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Best Bully Sticks Kangaroo Jerky Review

Our dogs have had enough of the photos and are ready to taste the Kangaroo Jerky from Best Bully Sticks!
Written by Kevin Sando

We were recently given the opportunity to try out a new dog treat from BestBullySticks – an online portal for all sorts of natural dog treats and chews.  We are always excited to try out products from new companies that share our mission, but were especially intrigued when we found out that the treat they wanted the boys to try was Kangaroo Jerky.  

A closeup view of Best Bully Sticks Kangaroo Jerky dog treats

Yes, you heard me right, Kangaroo Jerky!

You got our attention Best Bully Sticks, now…time for some research! 

About Best Bully Sticks

BestBullySticks was founded in 2008 by frustrated consumers, Avrum Elmakis and his wife Lauren, in order to meet the demand for natural, affordable, single-ingredient dog treats and chews. This Richmond, VA based company has grown steadily since its inception but continues its commitment to 100% all natural treats made from the highest quality ingredients.

Best Bully Sticks Logo

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Some things you will never find on BestBullySticks:  “Rawhide, Colored Bones, and other gimmicks”; says Owner and CEO, Elmakis, “it just doesn’t make sense”. What you will find is a great selection of healthy, all-natural, and in the case of their specialty product, Bully Sticks, free-range sourced products.

Our shipment of Kangaroo Jerky from Best Bully Sticks included a handwritten note!

So what about the Kangaroo?!

While it may seem strange at first, exotic proteins such as Kangaroo are typically a good fit for many food sensitive/allergy afflicted pups, like ours.  It is a great alternative to rawhide as it is 100% digestible and promotes healthy teeth and gums. Additionally, Kangaroo is packed with antioxidants which help fight diseases and boost immunity!

There are a large number of Kangaroo Jerky dog treats in every bag

Closeup of Best Bully Sticks Kangaroo Jerky dog chews
Kangaroo Jerky Dog Treats from Best Bully Sticks

So what’s it like? 

When we opened the bag we were surprised to see how many pieces were inside and how large each piece was. As you can see below,  they were larger than our hands! At around $15, you got a lot for your money; but don’t expect the bag to be bulging full of treats. Even though you get a large quantity of treats (about 15-20) , the jerky comes in a large bag without added air and appears “half full” at first glance.

The packaging is simple and attractive, but doesn’t have a lot of information about the product on it. In the case of Best Bully Sticks, an online company, this works since selecting products occurs online and there is quite a bit of information about each of the treats there. Best Bully Sticks also offers an “auto-ship” price (15% off discount) which allows customer to have their orders sent right to their home at regular intervals. Convenient and cheap, I like it!

There is not a lot to these treats….and that’s a good thing!

In a world of processed “foods” , Best Bully Sticks-Kangaroo Jerky stands out for its simplicity; looking and smelling just as food should. In fact, these treats have more texture and striations than most store bought (for human consumption), beef jerky I have seen. The jerky treats have been dehydrated to a point that makes them stiff and breakable rather than flexible and chewy. This gives pet parents the option to break the jerky strips into smaller portions for training or portion control. You get to choose what is right for your dog.

The only ingredient is Kangaroo. No unnecessary extras, added flavors, or preservatives. In fact, Best Bully Sticks recommends that these treats be stored in the refrigerator/freezer to extend their shelf life.

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How about an odor? Nope, while we thought that there might be an odor, we were pleasantly surprised. They just smelled….like jerky.

Kangaroo Jerky

Charlie giving some puppy dog eyes for a piece of Kangaroo Jerky

Hey, what have you got there?

And now for the taste test…

Our dogs have had enough of the photos and are ready to taste the Kangaroo Jerky from Best Bully Sticks!

Charlie testing out the Kangaroo Jerky dog treats from Best Bully Sticks

Harley testing out the Kangaroo Jerky Dog Treats from Best Bully Sticks

Harley tasting Best Bully Sticks Kangaroo Jerky

And some showing off…

Harley keeping his eyes on the prize - a piece of kangaroo jerky from Best Bully Sticks

Harley showing off his Treat on Nose Trick with a piece of Kangaroo Jerky

So how did they go over?

Well the photo below gives a pretty good clue…

A quick sniff and it was on! While the boys really wanted the entire piece, and someone may even have JUMPED to try to snatch it (Charlie your trainer, Alyssa, is watching!), we opted to break the pieces up and serve one strip in several portions. The boys eagerly gobbled these pieces up. The jerky is not advertised as long lasting chews, they are treats, and as a result is was a couple of chomps and then down the chute for both of our expert chewers. I mentioned that the strips are hard and snap into smaller pieces and that is exactly what happened when their chompers came down on the jerky. Lots of crunching (which I think is just about the most adorable thing ever) and then some little “crumbs” to clean up afterward.

The ability to easily break these treats up into smaller pieces makes them a great tool for fun games and practicing our favorite tricks. We used these treats to “show off” our balancing act and also to hide around the house and give them a little nose work.

Golden Retrievers love Best Bully Sticks Kangaroo Jerky

Why MyDogLikes BestBullySticks Kangaroo Jerky

Overall, we thought these treats were great. We loved the simplicity…after all, the only ingredient is Kangaroo. There are no crazy processes or methods to produce or preserve these treats, and we love that like the food we eat, they need to be refrigerated. The strips are large but break easily into smaller portions, giving us the ability to choose the size of treat we want to give to the boys. So far we have broken them into little chunks and used them for practicing tricks/obedience, hiding them around the house to do a little nose work, and given them larger pieces for an extra special treat. 

We love that there are no gimmicks or garbage treats to wade through on the site. If Best Bully Sticks is carrying the product, we know that they have done their homework and are providing safe, natural, and healthy treats. Though we felt comfortable feeding the boys these Australian made and sourced treats, buying USA made and sourced products is very important to us. Lucky for us, Best Bully Sticks offers a wide variety of American made treats. As a busy family holding down two full time careers as well as blogging, we also loved that Best Bully Sticks offers the option of being able to auto-reorder and buy in bulk quantities. That kind of ease and flexibility just isn’t available when purchasing from a brick and mortar store! 

Interested in giving Kangaroo Jerky a try?

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