. He tolerates a backpack we make him carry sometimes but this sounds way more compact.

  • I absolutely love the pick up bags storage area and the safety reflections strips. And the sizes they offer would actually fit my Leonard.

  • This is fantastic! We do a lot of hiking and outdoor activities, and I’m always carrying everything in my fanny pack. I would just make Khloee carry all my stuff LOL 🙂

  • I have already had my eye on these Poop Vests, in fact it is a totally legitimate fear of mine that my husband will buy me one for my birthday (yes we are that kind of dog people). The feature I like best is the … ahem … poop carrying feature, it’s genius.
    {in the contest I am Margot Core on the Rafflecopter}

    • Ha! I loved this post, made me laugh! That’s how we are too! This vest would have rocked my birthday! 🙂

  • i like the idea of being able to put my keys, my phone, and some doggy treats for my boy in the vest on days that I am not wearing any pockets!

    • Thats what we love too!! Today was the first day I could wear shorts and I loved making him do the work!

  • Enjoying the multiuse features of the utility vest. Would be nice to see it different.,bright colors

  • I really like the reflective strips…living in a rural area I see this as a great enhancement.I also like that it will work with our harness.Beauregard would wear it proudly.

  • I like the pocket features of the PooBoss K9 Utility Vest. Trying to walk 2 dogs at once can be a challenge – so not having to carry bags is a great idea! thanks

  • Is everything an option? The name is pretty cute! But down to what I really like – the light weight fabric and mesh is great; when my dogs are working the last thing I want is for them to get too hot. I love the multiple pockets! I have places to store my needed things and I can keep my dog’s ID tags readily available. It looks like I could even store a water bottle inside a pouch for my service girl. The ability to make the vest fit various sizes of dogs is great – we have two I would love to fit this on but they have a 12 lb difference and their body composition is Not similar. This looks like it is definitely the vest I have been searching for! Woo hoo!! Thanks for the review and the giveaway 🙂

  • I really like the adjustable strap because I have had a hard time finding a vest to properly fit my dog.

  • I love the fact that it has reflectors and it works with any kind of leash or harness!

    • Yes especially if you have a dog like Charlie who likes to go as soon as we are not near a garbage can!

  • I like the reflective quality of the vest. I always worry about walking my dogs at night but that would make sure they’d be visible to drivers and other walkers.

    • Us too! I can’t stop using this thing, especially as the weather gets warm and I am wearing clothing without pockets!

  • The reflectors would be great for walking my dog at night because of his dark coat. I also love the idea that it has its own pockets because sometimes I don’t have any!

    • I am still in love with the pockets. As the weather gets warmer it is just amazing!

  • I do like the poop bag dispenser built in the vest but my favorite feature is the reflective strips because we do walk early in the morning.

  • I really love all the pockets. Those pockets would be really handy for long walks

  • I like that my dog can carry some stuff. I get tired of carrying their stuff around all the time! Thanks!!

  • I love the mesh pockets would be perfect when taking my siberian husky denali out for walks

  • I like the adjustable stomach straps which would allow me to use this vest on all of my dogs. I also love that it has wide reflective strips to make them more visible during our evening walks.

  • I think the reflective capability is most important to me…It is so important that my baby can be seen when we go out at night

  • I love the reflective vest. I take walks every night with Zeus and this would be so perfect for him. I also love all of those pockets!
    Laurie Emerson