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4Knines Seat Cover Review – Protect Your Investment

Harley enjoying his 4Knines Dog Car Seat Hammock
Written by Kevin Sando

At MyDogLikes, one of our primary goals is the promotion of an active lifestyle with your dogs. We are firm believers that bringing your dog along on all of your adventures is a great way to enhance your bond and ultimately leads to more successful adoptions!

A new Car?!

Getting ready to take the dogs on their first ride in our new Subaru Impreza!

Due to our frequent excursions with the dogs, when it came time to upgrade my vehicle (after 12 years!) it was crucial that we find a “dog-friendly” car. Since Subaru’s are Dog Tested, Dog Approved® we knew that it would be a great choice for whatever our family and the Western New York winters could throw at it. We ultimately decided on the Subaru Impreza, which was very spacious for its class, had excellent safety ratings, and gets excellent gas mileage!

A car is one of the biggest investments many of us will ever make: of course it makes sense to protect it. When 4Knines heard that we were getting a new car, they were kind enough to send us a rear car seat cover to check out and share with our readers!! How awesome is that!?

4Knines manufactures a wide variety of car seat covers and cargo liners to keep your vehicle protected.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Perhaps you’ve read our 4Knines Cargo Cover review? We have been using (and loving) this cover for several months and remain obsessed with it!

Our boys are now riding in style with a 4Knines SUV cargo liner

Not only does our cargo cover help to keep our SUVneat and tidy, but it looks great as well! The luxury cargo cover is loaded with additional features like a built in bumper cover, non slip backing and sidewall flaps!

Your Hair is Everywhere…

Anyone who owns and loves a dog with long hair will tell you that their fur tends to follow you along wherever you go. After only a few trips in the new car (and none with the boys) their mark has definitely been made and lots of “Golden love” had already made its way inside!!!

Can you see why we were in the market for some dog car seat covers?

Easy to see why a car seat cover makes its way onto our ultimate list of dog essentials, huh?!

Taking a look at the 4Knines Car Seat Cover

4Knines makes a wide variety of car seat covers for dogs. Check out the official MyDogLikes reviews to see how they worked for us!

The first thing you will notice upon removing the 4Knines seat cover from its packaging is the quality. The quilted fabric is plush and comfortable. It comes in 3 different colors; black, grey and tan. The regular size cover is 54” wide and 58” long, but they also make a larger cover for the rear seat of trucks and large SUV’s.

Installing a 4Knines Dog Car Seat Cover

This seat cover is an absolute breeze to install.

  1. First, fold out the cover with the rubber side down and the quilted side up. Make sure that the non-quilted section extends toward the car floor.
  2. Next, slip the seat anchors between the top and bottom cushions of your bench seat.
  3. Now, buckle the straps around the rear headrests and tighten for a secure fit.
  4. OPTIONAL – Open the velcro flaps for access to the seat buckles, and attach the lower portion around the front headrests to use in a hammock style.

It took us less than a minute to install the seat cover and we immediately headed out for a spin!

Charlie enjoying a ride in our new Subaru!

Breaking Down the Features of the 4Knines Seat Cover

Even after just a short time using the cover, a couple of features really stood out!


Since protecting your car seat from the elements is the primary purpose, like its cargo seat cousin, these dog car seat covers are constructed of a rugged weatherproof material. This weatherproof fabric keeps dirt and moisture on the surface and is very easy to clean (with nothing more than a damp rag in most cases). The rugged and durable material also helps prevent tearing of the seat from a dog’s nails which is especially important when hopping in and out of the car!

Harley going for a ride in the new car!

Seatbelt Access

Having a 4Knines seat cover installed does not preclude you from using the seat for its intended purpose. All seat belt buckles are easily accessible through velcro flaps, allowing passengers to sit in the back or for use of a harness/seat belt system for your dog. We have seen some rear seat covers that have slots for seat belts, but we loved that these seat belt slots were secured with velcro to keep hair and debris sealed on top of the cover and off of the seat.

Charlie - Our Golden Retriever with a million dollar smile

While we don’t have any children, we also thought that this seat cover would be great for families with small children who ride in carseats. No need to remove the cover everytime you go for a ride and more importantly no need to unhook and rehook car seats! Best of all the two messiest creatures in the house can comfortably sit in the back seat together (without making a huge mess)! We love the versatility!

Non-slip Backing and Seat Anchors

No dog will sit still during an entire car ride and it is important that a seat cover does not move along with them! 4Knines covers have a rubberized, no-slip backing and heavy duty seat anchors to make sure they stay in place for optimal seat protection.

Hammock Style Layout

The 4Knines seat cover can be easily switched between 2 different layouts – a Standard Seat Cover or a Hammock style. To switch to the hammock style, simply attach the lower head rest loopholes around the headrests of the front driver and passenger seat. This is not intended to hold constant weight, but acts as a visual/physical barrier between the front seat and as an emergency safety catch in the event of a sudden stop.

Our brand new dog car hammock from 4Knines installed in a Subaru Impreza

We felt that the boys were more comfortable with the hammock style seat cover. Because they are big boys, who typically ride in the cargo area of our SUV, they sometimes get nervous about fitting in the back seat of the car. We love that the hammock clearly defines their space and they seem less hesitant to jump in. Though we drive extra carefully with the boys in the car, sudden stops are inevitable and we loved the extra barrier the hammock provided!

4Knines car seat covers are not only comfortable for the dogs, but they look great as well!

Need some more reasons to give 4Knines a try?

4Knines is committed to giving back and $1 from every purchase is donated to the ASPCA. These covers also come with a 100% Lifetime Warranty! If you are unsatisfied for any reason just let them know and they will make it right!

Keeping an eye on the pups in the backseat!

Why MyDogLikes the 4Knines Rear Car Seat Cover

Not only does this seat cover do a great job protecting your car from dirt and debris, but it is stylish as well. While it is easy to take in and out, it looks classy and blends into the style of the car well. This is the only cover we have seen with a hammock orientation and we found that our dogs really loved it! They can sometimes be a bit hesitant to jump into a sedan, but with the front headrest straps attached, it was easy for them to see where the seat ended, creating a less stressful boarding process. We especially loved the hammock orientation for the extra safety preventing them from accidentally slipping off when turning around or needing to brake hard.

Harley and Charlie enjoying a ride in the car during our 4Knines seat cover review and test!

4Knines seems to have considered every possible need when creating this rear seat cover. Gone are the days of an EMBARRASSINGLY hairy back seat! From the easy installation, velcro seat belt access points, hammock style, and weatherproof fabric, this seat cover is the perfect solution for parents of pets and human children (both of whom can be a bit messy)!

Think the 4Knines bench seat cover is right for you?

Click here to check out 4Knines on Amazon!

About the author

Kevin Sando

Kevin is a mechanical engineer with a degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has move than a decade experience in new product design, prototyping and early stage manufacturing. Pairing this background with his love of dogs, gives him a unique perspective to evaluate the design and execution of new and interesting pet products.


    • Of course they do! They must, it is their job to have fun and bring the evidence of that fun home! 🙂

  • That is a great seat cover! It even protects the back of the front seats from dog hair. Brilliant! We use a seat cover for the back seat as well as I tend to drag in sand, dirt and leaves after an adventure.

  • We love our SUV cargo liner. It is the best cover we have ever had! I’m sure this would be great if we had a regular car.

    • The boys always prefer to ride in the SUV, but sometimes they just love to take a ride with Dad in the car. Its nice to have the option because some little fluffy butts would not have been allowed in otherwise!

  • Perfect! The non-slip backing really helps and no more sliding off the seat if you have to come to a quick stop. This looks like a winner!

    • We loved the hammock feature. Sometimes they don’t like riding in the back because they are not as sure footed. This solves that problem!

  • A 4knines seat cover can keep our dogs from tracking grass and mud into the car.

    • For sure…I can tell you what we used to do. Be too embarrassed to give people a ride anywhere because our car was such a mess!

  • We still love our 4Knines SUV Cargo cover too! I’d actually like to try the front seat cover as well, because Luke likes to ride “shotgun” sometimes!

    • Ha! I would love to see that! If you get one and review it, let us know and we will link up! We won’t ever get one, the boys get scared riding up front!

  • Very nice guys. I like that color – it matches your coats! The picture of the dog hair on your seats reminds me of my Grandpa’s truck. He has a fluffy dog too. I have one of the rear seat covers too and think it’s great.

    • We will pass on the kind words regarding their coats ;). We just could not believe how much of their hair had gotten in the car without them ever having stepped foot inside.

  • This would be wonderful. I love having my pup with me at all times (except when it’s too hot, naturally), but he does shed.

  • This would be great, it could keep the vehicle from getting covered in mud, hair, and crumbs from treats. Definitely a must have for our (fairly) new SUV. I also love how comfortable it is for the pups!

  • This cover would protect my car from mud because my dog loves to swim in a muddy lake!

  • The 4knines seat cover could keep my dog from shedding profusely in the car.

  • The cover would help stop the mud from getting on the seats after a visit to the park, not to mention the dog hair.

  • OMD! My car NEEDS a Knine seat cover! Black seats, white dogs, you do the math. The hammock design is great, protecting the back seat as well as the backside of the front seat. I also appreciate that they allowed for using seat belts too. Entering!

  • My car has seen some things- like the drool of 3 anxious dogs, the hair of a terrier, poodle, and Siberian Husky ( don’t get me started when it’s their sheddin season), and worst of all- motion sickenss vomit. I would love to put away the tote that contains Bounty and Germ-X I have to clean all the messes up, and protect my car!

  • It can help with hair, oh, and hair, and most definitely, hair. Thanks for the chance!

  • I live in Hawaii, so it would help prevent sand, water, and hair from getting all over my seats.

  • We definitely need this! This can stop our dog from tracking mud and dirt into our car and greatly reduce the amount of fur on our seats!

    • I bet! Our boys would get into a lot of stuff! We love using the cover without the boys too when we are hauling stuff! Its great!

  • dirty wet paw prints hair drooling did I say dirt and then more dirt where does it all come from

  • I could use a new one of these. My old one, different brand, is falling apart. I love it for when I take my dogs swimming, it keeps my back seat clean.

  • This car cover will protect my vehicle from mud, dirt, dog hair. Also protects against tears caused by nails.

  • Definitely the hair! Thankfully the interior color of our car kind of matches our dogs’ hair color, but it got to the point where the seats and floor were bristling with hairs, and it took FOREVER to get it mostly clean (because perfect is impossible!). Now we use a blanket which works fine, but this would be nice upgrade. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • It will keep all the sand from the beach being tracked in all over the place!

  • I have four Coonhounds of my own and am a volunteer rescue transport driver, so I always have to deal with things like fur, “accidents” (both pee and poo), dogs who get carsick, dogs who spill food or water (mostly with the rescue dogs, even though they are typically in crates, they can still make messes). We just traded in my 2006 Dodge Caravan with nearly 230,000 miles on it (thanks to all the transports I’ve driven) for a “new” (well, new for us but like new with less than 20,000 miles) Mazda 5. My husband hasn’t been happy with the messes in my old van. I really need to keep this one clean.

  • I take my babies to the lake alot. This would be a blessing. I take them on a trip to the post office daily and boy, the dog hair that’s in my car!

    • We know how you feel! Isn’t it amazing how much hair flies around during a windows open car ride!!

  • My dogs don’t shed too much, but one dog licks like crazy sometimes and leaves giant wet spots! Thanks!!

    P.S. Nice Sabres Shirt!

    • I know what you mean – Harley has been known to leave some pretty substantial drool spots!

      Thanks, are you from WNY??!!

  • We often do agility in barns or outdoors where the dogs can get quite messy. This would be great!

  • This would help us with sand and mud from when we take the dogs to the river and with snow/slush from the mountain hikes. Mostly it would be great to prevent dog fur from the seats 🙂

  • I would use it to keep sand from the beach and dirt from the dog park off my seats.

  • Dirt, mud, water, dog hair, and sometimes puke. He rarely gets sick now, and he loves going in the car, but every once in awhile he pukes.

  • We try to protect the seats with old towels or sheets, but they don’t do much to keep the wet and dirt off once we’ve been to the dog park or beach. Would love to see how one of these would help!

  • I think that seat covers are a great idea for a car, especially when there are dogs involved. I like that these covers keep hair from falling onto the seats and floors. Along with this great idea, it might be beneficial to invest in normal seat covers as well to prolong the life of the interior of the car.