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The Flavors of Fall: Plato EOS Dog Treats Review

Charlie posing with the line of Plato EOS Treats
Written by Kevin Sando

The three festive flavors of Plato EOS Dog Treats - Turkey with Pumpkin, Cranberry or Sweet Potato

Who doesn’t love the flavors of fall?

Pumpkins, apples, cranberries, sweet potatoes, turkey and more…

As the weather gets colder, these scents begin to fill the house, and we remember the happy festive season that is just around the corner. 

Charlie playing with a plush turkey

If you are reading this blog I am sure that like us,you consider your dogs to be a part of the family.  You want to include them in any festivities and celebrations and will go out of your way to do so.  And what is the best part of any gathering or celebration?  The food!!

Turkey Decoration

Although it is very tempting, we know that it is not a great idea to share table scraps with our furry friends.  Aside from being unhealthy, these foods can often cause digestive upset.  This is why we were so excited to hear about Plato Pet Treats new EOS line.  These treats are full of the flavors of the season but specially formulated to be healthy and palatable for our best friends.  What a great way to appease those sad puppy faces while everyone else is chowing down!

Plato EOS Cranberry Logo

Plato has long been one of our favorite brands, and they were kind enough to send us samples of the EOS line for the boys to try!  (Make sure to keep reading to win some for your pups too!)


So what are the Plato EOS Dog Treats all about?

Plato has combined the flavors of fall into a healthy and tasty line of dog treats.  These treats are slow roasted, and specially formulated to be highly digestible.  EOS treats come in 3 flavors:  Turkey with CranberryTurkey with Pumpkin, and Turkey with Sweet Potato

Plato dog treats

Let’s take a quick look at their ingredient labels…

The first thing you will notice is that Turkey is the #1 ingredient for all flavors.  It is also important to note that Plato uses turkey that is raised in the U.S.A!  The second ingredient is cranberry, pumpkin or sweet potato. THAT IS IT!

Perfect!  Exactly as advertised!

A close up of the Plato EOS Treats

A quick examination of these treats and their quality of ingredients and manufacturing is obvious. While these are considered “crunchy” treats they are meaty and fibrous and as a result bend a little before snapping completely. They can be served as a whole piece or easily broken up into smaller “training treats”. Obvious throughout the treats are their secondary ingredients, orange sweet potato and pumpkin, tangy chunks of cranberries sprinkled throughout….and the smells, oh the yummy, thanksgiving feast smells that emanate from them!

Plato EOS comes in 3 different varieties: Turkey with cranberry, pumpkin, and sweet potato

And last but not least, these treats are grain free.  You won’t find any wheat, corn, soy or derivative byproducts.  Our boys are on a grain free food, so we loved this aspect right away.  Plato EOS treats are also free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives!

Plato EOS Turkey and Cranberry

Enough talk, time to eat!

Harley and Charlie are sophisticated pups and insisted on a full Thanksgiving style spread for their official tasting.

Charlie posing with the line of Plato EOS Treats

The golden boys posing in hopes for some extra treats! Here they are waiting to try Plato EOS turkey with cranberry!

Mom, our food is getting cold. Stop taking pictures, its not even the holidays yet!

Harley can't help but lick his chops at the scent of Plato EOS dog treats

Charlie wondering why his plate is still empty with so many delicious Plato EOS treats on the table!

Our plates are still empty!

Harley and Charlie waiting patiently to try Plato's EOS dog treats

Seriously, one treat Mom?!!  We saw the platter! 

Plato EOS dog treats are free from wheat, corn, soy or any artificial preservatives

You haven’t fooled us, this is still one treat, broken up into pieces!

Harley giving the Plato EOS treats a smell test!

Smell test….

The Hunger Games: Let the Frenzy Begin!

Harley and Charlie’s manners and desire for a sophisticated meal went right out the window when they caught a sniff of these treats.

Charlie having trouble resisting the pile of Plato EOS dog treats!

Charlie is still learning that it is good etiquette to wait for everyone’s food to be served before eating!

Charlie about to try Plato EOS turkey with cranberry dog treats

Charlie trying to sneak a sample of Plato's EOS dog treats!

Charlie caught in the act of stealing some Plato EOS dog treats!No one will even notice if I sneak one…or two! 

You know that crazy, “gotta have it and will do anything for it” look your dogs get when they get meat? Well, they got it with the EOS treats…You know what they say, the nose knows!

The boys can't wait any longer to try their new Plato EOS dog treats!

Clearly, the party was over, and the “food” ravaged. It was time to take this taste test outside!

Harley and Charlie waiting for a taste of their Plato EOS dog treats

Our Goldens Harley and Charlie taste testing Plato's EOS dog treats

So what did they think?

Well, I think that their behavior during our photo shoot says it all!  They absolutely did NOT want to cooperate and wait patiently like we are used to! In fact, this was one of the most difficult photoshoots we have ever done! A real testament to how tasty and rewarding these treats really are 🙂  Harley and Charlie loved the Plato EOS dog treats and we loved giving them to them!

Charlie demonstrating his skills with the treats on paws trick!

What we continue to love about Plato treats including their newest addition, the EOS line, is the quality of the ingredients. What you will find in these treats (Turkey & Vegetables-That is IT friends) is just as important as the things you won’t find: NO GMO’s, NO SOY, NO CORN, NO MEAT By-PRODUCTS/MEALS…the list goes on. We care about what we eat so it only makes sense to insist on the best for our boys!

Charlie with his eyes on the prize - a Plato EOS dog treat

These treats are a fantastic way of letting your dogs join in on some of the seasonal festivities.  We LOVED the ingredients and the boys LOVED the taste. We highly recommend the Plato EOS Dog Treats to all of our readers!

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