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Look Who’s Happy: Natural Goodness, Happy Dogs

Golden Retrievers Harley and Charlie are excited to sample these All Natural Dog Treats from Look Who's Happy!
Written by Rachael Sando


How do you define the word and what does it make you think of?

Perhaps you draw on special memories, dreams of retirement, or the family and friends who fill your life. If you are reading this post, I would venture to guess that most of you can also think of a certain four legged friend (or two) lurking around your house who exemplify happiness.

Our beautiful Golden Retriever dogs smiling for the camera!

Dogs seem to have a limitless capacity for happiness; showing unconditional love, devotion, and friendship. In return, they ask for very little:  food, shelter, love, and affection. To me it has always seemed inequitable – dogs ask for so little while giving so much. Whenever I get off track or get lost chasing after something that doesn’t make me optimally happy, I look to my boys to remind me of the many simple joys in life like blowing leaves, lying in the grass, or sharing a meal with someone you love.Look Who's Happy dog treat logo

Today we are really excited to share more about a brand of dog treats that honors the pure happiness and joy of dogs with healthy, simple, and tasty snacks: Look Who’s Happy! 

It is easy to spot Look Who's Happy Dog Treats on the shelves with a beautiful dog smile on every package!

C’mon Get Happy

The first thing you will notice about Look Who’s Happy dog treats is that every bag features a dog with a gorgeous ear to ear smile. (Seems like the perfect gig for our Charlie doesn’t it!) This all fits right into their motto:

Put a smile in their life, because they put a smile in yours

Perhaps one of the greatest philosophies on dog ownership we have ever read! I have a smile just reading it!

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Look Who’s Happy

Look Who’s Happy is a division of Big Creek Foods, which was founded in 2013 by Jeff and Tommy Gay. After decades spent in the family business of supplying high quality ingredients to pet food manufacturers, they decided to venture out on their own. Why? Because they knew something that most pet parents do not…

Only a small percentage of dog treats sold are actually made by the companies that sell them.

Look Who’s Happy was founded on the belief that transparency is important. They believe that it’s not unreasonable to expect that passionate pet parents (like themselves) want to know where the products they feed their precious pets come from. For this reason, all dog treats from Look Who’s Happy are manufactured in their own facility in Gainsville, Georgia.

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Charlie can't wait to get a taste of these Look Who's Happy dog treats and decides to help himself!

What sets Look Who’s Happy Apart?

Source of Ingredients

With Look Who’s Happy dog treats you can be assured that all of the meat used in their treats is sourced in the United States, Canada or New Zealand. Their meats are USDA certified and naturally raised, and their poultry is cage free. Finally, their facilities and production are up to FDA standards (far superior to what is required for pet products) and each and every lot is independently tested for safety.

Our little cat burglar Maxwell stealing some dog treats during a photo shoot!

So good that Max wants a taste!

Nothin’ Extra

No matter the treat you select the quality of the product is constant. You won’t ever find any animal by-products, added hormones, artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. These grain-free, gluten free treats contain minimal ingredients – nothing extra. Look Who’s Happy relies on high quality, real foods to create treats that your dog will go crazy for. Simply put, when you use high quality ingredients, you don’t have to fuss with artificial additives – dogs love meat and vegetables!

Sounds good to us!

Look Who’s Happy was kind enough to send over a variety of their treats for an official MyDogLikes review. We were excited to see if these treats would bring smiles to our boys’ golden faces!

The Full Line

Look Who’s Happy has something for every dog’s appetite: Fetch’n Fillets, Happy Wraps, and Tempt’n Tenders. Though they couldn’t be more different in style all varieties set the same high standard for quality and simplicity of ingredients and carry a satisfaction guarantee!  

Fetch’n Fillets

Looking for Beef Jerky for Dogs? Check out Fetch'n Fillets from Look Who's Happy!These all natural jerky treats are slow cooked for extra taste and made with whole muscle meat . They come in several different varieties: Beef, Bison, Chicken and Venison. Harley and Charlie tasted the beef and chicken variety (which were a big hit). Wondering what’s in them? The ingredients are simple:  cane molasses, whole muscle meat, & citric acid (natural preservative). Nothing but the good stuff!

Charlie happy to provide his taste testing services for another dog treat review!

Like a typical jerky treat, these fillets are crispy, crunchy and involve some chewing. They can be easily broken into smaller pieces which is great for dogs who are watching their weight. Though the dogs go nuts as the aroma from the jerky wafts through the air, it is best suited for a snack rather than a training treat since it requires more time to chew than softer varieties. 

Happy Wraps

Happy wraps are unique dog treats consisting of sweet potato or carrot wrapped with chicken or turkey.Happy Wraps are a unique treat with two distinct flavors in each bite. The base of these treats consists of dehydrated sweet potato or carrot. A wrap of cage-free chicken or turkey surrounds the dehydrated vegetable, rounding out the flavor and texture profile, giving dogs a tasty and complex treat! Wondering what combination might be best for your pup? Make your pup extra happy and try all 4 varieties which combine carrot, sweet potato, turkey, and chicken.

Charlie practicing his Leave It Command with a tempting Look Who's Happy dog treat!

Tempt’n Tenders

These chicken dog treats from Look Who's Happy are encrusted with carrot or pumpkin.These tasty chicken treats are made even more enticing with a crust of fruits or vegetables. Although these treats do not come in a variety of protein sources (currently only chicken), pet parents do have the choice between a crust of blueberry, carrot, pumpkin or sweet potato to spice things up! Unlike the other treats that we’ve shared with you from Look Who’s Happy, Tempt’n Tenders are soft, pliable, and make an excellent training treat when they are broken into bite sized pieces. In case you are concerned with the lack of protein choices for this treat, we have found since feeding the boys a grain-free, raw diet, their poultry intolerance (itchy skin, vomiting, etc) seems to have dissipated.

Holding a treat on the nose is one of the most popular dog commands!

The Verdict

The boys loved each and every one of the treats they tried. While they are not nearly as picky as I am, I loved knowing these treats not only tasted great, but were good for them! The Fetch’n Fillets and Happy Wraps are great for giving a little extra treat to your pups (they can be broken up into smaller pieces for petite friends and weight conscious pals), while the Tempt’n Tenders are soft and aromatic making them an excellent training treat! Though the ingredients are simple, the treats are thoughtfully made and combine multiple everyday, wholesome ingredients to make an extraordinary treat. Did they make the boys smile? YOU BETCHA!

Harley and Charlie patiently waiting for a tasty dog treat!

Why MyDogLikes: Look Who’s Happy Dog Treats

It’s a little known fact that many dog treats on the market are not made by the company that sells them (we didn’t know this). We love that Look Who’s Happy treats are made in house and by an industry leader with a long history of ethically sourced meats. Furthermore, there are no junk or fillers in these treats – only whole ingredients combined in creative ways to make treats that excite the boys and are unique enough to fit our various treating needs. With the many scares coming from treats made in China, I love being able to offer USDA inspected jerky and whole muscle meat treats to the boys. Now, I can rest assured that they are safe and satisfied. Now THAT makes me smile!

Tell us below: Which treat would make your dog smile?

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About the author

Rachael Sando

Rachael is a School Psychologist with degrees from the University of Rochester and RIT. Though a lifelong dog lover, this passion has taken on a new direction through the utilization of therapy animals in her day job. Charlie, our Golden Retriever, works with Rachael as a school therapy dog in a local primary school where he brings comfort and support to students and staff on a daily basis.


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