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Chuckit Zipflight Review – A Dog Frisbee that Really Moves!

MyDogLikes reviews the Chuckit! Zipflight! See what our frisbee connoisseur thought of this dog toy!
Written by Kevin Sando

If you’ve been hanging around MyDogLikes for any length of time, you are well aware that Charlie loves frisbees!

The Ultimate Frisbee Dog?

I guess it would be more accurate to say that Charlie is OBSESSED with frisbees.  Nothing can grab his attention (and hold it) in the same way.  When a frisbee is out, there is simply nothing else in the world – just a dog and his favorite toy.

Charlie with the Chuckit! Flying Squirrel

As part of our daily walking routine, our first stop is in the open fields of a local primary school where he tears after his favorite discs to burn off some energy (and have a much calmer walk as a result). Charlie loves any kind of flying, disk like item, but he holds a special place in his heart for his namesake, Chuckit! toys.

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He loves them so much, they are an “out for a walk toy” exclusively; he can’t even SEE them in the house or he can think of NOTHING else!


Jumping for the Chuckit! Flying Squirrel

Frisbees in the Classroom?

On day one of his new agility class, our instructor Alyssa, let us know that Charlie needed to have a toy that was reserved for agility class only. It couldn’t be a throw away toy, it had to be something new and super motivating.

I knew what had to happen…

Holiday Shopping

We visited our favorite PetSaver Superstore and headed straight for the display of Chuckit! toys, enthusiastically choosing the Chuckit Max Glow.

When he unwrapped it on Christmas morning, Charlie was sooooo excited!

Charlie receiving his new frisbee on Christmas morning! Click here to read our thoughts in our official Chuckit Zipflight review!

If you had asked Charlie a couple of weeks ago, he probably would have said that his drug of choice favorite toy was the Chuckit! Flying Squirrel or Amphibious Boomerang. Well, his new disc has quickly moved to the top of the list.

UPDATE: Click here to see Charlie’s actual list of the best frisbees for dogs!

Introducing the Chuckit! Zipflight

We have always had great experiences with Chuckit Dog Toys, and the Zipflight was no exception! Charlie was obsessed with this dog frisbee!

The Chuckit Zipflight is shaped more like a traditional frisbee than most others in the line.  It is roughly 12 inches in diameter and has a hole in the center.  The Zipflight comes in several colors and sizes and even has a glow in the dark option!

The Zipflight is without a doubt amoung the best frisbees for dogs

Charlie guarding his Chuckit! Zipflight dog frisbee! This is one of his absolute favorite dog toys!

Would you want to catch a regular frisbee in your mouth?  Ouch!!!

Not a worry with the Chuckit! Zipflight! It has a stiff but flexible rubber core and is covered in a soft but durable canvas fabric. After chasing his Zipflight around the school yard, Charlie loves to parade his favorite toy around the neighborhood and routinely carries it for the remainder of our walk.

Charlie guarding his dog disc!

About Chuckit!Chuckit! Logo - ChuckIt! is the leader in fetch and makes some of our dogs favorite toys.

One of the coolest things about the Chuckit! line is that each of their frisbees has a unique shape and flies in a very unique way. With a dog who needs to burn some energy, we love having some options! Chuckit! toys are versatile (easily transitioning from land to water) and durable (our toys get dirty, but they sure do wash up nice).

Chuckit makes the best dog fetch toys! Here we are playing with their new Zipflight frisbee.

Testing it Out! Our Chuckit Zipflight Review

Working on our pet photography skills with this blurred background action shot!

Trust me when I say Charlie can be pretty rough on toys. The Zipflight gets lots of play and by the end of our walk, it is typically dirty and soaked. The durable canvas material is easily cleaned and because it is designed to go from land to water (or drool reservoir) it always dries and never gets musty or stinky!

Chuckit! Ziplight Dog Toy Review

Our dog Charlie playing with his Chuckit! Ziplight Frisbee. This is the first frisbee he has ever caught!

Hang 10 Time

With the longest flight of the Chuckit! disc items, the Zipflight really gets Charlie moving. Even on a windy day, the Zipflight can cover 50+ yards. Greater distance = tired pup!

There is something for everyone in the Chuckit Flyers line of dog frisbees! Each uniquely shaped toy has its own flight path!

The Zipflight can be thrown on a level plane for a game of chase, and a slight elevation can give you a little more hang time to give your pup the chance to catch it! Turn your volume down (it was windy) and watch Charlie’s first successful frisbee catch!! Hooray Charlie!

Light My Way

Part of the new Light Play line, the Chuckit! Max Glow Zipflight was designed with busy pet parents in mind. As the days get shorter, many pet parents leave and arrive home in the dark, making it challenging to get out to run those high energy pups!  After being home alone all day, our boys (especially Charlie) need to get out burn some energy, it makes the whole night more enjoyable and relaxing for everyone.

Chuckit! Toys Maxglow line of glow in the dark dog toys will bring some fun to those evening and nighttime walks!

Just like many of readers, our work schedules leave little flexibility for exercise during the daylight hours. Running Charlie is a necessity and we have more than once lost a toy while trying to play fetch under the moonlight.

Charlie's Zipflight dog frisbee covering his eyes while he runs!

Start Early! Play Late!

With its high-visibility fabric,glow in the dark 3D print, and Max Glow rubber, under stimulated pups are a thing of the past! Simply charge the Max Glow Zipflight for 5-10 minutes in the light and enjoy up to 30 minutes of glow! Alternatively, play during daylight/dusk and as it gets dark you will start to see the glow! In the words of our friends at Chuckit!: Start Early! Play Late!Demonstrating the ChuckIt! Zipflight Glow in the Dark Frisbee

Why MyDogLikes the Chuckit! MaxGlow Zipflight

We love the soft yet durable construction of the Zipflight. Despite daily walks that include rough play,endless chasing around the school yard,  and carrying around the neighborhood, the Zipflight has held up remarkably well!! It can be easily cleaned and there is no worry of the toy getting musty or smelly from moisture because it is designed to be used in water and on land.

Working on our Dog Commands with Charlie. Here we are practicing "drop it."

Of the many discs/frisbee style toys in the Chuckit! line, the Zipflight has the longest flight pattern and really gets Charlie moving. It has just enough hang time which can give your pups a little practice with their frisbee catching skills too! Best of all we LOVE the new Max Glow technology that allows us to play fetch into the evening, ensuring that all get the exercise that we need to be healthy!

Our Golden Retriever dog Charlie at the local park

Want to get your paws on a Chuckit! Zipflight?

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About the author

Kevin Sando

Kevin is a mechanical engineer with a degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has move than a decade experience in new product design, prototyping and early stage manufacturing. Pairing this background with his love of dogs, gives him a unique perspective to evaluate the design and execution of new and interesting pet products.


  • Love the glow in the dark! We don’t play Frisbee or any fetch for that matter. We have a Frisbee, but Mom throws it, Bailie finds it and then plays keep away. It sure looks like Charlie enjoys his new toy and gets a good workout too.

  • Now that looks like a fun toy! We tried frisbee once but it scared Ziva, I’ve been wanting to try again though and this looks like a good option!
    Her drug *cough* favorite toy of choice that she’s obsessed with is a tennis ball. 🙂 I can get her to do anything for a tennis ball.

    • Thats funny! Like we said in the review, we are using some of the older Chuckits! at agility class…Charlie will do ANYTHING for them too!

  • Charlie sure looks like a super happy camper with his Frisbee! That was a very nice catch, too!
    We have the chuck-it ball and their flying squirrel, and our boy Buzz LOVES his ball as much as your Charlie-boy loves his frisbee! It is definitely an outside-only toy 😉
    The glowing technology is a very cool feature ~ looks like we’ll have to get a glowing chuck it toy!!

    • Yes definitely!! The glow in the dark is great because it allows Charlie to find it easier. Sometimes he loses it in the air because he runs in the wrong direction and its so much easier to locate!

  • We don’t really play off-leash after dark much (we have coyotes in our neighborhood) plus we don’t have a yard. That toy looks like a lot of fun! I’m still trying to find a disc small enough for Mr. N’s mouth. He has trouble gripping them.

    • The glow in the dark is a nice feature, but the frisbee itself is nice. The small size may work for you Mr. N. We like to use it at dusk against the snow. Charlie was excellent recall, so we feel comfortable, but I can see why you wouldn’t with Coyotes in the neighborhood.

    • If Charlie could, he would totally play with it inside. Unfortunately he is OBSESSED and literally can focus on nothing else when it is around, so the house is not an option!!!

  • Love the way you have set out this post! I think I may try Frisbees with Diego, he loves balls so maybe I can convert him because I love the look of these!

    • Thanks for the kind words! Charlie likes balls too….but not when there is a Chuckit! around. He will watch me throw the ball and then look back at me like “Ok, throw the frisbee”

  • I don’t have the frisbee but I got Laika the glow in the dark ball and it’s so awesome. It’s light weight, makes a cool noise when thrown, and it’s so easy to see in the dark. We love it. I’m definitely going to check out the rest of this line. I can’t believe I didn’t have any glow in the dark toys before a few months ago – it’s perfect for the winter months when it gets dark so early.

    • Yes! We love it so much! It makes the cold, winter nights a little more bearable for everyone! I don’t know why it wasn’t thought of before, but we love it!

  • Oh what a happy dog! I love all of the photos of him playing with his new toy. I’ll bet it’s great exercise for both of you.

  • What a great lineup of toys, I didn’t realize they had so many. I love the flying squirrel. I like the ones that glow, perfect for after work play. Thanks for a thorough review of these toys!

  • Well, Charlie has certainly sold me on giving a Chuckit dog toy a go! (Superbly written and personalized review helped too!) Now to teach Vaklentino to fetch and bring it back instead of fetch and come and get it! I’ll also need to find a fenced area for us to play as this hound can’t play off leash, drat!

  • Your product reviews are so thorough! I really enjoy all the photos you include of the dogs loving th e toys. I know Chuckit makes great products and this looks like another great on. The glow in the dark is pretty cool too. I’ve never seen that.