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Travelingpaws Pet Car Seat Cover Review

Written by Rachael Sando

When it comes to dog accessories, there is a lot of fluff on the market. While some of these items may be convenient or cool, they are not always necessary- especially as a new dog owner.

In our opinion, one of the key exceptions to this rule is picking up a quality dog car seat cover.

So, when Travelpaws recently asked us to take a look at their new seat cover we jumped at the chance. They were kind enough to send one for review and are also sponsoring a giveaway for our readers! Make sure to enter below!

Why you Need a Dog Car Seat Cover

Your vehicle is no doubt one of the largest assets you own. If you lease a car, the concern is even higher as any damage to your car can cost you big time at the end of your term. Wherever you fall on the car ownership continuum, a dog car seat cover will help to protect your seats from damage. While a quality car seat cover is a a bit of an investment it will likely pay for itself over time in saved car cleaning and repair bills.

Wondering what’s the big deal?

Anyone who has owned  a dog before knows that there are many potential hazards that your seat will come into contact with. Among the most common are grass, mud, hair, slobber, and even pee (though hopefully not!). The most destructive culprits are their sharp nails that can puncture/ tear the leather or fabric of the seats!

After taking a good look at the potential consequences of going without, spending some money on a seat cover that will last for years seems awfully reasonable!

MyDogLikes reviews the Travelingpaws Pet Car Seat Cover

Travelingpaws Pet Car Seat Cover Review

The Travelingpaws seat cover retails for 129.99 but is currently on sale at a huge discount!

It is what’s known as a hammock style seat cover, because it attaches to the front and rear headrests. We highly recommend these style covers because they create a barrier that will prevent your dog from falling into the leg area.

It is designed to fit any standard bench seat and comes in a black color.

So without further ado, let’s take an in depth look at the Travelingpaws seat cover…

Breaking Down the Features

Adjustable straps and buckles make this seat cover a breeze to install.

Heavy Duty, Waterproof Material – Constructed of a quilted, polyester with quality stitched velcro and seams.

Adjustable Straps – Allow for infinite adjustments and the perfect fit in any standard size vehicle.

A non-slip backing and built in pockets are just some of the great Travelingpaws seat cover features

Non-slip Backing – Helps to ensure that the cover remains in place despite the sometimes erratic movement of your dog! This backing is also high temperature rated to ensure that it does not melt/ stick to your seat and cause damage!

Seat Anchors – Keeps the cover pressed firmly against the seat back and bottom.

Seat Belt Openings – This seat cover still allows complete access to seat belts and buckles. This means you do not have to remove the cover to transport passengers or even secure a car seat.

Built in Seatback Pockets – Large pockets on the back of the driver and passenger seats for convenient and accessible storage.

Fold-out side flaps help to protect the edge of your seat and paint on your vehicle.

Side Flaps – Fold out flaps on either side of the seat cover help to protect the side of the seat. This is important as your dog will likely not always jump all the way onto the seat and instead use their back paws to push off the edge. These flaps may also help to protect the trim around the door from nail scratches and dings.

Travelingpaws has even thrown in 2 Collapsible Bowls with each seat cover!

BONUS: 2 Collapsable Bowls – If you have ever traveled with dogs you know that space is always at a premium. For this reason, Travelingpaws has included 2 collapsible silicone bowls with each seat cover! Since they fit right into the seatback pocket, this makes for a wonderful addition. Never again will you be caught without a vessel for your dogs to grab a drink from!

Lifetime Manufacturer Guarantee – Travelingpaws is so sure that you will love their cover that they offer a no-hassle, money back guarantee. Simply send it back and you will be issued a full refund!

Installing the Travelingpaws Car Seat Cover

It only took about 2 minutes to have the Travelingpaws seat cover installed and ready for action.

Unfolding our brand new rear seat cover

Just follow the simple steps below:

  • Slide the seat cover out of the plastic bag and unfold
  • Make sure to orient the cover so that the rubber side lays against the seat. This rubberized backing will help the cover to remain in place while your dog is moving around on it. Also, make sure that the pockets are on the side nearest the front of the car. This will place them in back of the driver and passenger seat for easy access.
  • Next, if possible, slide the white tubes between the bottom and back seat cushions. These are the anchors and help to keep the cover firmly in place.
  • Secure the adjustable straps around the rear seat headrests and tighten in place.
  • Now, attach the straps on the opposite side around the headrests of the driver and passenger seat. Tighten to secure.
  • If you would like to use the seatbelts, simply open the velcro slots in the cover for easy access.

Subaru Impreza Seat Cover by Travelingpaws

Appearance and Performance

When fully installed, we thought the Travelingpaws looked great along with the black interior. The quilted fabric gives an appearance of luxury and in no way takes away from the aesthetics of the interior.

Harley and Charlie are ready to take a ride in style and comfort!

When it was time to head out on a test ride, Harley and Charlie jumped right in without hesitation. They seemed completely comfortable walking around on the cover and it did not show signs of movement due to their actions.

Finally, even though we had simply been out for a stroll on the park, look how much hair and debris was prevented from making its way onto our backseat! Imagine if we had been out in the rain or snow!

A look at the dog mess that was prevented from just a quick jump in the car!


If a car seat cover is going to be protecting your car from dirt, it will be taking the abuse instead. For this reason, “cleanability” is a very important factor in a well made cover.

We found that this cover was very easy to clean with either a wet cloth or our favorite Be Furever Furless Brush!

Travelingpaws Pet Car Seat Cover Review from MyDogLikes. Visit our site to see how it stacks up against the competition!

Why MyDogLikes Travelingpaws Pet Car Seat Cover

After using a car seat cover for the last year, we can’t imagine how we ever went without. This is one accessory that is absolutely worth the cost! The Travelingpaws car seat cover is an excellent option at an affordable price. Not only does it do a great job protecting our seats, but it looks great as well.  We would highly recommend this seat cover for anyone with pets or small children!

Want to pick up your own Travelingpaws seat cover?

Click here to buy from Amazon!

About the author

Rachael Sando

Rachael is a School Psychologist with degrees from the University of Rochester and RIT. Though a lifelong dog lover, this passion has taken on a new direction through the utilization of therapy animals in her day job. Charlie, our Golden Retriever, works with Rachael as a school therapy dog in a local primary school where he brings comfort and support to students and staff on a daily basis.


  • I like the attention to detail, like the side flaps and the velcro openings for the seat belts.

  • Looks similar to the one we have from another company. We really want one that has the side flaps much longer, but haven’t found one yet. Bailie rides in the back seat and when she gets in many times her paws get on the door frame and below that flap on the bottom part of the seat. Maybe one day such a cover will exist.

  • I like the pockets that are in it. That way I would never lose their stuff. I could really use this, I have 3 dogs that tear up my back seat.

  • I really like the non slip backing and that it comes with 2 collapsible dog dishes. Very nice.

  • Am I allowed to claim the whole thing as my favorite part? Lol. I LOVE the fact that it stops all that pet hair from covering everything. My family is disinclined to even ALLOW pets in vehicles at all because of the hair issue (I myself could care less), but this could be the solution to all arguments on that front!

  • My boyfriend would really appreciate one of these, I have a dog seat cover but it’s small and fits my car well but his car is brand new and this would be perfect so he could take out dog hiking whenever comfortably 🙂

  • A practical approach to keeping a big ticket item like a car clean and in good shape. The priceless puppies can rest without worrying about getting rain caked mud on the interior of the car.

  • I Like t hooks to the back seat and hooks to the front seat so the dogs doesn’t get down on the floor. Having pockets is s awesome!

  • The protection against both my pet sliding in the backseat, and the prevention of having pet dander sticking to the seats prove to be a great peace of mind. While driving, I cannot direct my attention towards my dog in the backseat, and this cover would make me feel much more comfortable bringing them and happier after the fact because I do not have to clean up!

  • I like how the velcro seatbelt access ports are constructed. The seat covers we’ve gotten for our girls (Goldens, like your handsome boys) have always fallen apart there first.

  • My favorite feature of the Travelingpaws Pet Car Seat Cover is the heavy duty, waterproof quilted polyester.

  • I especially like that it is waterproof since my doggies like going to the creek to swim

  • I like the way it is designed to keep the dog from slipping into the front seat through the console.

  • My favorite feature of this pet car seat cover is that it is waterproof. We take our dog to the lake all the time and he always gets our car soaking!

  • I love that it’s waterproof and easy to clean. I also love the rubber backing so it stays in place.

  • i like that it is waterproof. i like that it has 2 pockets on each side where it connects to the front driver seats. i also like that it has sides to protect the sides of the car seats.

  • My favorite feature is the non slip backing and anchors to keep your pet from sliding around while you drive you can rest assured your pet is safe.

  • That the seat belts are accessible for hooking in my dogs safety harness system.

  • I like that it’s made from 600D polyester, quilted, and has high quality stitched velcro and seams.

  • I like that the seat is protected from accidents with a durable waterproof material.

  • The thing that I like best about the car seat cover is that it will protect the leather seats in my husband truck. Up till now the dogs aren’t allowed on leather seats. I just wish I could use it in my car that the dogs travel in all the time now. My car is a subcompact 2 door and If I tried to use it I don’t know how to get the dogs in the back, especially my 108lb dog.

  • I love the feature of the durable waterproof material. With a non slip backing and anchors to keep your pet from sliding around while you drive you can rest assured your pet is safe. Also that the car seat covers for dogs are made from 600D polyester, quilted, and has high quality stitched Velcro and seams. Just amazing because our dog is big and loves to go for a car ride. This would help so much of won! Thank you for a great giveaway 🙂

  • My favorite feature is that my Minnee won’t risk falling into the leg area of the car!

  • I love that this cover is a high quality, waterproof material. We have a large dog and need the durability.

  • My favorite features are the non-slip backing and that it’s waterproof and easy to clean. I sure could use this….my dog gets super muddy and wet.

  • I like that it can be “easily cleaned with lint rollers, vacuum or wet cloth and then hung dry.”

  • The non slip backing and ability to withstand higher temps-being in Texas, that’s a must.

  • My favorite feature is that with it’s 600d heavy duty polyester it is easily cleaned with lint rollers, vacuum or wet cloth and then hung dry.

  • I love the seatbelt holes! We almost always have someone riding in the backseat, so that would be super useful for us!

  • I like the high temperature rated non slip backing. I live in a high heat area and this feature is important to me.

  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that it’s waterproof and easy to clean, has a nonslip backing and that it has pockets and velcro seat belt slots! With three dogs, there is no such thing as a “clean car” but this would certainly go a long way towards a “cleaner car” 😉

  • I like the pockets to store things in and the side parts that cover the door from doggy toenails. The travel bowls are great too!!

  • I really like that these covers are waterproof. Between my three rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds and the dogs I have in my vehicle when I drive rescue transports, I’ve had dogs drool, vomit, pee, poop, and I don’t even want to think what else they might have left behind. Most of the time I do crate the rescue dogs during transport, but my own dogs are tethered (especially since I no longer have my Caravan and just don’t have room for their XL crates like I used to).

  • I like that it stayed in place as it should after your two dogs went for a ride. I also like the place for the dishes, because mine always seem to get lost under the seat.

  • I really like that it has a non slip backing. I don’t want it sliding all over the backseat and my Corgis possibly hurting their spine as they try to move around.

  • My fav feature of the pet car seat cover is that it has a quilted look/design and that it is waterproof.

    • The quilted appearance is great – makes it seem more luxurious like it was meant to be there all along.

  • Great Article as always, Thank You all for all you do to make this site a possibility!! <3

  • My favorite feature is that it is waterproof that will help out on those trips to the vet.

  • My favorite feature is the slits in the cover to allow the seat belt to still be used when the dogs are in the car or not. I don’t have to take it down.

  • I love how easy it seems to install and also how it has slits for the seat belts!

  • I like that it keeps the hair off the seats, I feel like I’m constantly getting hair off my car seats.

    • We know how you feel! It is impossible for our Golden boys not to leave any hair behind!

  • I love that it has side flaps to help keep the sides of the seats clean too and how it has pockets to put stuff in and the two bowls. They thought of everything!

  • I like that it covers the whole back seat and will protect my light colored cloth interior from muddy prints and dog hair.

  • This is perfect! I have always wanted one of these to ride around with my BFF (Best Furry Friend), Bella! Pleeeeez! 🙂

  • This sure beats the heck out of the old sheet I’ve been using! I love that the cover has adjustable straps that keep it in place.

  • I like that it not only covers the seat but also the backs of the front seats

  • I love that included in their back seat covers for dogs are 2 collapsible dog dishes for your pet that you can store in the 2 pockets of the seat cover.

  • I love that it will keep my dogs from falling on the floor. In their eagerness to get as close to us as possible, they inevitably fall on the floor. It doesn’t seem to bother them, but it bothers me! (and it’s distracting.)

  • The non-slip feature and the seat belt holes. I always have kids riding in the back seat, and this cover wouldn’t impede the dog and the kids from riding together.

  • That it catches a of my furbabies mess. One gets car sick & this is perfect for that.

  • I think I like that it’s easy to clean with either a wet cloth.

  • I like the pockets that are in it. That way I would never lose their stuff.

  • My favorite feature is that it’s waterproof so you don’t have to worry about that!

  • I like that it is waterproof,and that it has the pockets in for
    their water dishes.

  • Why is this product no longer available. Is there another hammock that you feel is as good and comparable?