Paws Barkery Review - Bow Wow Snickerdoodles for Dogs
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Paws Barkery Review – Bow Wow Snickerdoodles for Dogs

Written by Kevin Sando

After a fun weekend playing with our best friend, Meera, Harley and I returned home to a delicious aroma wafting through the air. We weren’t quite sure how Mom found the time, but she had made us some delicious smelling cookies!

The Dogs Cookies from Paws Barkery look and smell so good, you can pass them off as homemade!

The ingredients were sprawled on the counter and sure looked tasty…Cinnamon, Wheat Flour, Vanilla, Honey, Eggs. Typically reserved for the humans, Harley and I figured out that Mom had made Snickerdoodles!!

Some of the ingredients of Paws Barkery's Bow Wow SnickerDoodles

We just couldn’t wait to test them out.

Paws Barkery's SnickerDoodle treats were enough to get these dog tongues licking their chops!

Momentarily distracted by the yummy smells, I soon realized that something just wasn’t right…

There was no way, my Mom made these cookies!

  1. The Mess – I spend lots and lots of time in the Kitchen with Mom (you never know when a  little morsel will hit the ground). She is never this tidy when cooking, which is primarily why I spend so much time in there.
  2. The Oven – Mom always says “Scooch” when she opens the oven, today she let me stick my head right in. It wasn’t even hot!?

Charlie showing off his bag of Bow Wow SnickerDoodles. These all natural dog treats from Paws Barkery are made in the USA!

Uhhhh……Mom, what is this???? I can’t even look at you!

So what was her excuse???

When confronted with the evidence she had no choice but to fess up.  She said she got these when we were at a fun sleepover a few months back and since they looked and smelled homemade, she thought she could pass them off as such!

SnickerDoodle dog treats from Paws Barkery

I was a dog conflicted.

My own mother had tried to trick me?!  But these cookies did look and smell good, so I decided to move past my disappointment in Mom for the time being.

Paw's Barkery's Bow Wow SnickerDoodles look and smell just like homemade Dog Treats

Introducing Bow Wow Snickerdoodles from Paws Barkery 

Apparently Mom met Candice, the owner of Paws Barkery, at Backers Total Pet Expo.  She was showcasing a whole line of delicious and tasty treats and told Mom all about her company. The more I found out about the Bow Wow SnickerDoodles, the more I realized that I should probably let Mom off the hook.

Cookie from Paws Barkery!

About Paws Barkery – A Cookie for Cookie

Turns out, that Cookie’s Mom, Candice, made all of Cookie’s food but purchased most of her treats. One of Cookie and Candice’s favorites were Bow Wow SnickerDoodles made by the Paws Barkery. When Candice noticed that they were disappearing from the store shelves, she did some research and discovered that the Paws Barkery was for sale! So what did she do? She bought the company for Cookie!!

MyDogLikes reviews Bow Wow SnickerDoodles from Paws Barkery!

A Tough Cookie!

Cookie insists that her treats always be made and sourced in the USA. They need to be tasty, all natural, and fun. She wanted them made with ingredients that you can find right in your kitchen cupboard, just like you would make at home (That is how Mom almost tricked us).

Laying out some of the ingredients found in Paws Barkery's Snickerdoodle Dog Treats!

Every Paws Barkery Cookie is:

  • All Natural
  • Made in the USA
  • Has no artificial preservatives

The recipes were tweaked, the packaging updated, and the names changed to reflect Candice and Cookie’s fun and funky style! In addition to the Bow Wow SnickerDoodles, Paws Barkery also makes Cookie’s Kisses (Carob, a.k.a-Dog Chocolate/Vanilla) and Nutterbites (Peanut Butter), which all sound equally yummy!

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Looking inside the bag of Paws Barkery's Bow Wow SnickerDoodles

Time for a Taste – Our Paws Barkery Review!

Once realizing that these cookies were “just like homemade” my tongue was ready for a taste!

Our Golden Retriever Harley enjoying some natural dog treats from Paws Barkery!

Even though Mom hadn’t made these cookies herself, the aroma really does fill the room that you are in. Mom said that she wanted to try one, but couldn’t, because she is going “grain free” for a month. Naturally, I encouraged her to stick with her diet (more for me). My food is grain free, but I don’t see any problem with a few healthy, no-junk allowed inside of them, cookies every now and then.

By this time I was really drooling…Mom was holding up a treat for me when all of sudden she took that tasty looking morsel and broke it into two pieces. The nerve!

Our dogs enjoying some All Natural Dog Treats from Paws Barkery!

When I finally tasted these SnickerDoodles, they were everything I had hoped they would be! Living up to their savory smell, these treats were crunchy, delicious, and mouth lickin’ good!

Why MyDogLikes Bow Wow SnickerDoodles

Whats not to like. These treats are made for the best dog in the world, yours! Paws Barkery is an independently owned company that makes wholesome treats made and sourced in the USA. All of their ingredients can be found in your kitchen cupboard because Cookie and Candice demand it. They are most certainly “homemade” just not in your kitchen (although you may fool others). They are a great size for medium to large dogs but can easily be broken into smaller pieces for petite dogs or those who just like to share.

SnickerDoodle dog treats from Paws Barkery

Want to get your paws on these tasty treats?

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Kevin Sando

Kevin is a mechanical engineer with a degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has move than a decade experience in new product design, prototyping and early stage manufacturing. Pairing this background with his love of dogs, gives him a unique perspective to evaluate the design and execution of new and interesting pet products.


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