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Magic Latch Review – Hands-Free Magnetic Leash and Collar Attachement

The MagicLatch attached at the dog park
Written by Rachael Sando

Magic Latch Logo

The leash clasp – you’ve seen it before….You may even have seen one that looks like this!!

K9 Explorer dog leash with lobster claw clasp

The leash clasp is something many of us consider to be tried and true. We have come to rely on its consistency; keeping our best fur-iends safe at the end of a 6ft leash.

So you may be wondering, how could a great product like that be improved? If you read our post last week which showcased the ALU Collar, a totally new take on another pet-parent staple, you might be picking up on a theme of late: AWESOME, INNOVATIVE products (that get us really excited).

Take your seats, the show is about to START! 

Introducing the MagicLatch!

You are about to see some Houdini-like stuff!

We first got to know the Magic Latch while at Backer’s Total Pet Expo! Without a doubt it was one of our favorite products and definitely one that we were excited to share with you! 

The Grabber and the Dangle snap together to form the MagicLatch connection

Act 1: The Set-Up 

The MagicLatch consists of 2 pieces which integrate seamlessly with your dogs existing leash and collar.  These pieces are designed to securely latch together while simply being held close to one another.  Gone are the days of fumbling around trying to latch the standard lobster claw connection onto a moving dog!

The 2 components of the Magic Latch: The grabber and the dangle

First, attach the dangle onto your dog’s collar.

A closeup of the MagicLatch Dangle. This piece is clipped onto the D-Ring of your dogs existing collar.

Next, attach the “Grabber” onto your dogs leash.

The Magic Latch Grabber attached to Leash

And thats it!  The MagicLatch is ready to go!

Act 2: Mechanics

It is important to note that the Magic Latch is not held together magnetically.  The magnet simply guides the two pieces into place and is strong enough to push past the locking mechanism. Once snapped in, the Magic Latch cannot be pulled apart.  Instead, one or both of the sides must be pressed in to release the connection. Pull the two ends and you will be shocked, the connection is VERY secure!

The magnetic dangle of the Magic Latch attached to Charlies collar

And For the Final Act: Our Magic Latch Review

We chose to have Charlie be the primary reviewer for the Magic Latch. Charlie is a serious wiggle worm who doesn’t hold still for long. Though Charlie’s walking pulling is significantly improving on the flat collar, we occasionally still use a no-pull harness which connects on his chest. Regardless of which device we use on his nightly walk, at times, it is almost impossible to see behind the mounds of golden fur and sometimes uncooperative body that obscures the latch. 

The MagicLatch dangle attached to Charlie's harness (NOTE: This should not be used on a chest harness as pictured!)

With all these luxurious locks and a tiny squirrel body, we loved the idea of being able to blindly reach around and have the Magic Latch safely secure this boy in a flash! (Please read section below on use with a chest harness)

Before leaving on his nightly walk, we attached the leash clasp (dangle) to the D-Ring of his collar, leaving the magnetic connection exposed. Though the Magic Latch came with extra D-Rings, they weren’t necessary for Charlie’s collar and it easily connected. Later on we attempted to connect the Magic Latch dangle to Harley’s size Large collar and the D-ring was too thick (see below) for the Magic Latch to close over it.

As you can see, the dangle does not fit around a standard large D-Ring. Don't worry - that is why MagicLatch includes their own!

No worries, that is why Magic Latch includes a couple of D-Rings right in the package!

After getting the dangle secured, we attached the grabber base to his leash. 

Set-up done-Easy Peasy!

The Encore: Easy Peasy you say?!

Yes!! The next step was simply to attach the dangle and base to one another. At Backer we were able to play with the Magic Latch and were amazed at how easy it was to use but we couldn’t help but wonder if it would be as easy to do in real life, with an active and enthusiastic pup wiggling around. Also, would it be strong enough to hold up to puppy pulling?

The MagicLatch attached at the dog park

Well…It was STILL easy! While we love the cool design of our current leash, that’s pretty much where the love ends: it’s just not that easy to use on a little golden dog with a case of the wiggles. The magic latch could not be easier to attach, even with our little squirrel.

As we experimented with the Magic Latch, we realized we only needed to be in the general vicinity of the dangle for the two ends to pull toward one another and latch. Disconnecting it was also easy. We simply pressed in on the release button and pulled away at an angle. As you can see below, connecting and disconnecting happens in seconds.

Perfection? Close… 

We mentioned that we were eager to test out the Magic Latch with Charlie’s no-pull harness (below). We used it for weeks with his harness and were completely head over heals in love with it. For us, it seemed to really transform Charlie’s no-pull harness. I thought my days of bending over onto the ground in front of him and search through his luxurious locks for the D-ring were over; the dangle was easy to feel around for and there was no lining up required.

Testing out the Magic Latch with Charlie (Do not use with a Chest Harness as pictured!)

Unfortunately, after weeks of use, we had an issue. While out for a run with Charlie, the latch came undone. Everyone was safe. In fact, I think Charlie wasn’t even aware that it had happened. After readjusting and attaching Charlie to his ALU-Collar, we continued on our way and made it home. After arriving home, I emailed Debbie at Magic Latch and shared my issue.

To say that Debbie took it seriously would be an understatement. Debbie immediately reached out that evening asking if we could send her the unit and talk on the phone about the situation that occurred. This came as a HUGE surprise to the folks at Magic Latch, as they had never had a failure in the product. It came as a surprise to us too, we had been using it for weeks afterall. After analyzing the situation, Debbie and her team of engineers at Magic Latch and my at home engineer, Kev, were able to surmise the issue….A perfect storm of pulling and a cross-body harness.

The Magic Latch is not to be used with Chest Connect harnesses

As you can see in the picture, Charlie’s no-pull, front-latch, harness, connects right at his shoulder. The combination of Charlie’s pulls and hitting up against his shoulder, exerted enough pressure to release the latch. The Magic Latch had been tested with all sorts of leashes, collars, and standard harnesses, but never with the front latch. Responsive immediately, Debbie put notice on the site (not for use with chest connect harnesses) and started working on new ideas for improving its functioning with harnesses like Charlie’s. 

…but we STILL LOVE it!!!

Despite the one mishap that we had… we still LOVE the Magic Latch. It is a real life saver when you have your hands full! It turns latching the leash into an easy one handed (really- a two finger) project! I have found it to be most helpful when I needed to wrangle both dogs by myself. It sounds silly, but it was nice to know that I didn’t have to concentrate so hard on leashing Charlie while trying to keep an eye on what Harley was doing. In an instant I could get him safely secured and back under my control!

The MagicLatch in action on a walk

Puppy Pulls….Not a problem! As I’ve shared before, Charlie is an excellent puller!! I had no concerns at all with him staying safe and secure with the Magic Latch – the connection is very strong! Though the packaging says that the product is for dogs up to 85 pounds, I used it with Harley (95lb, non-puller) with ZERO issues (Note: if you have a big dog that pulls a lot I would definitely follow the Magic Latch weight recommendations, just to be safe!)

Overall Impressions on the Magic Latch

We would definitely recommend this product to anyone who walks their dogs or lives an active lifestyle with their pooch! In particular, if you are walking several dogs, have to split your attention between multiple dogs/a child on walk, typically carry things with you (coffee, cell phone, etc.), have lost some dexterity/mobility as a result of aging, arthritis, pregnancy etc, or leash/unleash a lot, this is a must have! I could also see this being AMAZING for animals who work as therapy or service dogs! Magic Latch is just so convenient, easy, and secure.

Magnetic dog leash connector

Also, while no one really wants to think about the white fluffy stuff that will be here before we know it, I take some solace knowing that the Magic Latch will allow my fingers to stay snug and warm in my mittens when leashing, rather than exposed to the elements, picking ice chunks from the boys’ collars. We also thought it would be a great idea to purchase extra dangles (available on their site) so that we can have them attached to different collars. While latching and unlatching is super simple, I love that Magic Latch has thought of this and made them available to their customers. (Kev-I’m adding it to my X-mas list :))

Charlie is one happy Golden Retriever

Though we had one issue when out for a run, the issue has since been addressed and the appropriate warnings issued. Magic Latch engineers were eager to solve this problem and already have ideas for how the next model can be improved for all types of harnesses. Until then, stick with standard (back buckle) harnesses and flat collars. We have used the Magic Latch for weeks now and have been so happy with it! 

Interested in giving the Magic Latch a try?!

Click here to pick one up on Amazon!


About the author

Rachael Sando

Rachael is a School Psychologist with degrees from the University of Rochester and RIT. Though a lifelong dog lover, this passion has taken on a new direction through the utilization of therapy animals in her day job. Charlie, our Golden Retriever, works with Rachael as a school therapy dog in a local primary school where he brings comfort and support to students and staff on a daily basis.


  • Getting the leash on our dog isn’t necessarily easy because she’s so excited so I’d love to try this out.

    • Samantha, this is exactly why MagicLatch was designed! Trixie was always so excited to go for a walk she was almost too wiggly to leash : )

    • Congratulations on your baby on the way! MagicLatch will make leashing a snap with a baby in your arms and will make reaching down to leash now a lot easier while pregnant!

  • Will you explain the extra drings? If the one on your dogs collar is too big, how does another one work?

    • The extra d-rings are provided (one small, one large) to add a d-ring to your dog’s collar so that you can have a dedicated d-ring for your MagicLatch, Rubber positioners slide so that you can position it wherever it is most convenient for leashing on the collar. Some owners like to have MagicLatch on the side or even on the back of the collar! Of course, it is optional to use the additional d-rings and some collars don’t open so they can’t be added.

  • Our pet loves freedom so whenever we take her outside she gets off the leash and makes a break for it! This would sure outsmart her and save us some oxygen!

  • This would be perfect for my dog because he is so full of energy it is hard to get a leash on him.

  • Our dog is part Border Collie which means she runs, and jumps constantly, she gets so excited when going for a walk it takes a minute or two to settle her so we can get the leash on

  • My dog likes to play catch-me-if-you-can.Ha Ha. Not so funny. This should improve my catch rate with her..It looks very easy to attach. Also it looks very secure as well.

  • We have a Siberian Husky named denali they should seriously make it a sport for catching a dog lol

  • The one handed leashing aspect would be awesome! It would make it easier for my dog and me when we go for a walk.
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  • My dog gets so excited when it’s time to go for a walk. It’s hard for her to sit still long enough for me to attach the leash to the collar. It would be a breeze getting it on and off and save so much time.

  • This would be a lifesaver for me with a dog like mine! She loves car rides and she never gets to go anywhere with me, so when she does get to be put on her leash she is too hyper for me to even get it on, but I wouldn’t change a thing! This would just make it easier!

  • This would be a lifesaver for me with a dog like mine! She loves car rides and she never gets to go anywhere with me, so when she does get to be put on her leash she is too hyper for me to even get it on, but I wouldn’t change a thing! This would just make it easier!

  • I bought the magic latch and it was fabulous, unfortunately it has failed several times on us and we eventually took it apart. I bought 7 in total – for all my friends, and 4 of them have failed in less than 3 months. I still love it, my friends not so much. We have to take them apart, clean the the corrosion off & put lubricant in them. In one case the spring had fallen out of place. They are rinsed every day and there was still corrosion, we suspect between the dissimilar metals in the catch mechanism. So please be careful with them.

  • So I am desperately trying to find the leash clasp in your first picture (not the magic one, the dark metal symmetrical one). If you could give me leads on where to find it that would be great! Or at least what it’s called. email me?

  • This is really strange but in the -20 temperatures here in Ontario we had an incident, while unhooking our dog, the magic latch and all the dog tags in the ring the tags were on exploded and haven’t found all the dog tags in the snow yet. Not sure what the heck happened but I’m searching on the Internet to see if the cold temperatures had something to do with it. Anyone have this happen? Or have any idea why this would happen. Really perplexed