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OzPure Dog Treats and Chews – Delicious from Downunder!

Written by Kevin Sando

There seems to be very little that the boys won’t eat or aren’t interested in eating. If we are eating something, our little “protectors” are right there to ensure that whatever we put in our mouth is safe. Ice cream – You’ve got their interest; Lasagna – you betcha. The more aromatic and tastier, the better!

Unfortunately, not every food that you eat (or they eat) is good for them. Life is all about moderation and sometimes you just gotta have a little fun with the treats that you eat! With a little work, it is possible, to find treats and goodies that taste good, are fun, but are a healthier choice than the junk you might otherwise be tempted by.

A Savory Surprise

Imagine how excited Harley and Charlie were when they found out that 26 Bars and a Band sent us something that fit the fun and healthy ticket: a sampling from their new to the United States, OzPure Dog Treat Line. When they opened up the box of Puppy Love Milk Chews and Farmyard Friends treats, they were really mooo-ved!

26 Bars and a Band Logo

Who is 26 Bars & a Band?

Best known for changing the face of retractable leashes, 26 Bars & a Band has been featured in magazines all over the world for their trendy Avante GardeTM series of designer leashes. Started by husband and wife team, Mike and Sandi, the couple dreamed of creating products that inspired them and were also functional. With a love of animals and good design, they grew from their garage in 2004 to the successful international company you see today! 26 Bars now has product lines that include innovative leashes, harnesses, and even healthy treats for dogs!! Together, Mike and Sandi have set out to show that dog owners don’t have to settle for ordinary!

Let’s take a closer look at the new line of OzPure Dog Treats!

Farmyard Friends Dog Treat Review

Farmyard Friends Dog Treats

These bite sized treats are cut into adorable farmyard animal shapes that both you and your dog will love. They are not soft but not crunchy either – the sort of consistency that your dog will really enjoy sinking his teeth into.

fun shapes

Farmyard Friends treats are made primarily of ground rice, vegetable glycerin and liver. They are also infused with whole, natural flax seeds. This makes them a great source of Omega-3, which has many health benefits for dogs including:

  • Aiding in digestion
  • Contributing to a healthy skin and coat
  • Maintaining healthy muscles and joints

OzPure dog treats from 26 Bars and a Band

No, Maxwell! These aren’t for you!

Farmyard Friends come in the following tempting flavors: Roast Beef, BBQ Chicken, Smoked Bacon, & Roast Lamb. Our boys were lucky enough to sneak a few samples of the Roast Beef and BBQ Chicken varieties!

Farmyard Friends treats from OzPure come in several fun shapes and flavors!

Taste Test – Farmyard Friends

Charlie and Harley love watching their Farmyard Friends at Lollypop Farm, but they know that these friends are not for eating. These OzPure treats on the other hand make for the perfect snack! They have a fairly strong liver scent that the boys went crazy for. In fact, I can’t remember a treat that had Harley begging this much for after trying!

About to taste test a Farmyard Friends dog treat

The consistency of the treats was unique; you couldn’t really break them in half or into smaller chunks but they weren’t completely hard either. We really liked that the boys actually chewed these treats a few times before swallowing them. Since we are sparing with treats, it helped us feel like their treats were going the extra mile!

Puppy Love Milky Chew Sticks

Puppy Love Milk Chews

Puppy Love treats are described as “milky chew sticks.” Primarily consisting of ground rice and vegetable starch (potato and tapioca), these treats are also whey protein infused and designed to be gentle on puppy tummies and developing teeth. They are pressed into sticks roughly 5” long and 1” wide. Puppy Love treats are made in Australia and only use all-natural colors and flavors.

Dog Dental Chews - Puppy Love Milk Chews from 26 Bars and a Band

Dog dental health is an important but often overlooked aspect of pet ownership. While routine brushing is ideal, some dogs put up with the toothbrush better than others. What many pet parents may not realize is that dog dental chews can do a great job keeping teeth clean between brushings.

These Puppy Love Milk Chews are no exception. They are hard to the touch but soft enough for your dog to break up. By retaining their shape and stiffness as they break apart they work to clean your dog’s teeth and remove leftover plaque or tartar.

MyDogLikes reviews OzPure's dental chews for dogs.

Best of all (as far as your pet is concerned), they come in these tantalizing flavors:

  • Strawberry Milkshake
  • Vanilla Milkshake
  • Milk & Honey

Harley and Charlie reviewing some new dental sticks for dogs

Taste Test – For the Young and Young at Heart

Harley and Charlie want to make it very clear: you don’t have to be a puppy to love puppy milk chews (but they will last longer). Designed for young teeth, Harley’s masterful chewing skills quickly crushed these chews in a few chomps, but that doesn’t mean that he enjoyed it any less!

Half eaten Puppy Love dog chew

Charlie took about 5 minutes to finish. I think that a small dog or a puppy could chew these much slower and get even more enjoyment out of them. The ingredients, while not offering any serious nutritional value, are good, especially when compared to many of the other dental chews on the market which have unrecognizable, laboratory created ingredients. SCARY!

Dog Chewing and making a mess!

These chews are large and contain approximately 300 calories per stick. Be sure to keep track of the calories, use sparingly, and plan any other treats, meals, or exercise around them to ensure that your pup does not gain weight. As we’ve said before, moderation is key!

Our Golden Retriever Charlie enjoying a dog dental chew

Why MyDogLikes: OzPure Dog Treats and Chews

All dog owners love to reward their pals with a special treat. OzPure takes the fun to a new level with the unique shapes and flavors of the Farmyard Friends and Puppy Love Milk Chews. Often times when I am at the store and see a treat that is themed or shaped in a fun way, I wonder what all of that marketing is covering up. While these treats are fun, they also avoid the long list of unknown ingredients and soy based fillers  that plague a lot of similarly fun-shaped, novelty dog treats. While the ingredients are not nutritionally dense they also are not bad for dogs – they are quite simple actually!

Overall, these are a fun and safe dog treat that our boys really enjoyed! While we enjoy the fun shapes and novelty of these treats, the dogs could care less; they just like them because they are yummy! In our book that is a win-win!

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