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DEXDOG Harness Review – Stylish, Comfortable & Functional

Reviewing the EZHarness - adjustable dog harness from DEXDOG.
Written by Kevin Sando

Although he has gotten significantly better on a leash, our little wigglebutt Charlie still can’t handle being leashed directly to his collar. As a result, we have tried out a large number of dog harnesses over the past few years of all different shapes and styles. Front attach, back attach, step-in, and even some that require an instruction manual to figure out how to use! 

While we have found a few that we like, we are always keeping our eyes open for other options. That is why it was a perfect fit when DEXDOG asked us to take a look at their EZHarness.

DEXDOG kindly sent us a few harnesses to take a look at and they are also sponsoring a giveaway below!


DEXDOG is a manufacturer of dog accessories designed for ease of use, versatility and functionality. Along with harnesses, they also offer adjustable length leashes. One thing that all of their products have in common – bright colors that are sure to make your pup stand out from the crowd.

DEXDOG Harnesses are available in several vibrant colors including turquoise, pink, purple, green and blue..

Introducing the DEXDOG EZHarness

The DEXDOG EZHarness is a back attach dog harness designed to be simple and fast. It retails from between $16-$21 and is available exclusively through Amazon.

Here are some of the standout features:

  • Stylish – The EZHarness is available in black or 5 vibrant colors – turquiose, purple, pink, green and blue.
  • Adjustable – This harness comes in several different sizes for just about any age or breed of dog. Once you have chosen the proper size, its unique design only requires a single adjustment for chest girth.
  • Convenient – Unlike many other dog harnesses, which require the dog to step into the leg-holes, the EZHarness simply slips over the head. This makes it as easy to put in as a collar, and the only attachment you need to make is the buckle around your dogs chest.
  • Comfortable – The EZHarness has built in mesh padding in areas that are particularly prone to wear including the chest and shoulders.
  • Safe – The DexDog EZHarness is accented with reflective threading for added visibility. Living in the Northeast, this is a huge plus for us since we spend about half the year walking in the dark!
  • Back Attach – This harness has a back handle and a sturdy, sliding metal ring leash attachment.

The EZHarness has soft mesh padding on spots prone to wear.

DEXDOG Harness Review

First things first, this harness looks great. The colors are striking and everything appears to be sturdily constructed. The stitching is rugged and the sliders/buckles are constructed of a tough plastic. The DEXDOG logo is also beautifully embossed on the buckle.

Harley and Charlie’s beautiful Golden locks can sometimes get in the way of featuring products like these, so we recruited a couple of gorgeous dog models to help us really show of the DEXDOG Harness.

The back handle includes a sliding ring leash attachment.

Fitting the DEXDOG Harness

As we mentioned before, this harness slips right over the neck, and we really loved not having to mess around with the dogs legs while putting it on. This is in stark contrast to so many other dog harnesses which require each leg to be inserted through a hole. This can be a pain for a cooperative dog, let alone an impatient or anxious one!

MyDogLikes DEXDOG Harness Review

It only took a few seconds for us to get the fit right on the EZHarness, and this required just a quick adjustment on the top and bottom of the chest strap. After this a single buckle is all that is needed to fully secure. We tried the harness on 3 different dogs and it fit snugly on each one.

Closeup view of the DEXDOG back attach dog harness.

Handle and Sliding Ring

On the back of the DEXDOG EZHarness, you will find a large handle with a stainless steel attachment ring. This ring is free to slide back and forth, preventing the harness itself from twisting while your dog is pulling or switching sides.

The back handle is sturdy, prominent, and easy to grab. We particularly love how it can be used for behavior correction or tighter control. This would also be helpful for grabbing the dog while swimming or in an emergency situation.

Off for a Walk – Putting the Harness to the Test

After a quick fit and photo shoot, we ventured off on a walk to see how these harnesses performed. 

Charlie wearing his new dog harness from DEXDOG

The harness was very convenient to attach to the  leash and the connecting ring slid smoothly along the handle throughout the entire walk. This was great since it prevented twisting and bunching up of the harness. Such action is common in many other leashes and can lead to spots of irritation on your dogs skin and coat. 

The only disadvantage we can think of for this sliding ring is that it may remove a bit of quick corrective action control. For this reason we would recommend the EZHarness for those dogs who are already proficient walkers and not extreme pullers. In our case, the sliding ring is a big plus like we mentioned before.

We are happy to report that the EZHarness stayed snug while walking, running, rough-housing and even playing frisbee in the park!

Why MyDogLikes the DexDog EZHarness

We have dealt with many harnesses in the past which were a nightmare to put on. Some have multiple straps or buckles and others require your dog to place each leg individually through a hole. The EZHarness was brilliantly designed with it’s simple over the head fit. This avoids the confusion of figuring out which body part goes into which hole or fighting with extra straps and buckles.

MyDogLikes EZHarness Review

The EZHarness is easy to adjust and in the end fits snugly all around.  We also love that it has mesh padding in those spots which may be more prone to wear. We would definitely recommend this harness for anyone looking for an attractive, convenient and affordable option.

Want to try a DEXDOG Harness for yourself?

Click here to purchase from Amazon



About the author

Kevin Sando

Kevin is a mechanical engineer with a degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has move than a decade experience in new product design, prototyping and early stage manufacturing. Pairing this background with his love of dogs, gives him a unique perspective to evaluate the design and execution of new and interesting pet products.


  • she walks well on a leash, the only problem is sometimes she tries to go after other dogs and i don’t like pulling her when she is only in a collar. this would be great

    • Same here – we can’t leash Charlie directly to his collar because he will choke himself!

  • i like these harnesses b/c they dont go thru the front legs and tangle my dogs feathers. my girls walk okay with harnesses, but they pull with a collar and i dont like to hurt their little necks. a harness is so much better for your dogs.

  • We’ve worked hard on walking nicely, and all of the dogs do pretty good now! Something that is easy to put on and adjust is my first requirement for a harness, so this one sounds great. Doesn’t hurt that it looks nice either! 🙂

  • My 1 1/2 year old pup is AWFUL at walking on leash. We use a harness but only to help correct him, collar for his tags. Even using a Gentle Leader he pulls and that causes him to paw at his face. This sounds like something that would actually work.

  • Our dog does so so on a leash but it may be because a lot of the time he is in our fenced yard. We want to get a good one to take him to the doggie park

  • My dog walks pretty well on a leash though he is not on one very often, I think this one would be more comfortable for him and easier for us.

  • I walk mine with a leash and wide collar, but this type of harness would be perfect!! I like the handle to hold them close when needed & the easy on easy off feature. I would love to try it for the agility ring with my Dals!!!!

  • Our dog likes to be the leader of the group instead of following by our side and I don’t like having to keep pulling her back by her collar. This would work awesome!

  • One of the dogs walk very good on the leash~the other not so much.
    My one is always on the hunt,wish they could be the same and enjoy the walk.

  • Most of our dogs do okay on leash. One in particular though, is quite the pulling, leash-biting dog whom we are still trying to help do better. She has had several that rub her chest pretty bad since she acts like she’s trying to pull a sled. Yes, I think this could help her.

  • So, my dog walks really well on the leash for me. However, if anyone else tries to take her for a walk, she tries to take advantage of the situation & walks terribly. The pulling is not terrible due to her size…but she will just put on the brakes & want to change directions or have a sniff fest or just generally be difficult. I think the Dexdog harness would make the people feel like they have more control & confidence, so my dog walks better for them. (Once someone has taken her for a couple walks, she will generally improve behavior wise as long as they keep her moving/don’t give in to her on their initial walks.)

  • My dog has started having spine problems. I just started using a harness. The one I’m using is difficult to put on. I don’t like it 🙁

  • My dog walks pretty well on the lead but this harness looks like it would be more comfortable.

  • Sadie likes to fight me a little about a leash. Maybe this harness, because of how it fits, would be of help to us.

  • My pup pulls all the time,I tried one harness that you have to put legs in and he growled and I couldn’t get it on . Would love to try this ty

  • I have three rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds and they ALL pull on walks. I’d love to try this harness. I think it could really help cut down the pulling.

  • My dog is fine on a leash….unless he sees a human then he charges toward them, and if they are sitting down, jumps on their lap! He has this misconception that everyone loves him….crazy dog! 🙂 I think this harness would be perfect for him. Thank you.

  • My little jack chi Burton does terrible on a leash. The last time I took him to the beach, he squirmed out of his collar. A harness would help so much!

  • My dog tugs in me a lot and I’m chronically ill, which means I’m always fatigued and in pain. It hurts me to walk my dog. I think this leash would give me more control, and less pain.

  • I would LOVE to have a harness like that. I do a lot of running and hiking so have a harness would always be nice and I know my dog Would Love it to. Ps I love you guises reviews

  • We have different walking levels between the three, but I’d love to try this, especially with our newest addition, who isn’t as solid on her walking.

  • Individually my dogs walk great on their leashes, but when we walk together they both have to be “the leader” so it’s a constand battle to be at least an inch ahead of the other! I love the design of this harness and think it would work wonderfully on my boy dog!

  • My Sweet Pea walks fine on a leash, but I prefer the safety of a harness when in public……collars alone are not as secure…..

  • My oldest dog, Chelsey, walks like a dream on a leash. The two boys, Lucky and Flash, want to pull me all over the place. I’ve had them in harnesses for several years, but as was mentioned in the article, it is a major pain to get them on and even then they don’t fit the best. Until I started using harnesses, I didn’t realize how much pulling was going on around the dogs’ necks. I would love to try one of the DEXDog EZ harnesses! I think it would make both the dogs and I much happier.

  • The beast does pretty well, but we love to take her out to festivals and dinner and pretty much anywhere we go…. the extra control of a harness would be really nice for those situations. I think she’d have even more fun, and feel more secure.

  • My dogs are all pretty good with walking on a leash, although one can pull when excited. They all use a harness and with physique, a collar would be a potential hazard. I would lovecto use this harness on one of my dogs

  • I think this harness would be great for my dog. She will not walk with any other harness on. I’ve tried many of them. She just sits there. I don’t think she likes that it goes around her legs. I would love to try this one.

  • Looks like a great harness. My pup loves to tug at his leash while walking. I think this harness would make walking him go smoother.

  • Bowser walks well on a leash, but harnesses are his preference (and mine). This one looks great!

  • My dog walks well on the leash (thanks to positions reinforcement training) but I’d love this styliish, comfortable harness! Actually I was just planning on buying her a new harness- now, maybe I won’t have to!

  • Since Phoenix is such a large powerful dog he pulls so hard on his collar that he ends up choking himself. Hopefully this harness would help end that.

  • My dog is not great on a leash, but she only weighs 3 pounds so she isn’t pulling me along. The harness we have now is a real pain to get on my very wiggly dog, I would lve an easier way to throw it on and get out.

  • I have a puppy so she is starting to learn to walk with a leash. This giveaway would really come in handy.

  • My dog walks obediently at my side. We are always looking for comfortable and easy to put on harnesses. He has had two neck surgeries and so we never use collars.

  • I use a harness for both of my dogs. They just pull too much on a regular collar. These are very pretty.

  • At the beginning of our walks, both Bean and Yoda pull on the leash because they’re so excited to be out and about. After a short while, they stop. This would be great to try though for Yoda especially who is stronger when he pulls.

  • He is usually good but occasionally tries to run after a rabbit or something. I think it would help that.

  • Pumpkin is usually good but occasionally gets so bouncy she gets hard to control
    and Im getting a puppy next month so may get one for the puppy

  • My dog is a reactive dog and we are still working on her leash training. I think this would help with her pulling and darting. I also love that it is easy to put on so I don’t have to struggle with her and getting her legs in the holes 🙂

  • My two dogs LOVE going on their daily walks! I’ve always used a harness since the idea of anything pulling on my pups little fragile necks has never seemed like a good idea. I’ve gone through several different styles of harnesses and while some are better liked be either myself or my dogs than maybe some others, we’ve yet to still find “The One”
    Upon reading about EZharness I admit to already being impressed! I love the fact that I don’t have to wrestle with my little wiggle worm trying to get BOTH front paws into their individual designated leg openings, and keeping said individual legs in designated openings! I swear every time we get one leg in by the time I’ve worked the 2nd leg into where it’s supposed to go my lovable little guy has managed to have very slyly removed the 1st leg!
    The same little lovable wiggle worm is also incredibly stealthy at stealing his sisters food and treats resulting in an ever expanding waistline! Spending $20 on average to replace non adjustable harnesses has quickly become a waste of money I’m no longer interested in repeating.
    Lastly I LOVE the handle on the back of the harness! Where I live we’re lucky enough to have an abundance of beautiful and incredibly scenic dog trails. I hate to ever speak negatively about any dogs owners but despite the leash law requiring all dogs remaining on leash at all times there are some that don’t abide in following this very important law. Currently both my dogs are very small but even my incredibly well behaved and professionally trained 120 pd pitt/mastiff mix that I personally know would’ve been 99.9% fine walking off leash without worry of running off after smaller animals, dogs or even children and also had perfect recall on the off chance something like that ever did happen, was ALWAYS walked on a leash. However on more than several occasions while walking my two very small dogs (also on leashes) we’ve had much larger normally non aggressive well behaved & trained dogs (according the owners) come charging at my much smaller dogs at full speed while barking and growling aggressively with the hair standing straight up on their backs. I’ve been very lucky in being able to grab up both of my dogs and put my back between them and the off leash dogs and I have even been bitten trying to protect my little ones (better me than either of them) . I don’t blame those other dogs, only their owners. Regardless, having an attached handle on the back of the harness would make my being able to more quickly grab up my dogs and potentially preventing a terrible situation for all involved from ever happening.
    It would’ve also come in handy when our previously mentioned beloved Pitt/Mastiff mix became a senior citizen and needed assistance getting up and down the steps.
    I’ve yet to try the EZharness but I can promise the next harness I have to purchase will definitely be an EZharness!

  • She walks well on a leash, the only problem is sometimes she tries to go after other dogs.

  • One of my dogs is way too excited on a leash and chokes himself. The other does pretty well and only pulls when he’s excited to start walking or sees another dog, but he calms down quickly. I think they’d do great with these harnesses!

  • Our dog does pretty well and likes to walk to the park..This would be great because every now and then he slips out of his collar

  • Our dog walks well on a leash and has learned basic commands. She’s a rescue that I suspect was abused because she is afraid of most everything. I think this harness would be more comfortable for her.

  • One of my dogs is good on leash, the other could use some help. We actually use a harness very similar to this (Comfort Flex Sport), and I really like it.

  • I’m sad that this contest is over. I have 3 Goldens 2 use the easy walk and it works for them, but our rescue Clifford, we have tried a few and they just don’t work for him, so I think we will order this one & try it out