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Stocking Stuffer Shenanigans with #BLUESantaSnacks

Written by Kevin Sando

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You may remember that a few weeks ago, Charlie and Harley headed to PetSmart to get a jump start on their holiday shopping.

Holiday Shopping at PetSmart

They scoured the shelves, searching for the perfect healthy dog treats to share with all of their friends. Racked with indecision, the answer suddenly became clear. Like a beacon in the night sky, the display of Blue BuffaloTM Santa Snack’s rang out with holiday cheer!

Charlie in front of the BLUE Buffalo display at PetSmart

While the holiday’s are known for a little bit of indulgence, Charlie wanted to make sure that the snacks he chose for his best fur-riends were still healthy, tasty, and of course in the holiday spirit.

He read the ingredient label and found out that Blue Santa Snacks are free of wheat, corn and soy! They contain only natural ingredients, and are packed with holiday flavors like oatmeal, pumpkin and cinnamon!

Blue Buffalo Santa Stew - a tasty holiday meal for your dog

He also found the perfect thing for his picky pal, Mia! BLUE Santa Stew – a holiday feast loaded with turkey, green beans, sweet potatoes and cranberries!

Well, that was all he needed to see – With Harley’s help they loaded up their basket and were ready to go!

A shopping cart full of BLUE Santa snacks from PetSmart

Deck the Halls!

With his shopping in the bag (literally), Charlie’s impatience for the holidays has grown. Itching to show some holiday spirit around the house, he begged and finally convinced me to string the outside lights last weekend – although he didn’t think watching from the window was very fun (he is still not allowed on a ladder).

Christmas dog Charlie spreading Holiday Cheer!

Needless to say, Charlie was over the moon when I brought out the boxes of indoor Christmas decorations this past weekend. He watched intently as we pulled out pine garland, wreaths, colorful lights, stockings, and even jingling bells. What else could possibly come out of this magical box?!

Since he was so eager to help, we tasked Charlie with stringing the lights around the fireplace mantel. Perhaps this was a bit misguided; it was only a matter of moments before this wiggle butt found himself in quite the tangled mess!

Charlie tangled up in Christmas lights Our Golden Retriever Charlie tangled up in Christmas lights

Questioning our judgement, we decided to let the Charlie help hang the stockings instead. This activity went significantly better!

Charlie hanging the stockings!

No One Likes an Empty Stocking

Now that the house is decorated, Charlie is once again having a trouble containing his excitement for the big day. At 2 years old, he is still learning how to read the calendar and every morning he rushes out to see if the stockings have been filled by Santa Paws. After explaining that we still have a few weeks to go, Charlie was dejected and couldn’t believe that he would have to stare at unfilled stockings for so long!

As a compromise, we told Charlie that he could put one of his presents for Harley into his stocking. Hey! – I don’t remember giving the direction to sample one before Christmas! 

just a little snack

A BLUE Santa Snacks Christmas for All!

You give an inch and they take a mile!

Blue Buffalo Santa Snacks make perfect Stocking Stuffers for Dogs

It seems that sweet Charlie took our direction to the extreme! He loaded up everyone’s stocking with bags of Blue Buffalo Santa Snacks and cans of Santa Stew Holiday Feast!

Including mine and Rachael’s!

Waiting patiently for some BLUE Santa Snacks

Well, we can’t really blame him. Charlie said that these Blue Santa Snacks made perfect stocking stuffers for dogs and WE AGREE! 

PicMonkey CollageBetween the adorable holiday shapes, festive flavors, and healthy/yummy ingredients, its no wonder that Charlie was so eager to give these gifts to all!  Although we may donate our “gifts” back to the boys! 🙂

BLUE Buffalo Logo

Want to surprise your pup with these seasonally inspired treats and allow them to partake in the festivities of the season? Blue Santa Snacks are available at your local PetSmart! Want to learn more about Blue Buffalo? Follow them on Facebook!

How do you include your pets in your holiday traditions?

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