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4Knines Cargo Cover – For Comfort, For Durability

4Knines makes a wide variety of car seat covers for dogs. Check out the official MyDogLikes reviews to see how they worked for us!
Written by Rachael Sando

We love our dogs. Thankfully much more than we love having a clean house, car, or clothing. In fact, if you’ve spent any amount of time around us, you might think that dog hair is our favorite accessory; after all a little piece of the boys comes with us wherever we go. Though we don’t mind the hair, all of the guests in our home are not always so eager to take a piece of the golden boys with them.

Our handsome dog models posing on their brand new cargo cover!

Our home is the subject of another post on another day. Today we are talking all about the hair and stink capsule that currently transports our boys to all of their adventures… the car!

The car itself is great. We picked out a Toyota Rav4 years ago with the comfort of our main squeeze, Harley, in mind. The Rav4 has a large cargo area, a low entry, and seats that fold flat; leaving lots of room for golden fun.

Anyone who has known or loved a golden retriever knows that they are always up for a good time, especially when it involves water or mud. Now that we have double golden trouble, our car (the cargo area in particular) really takes a beating. After years of wet, stinky, hairy, and dirty floor mats, you can imagine how pumped we were when 4Knines contacted us about their super durable, luxury cargo liners! Good bye dirty, stinky sheets…there is a new boss is town!

4Knines was kind enough to send us a seat cover and SUV Cargo cover liner to test out and share with our readers – they are also sponsoring a giveaway so be sure to enter below!

4Knines manufactures a wide variety of car seat covers and cargo liners to keep your vehicle protected.

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About 4Knines

The idea for 4Knines came to founders, Jim and Maggie, after a particularly crazy ride with their two dobermans, Ares and Ana.  Fur and dirt were everywhere and the seats were marked up with claw marks (oops). Dog Dad Jim, was used to a perfectly clean car, and this just wasn’t going to fly! Jim and Maggie tried multiple different car seat covers for dogs but could never find one that could withstand their resident maniacs (yeah, I’ve been there). They recognized the need for a dog seat cover that performed, had superior durability, and classic looks. Sounds simple, right? Jim and Maggie knew that anything that would bear their company name would first need a stamp of approval from Ares and Anna, it needed to look good AND perform.

4Knines Cargo Cover Review – Breaking Down the Features!

Looking for a luxury dog seat cover? Check out our 4knines Cargo Cover Review to see how they stack up!

Easy to Install

The 4Knines cargo liner is a breeze to install. Simply unfold the mat in the cargo area, lift the end with straps up the back of the seat, buckle around the headrests, and tighten the straps for a custom fit. Not only are the securing straps adjustable for a perfect fit, but they are reinforced. Many years ago we had a competitor’s seat cover rip at the attachment points so we definitely appreciate the extra stitching!

It only takes a few seconds to attach 4Knines dog seat covers around the car headrests.

Alternatively, if you lay your rear seats flat, the straps can be buckled around the front seats, creating an instant barrier between the driver and the dogs.

4Knines dog seat covers conveniently attach around the headrests and can be adjusted for the perfect fit


The heavy duty weatherproof material keeps moisture and debris on the surface where it is easy to clean up. This material can be wiped with a wet cloth or vacuumed with ease. Anyone who has ever tried to get long, fine, dog hair out of carpet fibers, you get this!! This is a great time saver. Additionally, since most of our messes end up with lots of moisture on the seats, I love that this cargo liner cover fabric is resistant to soaking up all of the water and accompanying odors that come along with dirty dogs.

MyDogLikes reviews the 4Knines SUV cargo liner for dogs. See what Harley and Charley thought of this full featured cover!

Nonslip Backing

Whether trying to poke their nose out the back window or just looking for a better view, no dog sits still during an entire car ride. They are on an adventure after all! That is why we love the non-slip backing of the 4Knines cargo liners! It stays where it is supposed to, protecting what it is supposed to!

Note the quilted top and no slip backing of 4Knines seat covers. Not only are they comfortable for your dog but safe as they will stay in place!

Not only does it help keep our car interior protected from the elements, but it helped Harley feel more confident and comfortable when jumping into and out of the car. As Harley gets older and less confident, it only takes a couple of little problems like a slip in material, to prevent him from trying for a couple of days. We loved that the no-backing held its ground and stayed in place throughout car rides and entry!

Harley jumping into our Toyota Rav4. With 2 active Golden Retrievers in our family we have found this to be a great SUV for dogs!

Side and Bumper Flaps

At 82” Long X 52” Wide, this 4Knines liner is not just for the floor. Instead, it is designed to protect the entire cargo area; from the back of the seat to the edge of the door. This is a huge plus since our boys commonly lean against the back of the seat. You wouldn’t believe the amount of golden hair that weaves its way into the upholstery!

One of our favorite features of this cover are the side flaps which protect the interior walls of the SUV.

Additionally, these covers have built in side flaps that fold up the walls and a 20” Bumper flap to protect the tailgate. No more dealing with deep gouges in the sidewall plastic or surface scratches on the bumper!

Lifetime Warranty

At $116 you may feel that this cargo cover is a bit pricey. Don’t! This is by far the best cover we have seen and believe it is well worth the money. It is HUGE, high quality and best of all 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 4Knines is willing to stand behind their products for life!

The Toyota Rav4 is an excellent option for dog owners. The low tailgate makes it easy to get in and out of and the cargo area is very spacious and comfortable.

Why MyDogLikes 4Knines SUV Cargo Covers


With 2 large active dogs a seat or cargo cover really is a must have. How did we put up with old sheets and towels for so long!?! Not only is our car better protected, but with the stylish, quilted design of the 4Knines cargo liner makes it look so much cleaner as well. The sleek black color blends well with our grey interior and definitely adds a look of luxury to what was previously a stained, soggy, and stinky cargo area!

Taking a look at our new cargo liner from 4Knines. Note the side flaps and extendable bumper flap for extra protection.


The material is not coarse like most other weatherproof fabrics on the market. Instead, 4Knines covers are quilted and plush to give your dog a more comfortable ride!

Our boys are now riding in style with a 4Knines SUV cargo liner


Once installed, we are able to fold the back seat flat as normal and the cover will simply slide along with it. The liner is long enough to still cover the bumper even with the seats folded down! This is great for protecting the car interior not only when transporting dogs but large loads as well!

Looking for a Rav4 Cargo Cover? Our 4Knines cover installs in seconds and works with the rear seat up or down!

Another major reason that we love this product is how it makes our sweet senior, Harley’s life just a little bit easier. At 9 years old, Harley is not as sure of himself as he once was – occasionally displaying hesitation about jumping up into the back of our SUV. It seems as if the extended bumper cover, combined with the non-slip backing has made him a bit more confident about making the leap. Seeing him eagerly jump in and out of the car put a big smile on our faces.

We were thoroughly impressed with the 4Knines cargo cover and would highly recommend it to any dog owner. If (like us) you enjoy traveling with dogs we consider this an absolute essential!

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About the author

Rachael Sando

Rachael is a School Psychologist with degrees from the University of Rochester and RIT. Though a lifelong dog lover, this passion has taken on a new direction through the utilization of therapy animals in her day job. Charlie, our Golden Retriever, works with Rachael as a school therapy dog in a local primary school where he brings comfort and support to students and staff on a daily basis.


  • We got the cargo liner to review last fall and just love it. We have several different cargo liners, but they are a nightmare to install among other issues. This one is a breeze and we love how it is long enough to fold out and protect the bumper when we get in. It is an awesome product! We tossed ours in the washer for the first time after our BlogPaws trip and it came out perfect too. We won’t wash it often, but it was necessary after the long winter followed by the road trip. Nice review, boys and happy riding!

    • Good to know that it can be thrown in the washing machine – I’m sure it will need it after a summer of adventures!

  • This looks like a fabulous product and would fit in my Cherokee perfectly! I haven’t found a good cover that I’d live so I’ve been using moving blanket. Thanks for sharing this with us!

    • We had been using old blankets and sheets for years and trust us – you need to get one of these! I don’t know how we put up with that mess for so long!

  • what a great review, I would love to win one of these as now that I got my new car I just have a piece of carpet down to protect it from all the sand and water the dogs bring in after their training day. We train a lot for hunt tests so they can be dirty dogs which means dirty car.

  • My terrier is extra fond of walking through mud right before getting in the car. This would be a blessing.

    • This would help get my dogs to the dog park without worrying about if it’s muddy outside.

  • It would be great to have on dog park adventure days. They always seem to come back dirty and muddy after a trip to the dog park!

  • It would be great for trips to the dog park or wherever…. With two large, shedding dogs, I’m embarrassed to let anyone ride in my car because they end up covered in dog hair!

  • my lab loves getting dirty, between the dirt and shedding my car doesn’t stand a chance but this cover would certaintely help

  • This would have been wonderful on any of the many hiking trips where my dogs splashed in the creeks. 🙂

  • Love the review! We’re buying a vehicle in a few weeks and definitely need to invest in something sturdy and comfortable for adventures with our pup!

    • Emily you SO need this! We are getting a new car in a few weeks too. If we had started using this right away, I am sure the results would have been even more amazing. Its so easy to install and such high quality!

  • We love taking the dogs down to the river. One time Kandy saw I fish near the shore and jumped right in 🙂 We didn’t even have blankets down in the car. So she brought water, sand and mud home in the car with us. I would have loved this! 🙂

  • I have one and LOVE it. It really is much better than any other brand I’ve tried- even Kurgo. We use it when we take the dogs to agility or barnhunt- our lessons are often in barns so they end up pretty dirty afterwards. We have the seat cover, but would love to try the cargo one, and need another hammock for the other car they travel in.

    • Ok Kate it sounds like you need this. I know you have one, but you are a busy lady!

  • By the way- I can’t tell from the picture, but what kind of SUV is that? It looks like the rear is much lower to the ground than most I’ve seen- easier for the dogs to jump in. And I haven’t been able to find many models whose seats truly fold flat. Just curious.

    • Its a Toyota Rav4-We love it for the dogs. The seats go truly flat and its not nearly as high as some others which gives them lots of head space too! I am terrified of having to buy a new car at some point. We love it so much!

  • The 4knines car seat covers would be helpful any where and anytime my dogs are in the care, but especially when my husband and I recently went on a hike and one of our dogs jumped into the pond! Soaking wet had to jump back in the car all the way home!

    • Oh my gosh. yes! Those unexpected dips really can contribute to the stinky smells that love to stick around in the car!

  • This cover would help on any winter/snowy trip. Sometimes the dogs can get fairly sloppy, LOL!

    • I hear ya on that one! You can trick yourself into thinking winter isnt as messy, but its just not true!

  • The 4Knines seat cover would be great for trips to the cabin and to the beach.

  • This would be amazing for dog park adventures with my pup. There’s a really nice off leash park in the next city over. It’s on an old farm with tons of trees and grass and mud to play in. Baxter thinks he’s about 4 times his size and rough plays with all the big dogs he can find, their slobber all over him and rolling in the dirt make for a car disaster! We bring old blankets but they’re never secure and the car just gets dirty anyways. This cover sounds awesome!

  • We just made a 20 hour cross country trip with our malamute. This cover would have been so nice to have! (Excellent review!)

  • We like to take our dog to our local park.. Our boston jumps in the stink river

  • Just about any adventure we bring our canine family with would be good to have one of these covers, whether sand or water. Keeping the vehicle cleaner.

  • We take our dogs to the parks and on hikes!! Especially since the weather has been nicer

  • My mini-van has stow-and-go seating,which gives my dogs plenty of room in the back of my van. I’m also a volunteer rescue transport driver, and while I keep most of the dogs crated when I’m driving them, I love keeping one tethered up front with me – riding “shotgun”. I can’t even begin to count the number of dogs who have wet or pooped or thrown up in my van. Oh, and fur all over.

  • The beach is our nemesis. We’re still finding sand in our vehicle from last summer! And the hair, oh forget it. I give up. Fur is everywhere, on everything. lol

  • This would be helpful for when we take our dogs to the off leash park because it is all sand and they take some of it home when we leave.

    • It really is. I love using it for groceries too. Last weekend we took it in and out three time and it was a breeze.

  • This cover would have been great for the first year of traveling with our puppy. She got car sick every time.

    • Ohhh no! Is she used to it now? I imagine your puppy just makes bigger messes now 🙂

    • You mean when you go to the beach and attempt to bring back all of the sand and water 😉

  • Apollo will be coming with me to Rhode Island and New Hampshire this summer, so this would be great for that! He gets carsick sometimes, so this would be super helpful for clean up if necessary.

  • Pretty much any single time/adventure we take are siberian husky denali anywhere

  • Not as crazy in conception as it was in execution; I had to take both pets (dog & cat) to my mother-in-law’s for one stinking night! The kennel was closed due to some infection and they wouldn’t have taken the cat anyway. The dog bounded over the partition making everything filthy and the cat creatively peed outside of his crate.
    {in the contest I am Margot C__ on the Rafflecopter}

  • We are always going to the creek or river with our two house dogs who just love to get wet and muddy! This would be so helpful!

  • We have two dogs, a big lab and a small Chiuahua, this would be a perfect item to have for them n our car.

  • This would be perfect for our summer vacation to the beach. It would keep the sand and water off of the seats. Mickey loves the beach, but we don’t love the mess in the vehicles!

  • I do not recommend the 4knines cargo liner. The top fabric is too slippery for dog paws. Stops and turning corners have my lab sliding all over on it. I tried to return it but they would only offer a replacement which I don’t want. Will continue to look for a cargo liner that is safer for my dog and offers some traction.