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Be Prepared with a Dog Bug Out Bag from WhyWeWag

Written by Kevin Sando

If we learned one thing on our recent road trip across America, it is the importance of being properly prepared. You can never be sure exactly what is going to happen and have to be ready for everything! Today we are sharing something with you that all pet owners should seriously consider – a Dog Bug Out Bag – prepped and ready to go in case of emergency.

Looking into our dog bug out bag from WhyWeWag - prepped and ready to go in an emergency.

This concept was first brought to our attention by WhyWeWag – an online pet supply store who reached out to see if we would be interested in taking a look at their store and sharing with it our readers. What better way to vouch for a company than to try out the products they choose to carry? We asked WhyWeWag to send us something representative of who they are as a company and they chose their Emergency Bug Out Pack. This concept immediately piqued our interest and we were excited to check it out.WhyWeWag Online Pet Store Logo

About WhyWeWag Online Pet Store

Founded in 2012 by Cheryl Wilson, WhyWeWag carries products designed to “return to our animal companions, the same unconditional love they share with us.”

Browsing WhyWeWag’s Online Pet Supplies carries all sorts of dog equipment, health care supplies, and even a few fun products for dog moms and dads! Just take a look below to see the different kinds of supplies they “stock”:

  • Dog Accessories
    • Backpacks
    • Dog Boots
    • Cooling Vests
    • Collars
    • Leashes
  • Dog Supplies
    • Bowls
    • Carriers
  • All natural grooming products
    • Shampoo
    • Conditioner
    • Ear Cleaner
    • Paw Ointment

Make sure to read all the way through as they are also sponsoring a giveaway for one lucky MyDogLikes reader.

WhyWeWag’s Emergency Bug Out Pack

Often times the impact of emergencies and natural disasters on pets is completely overlooked. Think about what you would do if you had to leave your home at a moments notice? You may have some extra supplies on hand, but are they all in one place and ready to go?

Harley modeling his Dog Emergency Backpack and taking it for a test walk

WhyWeWag has done the work for you and compiled a lot of essential items that you would need for your pet in an emergency situation. This Emergency Bugout Pack for dogs retails for $90 and most of the items inside are also available for individual sale on the WhyWeWag website.

What’s inside this Dog Emergency Kit?


Front and back views of the saddle style dog backpack

First things first, this supply kit is self contained and can be carried by your pet. It comes in 2 sizes, medium and large, and could comfortably fit a wide range of dogs. This saddle style backpack is easy to attach, very spacious, and lightweight. It has multiple sliding pads for comfort, a back leash attachment, and even a handle for assisting or lifting your pet if necessary. This backpack has 3 buckles (one at the chest, one below the front arms, and one on the belly) which leads to a nice secure fit that doesn’t move or slide, side to side. The pack also has several loops that can be used to attach carabiners with extra supplies that might be needed. 

First Aid Kit

Looking at some of the contents of the WhyWeWag Dog Bug Out Bag

You wouldn’t want to be caught without medical supplies in an emergency and this pack has you covered. Inside you will find a compact dog first aid kit with scissors, tape, bandages, gauze and alcohol/iodine swabs. Plus, there is plenty of room to add extra care items you may need.

Hot Spot Treatment

WhyWeWag has included a soothing balm from Aroma Paws to provide treatment for minor skin injuries. This ointment is all natural and contains Neem, Peppermint, and Tea Tree Oils to provide quick cooling relief.

Face Coat & Paw Wash

Dogs always get into things at the worst times. WhyWeWag has thrown in a between-bath wash from Aroma Paws that can be used to clean up your dog as necessary. Just apply this all-natural product on a cloth and give your dog a quick rubdown.

Meal Replacement Bars

Obviously food is essential for any bug out bag. WhyWeWag has included 2 PowerBark bars which are formulated as a complete dog food replacement. This is a very smart, convenient and space saving idea. NOTE: Make sure that you have enough with you based upon the size of your dog! One bar per 30 lbs of dog twice per day. There is plenty of room to add more food if needed! While these are great to have on hand for meal replacement in case of an emergency, these are also great to have on hand during a hike for an extra boost of energy!

Fold-able Canvas Bowl

The last thing you would want to be carrying in an emergency is a large stainless steel or heavy ceramic bowl. This backpack contains a fold-able canvas bowl perfect for feeding your pet on the go.


More pet emergency supplies that come loaded in the WhyWeWag bug out bag.

An anxious or scared dog is much more likely to be spooked and run. It is vital that you keep your dog leashed for their safety. WhyWeWag’s bug out bag includes a 4 ft. leash meant to help you keep your dog right by your side, safe and secure. This leash even has built in LED’s that glow for walking at night and in case of a power outage!

Waste Bags with flashlight

Picking up after your pet is just as important during an emergency. Pet waste contains bacteria that can be harmful to humans – especially if it were to enter a water supply. This is an even more likely scenario in a flood-type emergency. WhyWeWag has included poop bags and a dispenser with a built-in flashlight!

Comfort Toy

Charlie already enjoying the comfort toy from his emergency bug out bag!

Dogs are like children in many regards and a little touch of home is important in a stressful situation. WhyWeWag has included a small plush stuffed animal to provide a bit of comfort for your dog. As you can see, Charlie took to it right away!

Why MyDogLikes this Dog Emergency Kit

We highly recommend preparing a portable dog emergency kit to be ready for any potential situation.

We love the idea of creating a bug out bag for your pet, and think it is something that every family should have on hand. You never know what is going to happen and nothing could be worse than being caught off guard and unable to care for your companion animal. WhyWeWag has put together an excellent pack that is lightweight and takes care of all of the essentials. We also love that there is plenty of room to add other items for your individual pet like medications, supplements or extra food. Every pet is different and has different needs!

Don’t forget to prepare your pet just like you do the rest of the family!

Want to get your own Dog Bug Out Bag?

Click here to pick one up from the WhyWeWag website!

About the author

Kevin Sando

Kevin is a mechanical engineer with a degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has move than a decade experience in new product design, prototyping and early stage manufacturing. Pairing this background with his love of dogs, gives him a unique perspective to evaluate the design and execution of new and interesting pet products.


  • I live in tornado alley. We have to go to a tornado shelter at least once a year it seems, if not more. I’d also include a non perishable bag of treats and a doggie sweatshirt because my mini doxie feels less anxious when he’s bundled up.

  • I would add info sheet with contact numbers of my family and veterinarian, Vet records with health conditions and medications listed, and ID pic of dog with chip #.




  • I like to keep the small sample bags of food handy just in case and an extra leash and collar.

  • I would add a copy of the rabies vaccine records in a ziploc bag (in case it got wet) & a photo of my dog (in case the unthinkable happened of getting lost & power was an issue). And allergy medication for my dog. And maybe some contact info for a friend or relative that lived in the area & one that lived put of the area.

    I wish they had a different bag option for little dogs. My dog weighs 11 lbs & is not big enough to carry all those supplies. It would be nice for all the supplies to come in a bag that was designed to be easy for a human to carry if your dog was never going to be able – but maybe the dog backpack straps could be used to clip it onto a human backpack or something.

  • i have 3 emergency bags, one for humans and 2 for dogs. i have the one from First Aid for dogs when i took their lifedsaving course for dogs. i added some things, like more gauzes, tape, the cut off top of a bottle for cpr so it fits over their nose, a cold blanket, a muzzle just in case, and some other things. i have not added their medical records so i need to do that.

  • I don’t have a first aid kit assembled, but I should. I would also add any medications he’s on, and maybe some kind of pain relief, you never know….

  • Great ideas for all of emergencies.I would have telephone numbers
    for vets and family.I would also have an emergency bag packed for them.

  • This is great I have two girls that should both have these, I would add id tags on the bags also their tag to the chip so they can be returned home in case if they are lost love my sweeties.

  • I feel like some basic first aid supplies would also go a long way! We always travel with a bandana (useful as an ad hoc muzzle in case of injury) and his reflective vest.

  • I would have some athletic tape, to wrap a sprained or hurt extremity. I love this idea.

  • I would add an extra harness/leash/collar because we seem to misplace those in a rush

  • I have the canvas bowls and a human backpack put aside, but I keep the pet first aid kit in the car. I would add water to my kit.

  • I never really thought about having to evacuate my furbabies because where we live we really didn’t have to worry about things like that. However, with climate change, weather in our area has changed and we have had flooding near us where it never has flooded before, and where we used to be pretty much protected from tornadoes, suddenly we’ve had quite a few hit within a short distance of us. For the first time in my life, I’ve actually had to start thinking about things like this. I do have my cats’ crates where I can get them easily and keep my dogs’ leashes right by the door, so should we ever have to get everyone out of the house, I can do so without anyone getting loose or hurt. Hopefully we’ll never have to “bug out”, but I would love to be ready – just in case.

  • I have a pet first aid kit at the house. I would add maybe some hand sanitizer and Benadryl.

  • If I’m being completely honest…no. I’ve never done emergency preparedness for my dog. I’m not really into it for myself, TBH, but maybe that’s because my dad is kind of hyper into it. Over the top kind of thing. I’d actually be more likely to have something like this for the dogs than me, if it was left to me. ? This looks great, though! I can’t think of anything I would add, except for maybe some probiotics for my sister’s dog.

  • I could you a bug out bag for my dogs. That looks very useful. As I have been wanting to put something together for my dogs but can’t figure out what to put it in. That way it is easy to grab and go when need be.

  • I never thought about putting a bug out kit together for my dog. I LOVE this idea and this pack! It looks great!!

  • I don’t have anything put together for my animals incase of an emergency but this is a wonderful idea! This has really got me thinking that I need to get at least some crucial things together just in case! This is a really useful tool that I’d love to own! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • I have a few things, and when we go out for walks or to play we bring things like wipes, poop bags, water, and some food. our littlest one has allergies bag so we also keep some medication to stop his wheezing. if we had a bag i think we would include much of the same

  • This is such a smart idea… I’d add the beast’s favorite freeze-dried treats, and a copy of her vet records, just in case. Thanks for the chance!

  • I would add Beauregard’s vet records and personal info to the bag.He also loves a ball so a little ball would have to go in it.

  • I would add a list of his vet and emergency numbers, along with his fave toy.

  • I haven’t prepared an emergency bag but now this has me of course thinking I should definitely do this! I would add the vet’s number and other emergency numbers, my dog’s cooling pad, some treats, a small toy and her allergy list.

  • Luckily, knock on wood, no emergency situations. I would add a basic first aid kit, a cooling mat, a sweater, and a comfort toy

  • We do a lot of hiking with our dogs and I would make sure to have their meds that they may need and a copy of their vaccinations

  • I would add a list of emergency contact phone numbers, a bottle of water, some packets of FortiFlora and a bag of treats.

  • I haven’t thought about preparing these for my dogs, but wow what an awesome idea.

  • I have a few things prepared in an emergency kit for my dogs but I need to add to it 🙂 I love that this bag has a first aid kit included! I would also include wipes, medicines, vet records and pictures of my pets.

  • This is neat. I think it’s great for everyone to have this. I would pack lots of food and water for my dog.

  • I love this concept. I would add his antihistamines, favorite treats and his favorite toy. 🙂 Thank you.

  • I LOVE this!! Such a great idea to have a place for everything, in a dog pack. A definitely must have for us, considering that we spend all of our free time hiking or otherwise occupied in the backcountry with our dogs.

  • I haven’t prepared anything for them, I hadn’t thought of it. My dogs would want their baby cover.

  • I have no prepare my dogs because i have no money to do so 🙁 But i would love to, because their health is very important to me. I want to keep them safe on our hikes.

  • I have 4 dogs and this would come in handy (Yay I can access your webpage again)

  • I have two dogs and they are part of my family. We live in a flood prone area and have had to evacuate twice in 10 years. I would love to win this so I can keep my dogs in good health in case of an emergency.

  • After careful observation I realized that the need to get prepared is quite literal; all that’s been in my supply items are water, food, Proof of Recent Vaccinations, medication, proof of ownership (including ID Tags) and Leashes and / or Pet Carriers! But I’ve found that if I had to select an item missing which I would love to own it would have to be that of a pet bed(s).

  • I think I would add duct tape. It is good for all sorts of things. Yes,our dog is as prepared a we are.

  • Our dog requires daily medication, so I have a week worth of meds and a leash ready to go in our hurricane box, but not much else for him. What a nice kit this is, it really made me think.

  • I always have food on hand just in case someone else gets hungry or we run into someone that needs food

  • I have a first aid kit, purification tablets for water, and there is always an extra bag of food.

    • Love the idea of purification tablets. I was considering getting one of those filtration water bottles as well.

  • I would add my dogs’ vet records. I keep a copy in my wallet because you never know in an emergency especially if you are out of town.

  • Vet/vaccine records, photos- laminated, in plastic bags, waterproof jump drive… anything to make them accessible and protected.