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Healthy Treats, Please! My #PetSmartStory

Did you know that Natural Balance is now available at PetSmart? Check out our #petsmartstory to see their great selection of dog treats!
Written by Kevin Sando

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You may remember us telling you a couple of weeks back that Natural Balance® is now available at PetSmart®!

PetSmart Logo

We are so happy to help spread the word about this launch because Natural Balance has been an industry leader in the premium pet food space for more than 25 years! They played a huge role in our own pet nutrition education at MyDogLikes and remain a favorite in our house. Because Natural Balance is branching out into the nations largest pet retailer, PetSmart, pet owners across the nation will now have better access to high quality dog nutrition!

Did you know that you can now purchase Natural Balance at PetSmart?

Why Stop at the Food?

If you are paying careful attention to what is in your dog’s food, shouldn’t you be doing the same for their treats as well? This becomes particularly important for dogs with food intolerance’s or sensitivities.

Natural Balance Treats come in a wide variety of forms and flavors and can now be purchased at your local PetSmart!

Did you know that Natural Balance makes more than just pet food?

Our dogs have been eating grain free for about a year and half. For this reason we feed almost exclusively grain free dog treats. Until recently, this left us with fairly limited options. PetSmart’s addition of the Natural Balance line has given us so many more choices, allowing us to add variety into Harley and Charlie’s daily routine!

Natural Balance offers a full line of dog treats including grain free and limited ingredient options. On our recent trip to PetSmart we picked up a variety of these treats to see if they would receive the MyDogLikes stamp of approval!

Check out our massive Natural Balance treat haul from PetSmart!

Natural Balance Roll-A-Rounds® Treats

Roll-a-Rounds are a sliced version of Natural Balance’s popular Dog Food Rolls (also pictured below). Natural Balance Dog Food Rolls have long been a favorite in our household, both as a training snack cut into perfectly portioned pieces, and as a carry along for extra energy during long hikes.

MyDogLikes reviews the new Natural Balance Roll-a-Rounds dog treats

Each piece of the Roll-A-Rounds is roughly 1.5” in diameter and .125” thick. They have a slightly crunchy feel and are easy to break apart. Paired with their enticing scent, Roll-A-Rounds provide the same high-value treat PERFECT for training sessions but in a super convenient form. A quick look at the ingredient list left us feeling good about our choices! The first 3 ingredients are Lamb, Chicken Liver and Pea Protein. As expected, they contain no corn, wheat or soy!

Breaking up Natural Balance Roll-a-Rounds quickly turns them into great dog training treats

Harley and Charlie quickly pulled out their entire trick repertoire to get a taste of these babies. 

Natural Balance L.I.T. Limited Ingredient Treats®

Looking to add some variety into your treat routine? Check out the Limited Ingredient Treats (L.I.T) from Natural Balance. These single source protein treats are grain free and come in many options for dogs with discerning palates:

  • Sweet Potato & Venison
  • Brown Rice & Lamb
  • Sweet Potato & Bison
  • Sweet Potato & Fish
  • Sweet Potato & Chicken
  • Potato & Duck

Furthermore, L.I.T.’s are available as biscuits, dental chews, and even jerky sticks!

MyDogLikes takes a look at PetSmart's new addition of Natural Balance Dog Treats

With so many choices, it took a bit of time for the boys to make a decision, but they eventually settled on taste testing the Potato & Duck and Sweet Potato & Chicken varieties.

Charlie can't wait to taste these new Limited Ingredient Dog Treats from Natural Balance

Although they were clearly eager to dig in, we made the boys work for a taste! Not surprisingly, these were another huge hit! We loved that these treats came in two different sizes, small breed and large, packed with all the same great ingredients. Although the boys always prefer a large snack, we thought the size of the small breed was perfect for us and didn’t require breaking it up for training sessions.

Harley showing off one of his favorite dog tricks!

Natural Balance-Wild Pursuit Lung Bites

We have been hearing a lot about Lung dog treats over the past year so were very excited to see that Natural Balance offers a Venison Lung option. These treats are made from 100% New Zealand dehydrated venison lung, and of course are grain/gluten free!

Looking inside the bag of Natural Balance Lung Bites - Venison Lung Dog Treats

The scent of these treats are sure to grab your dogs attention and you will love the crunch they make while they eat!

Charlie about to get his first taste of lung dog treats from Natural Balance

Why MyDogLikes Natural Balance Dog Treats

Natural Balance has among the largest line of healthy dog treats on the market. Not only do they have options for the average dog, but with grain-free and single source protein varieties, they truly have something for everyone. After all, if we care about providing the best in dog food, shouldn’t we expect the same, high-quality in their treats? What continues to excite us is that PetSmart’s addition of the Natural Balance line will help make premium pet nutrition readily available to so many more pet parents across the country!

Stop in to your local PetSmart to check out the whole Natural Balance line and make sure to enter the giveaway below!

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