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Wordless Wednesday: Dirty, Devious Dog

Written by Rachael

If you tuned in earlier this week, you saw that Harley and I got a bath outside. I didn’t really like the hose (I prefer warm water and a bathtub) but Mom insisted that we carry on outside like a bunch of animals. Mom got started with me. After she had stripped me of all of my glorious smells I was put out to pasture (the backyard) to dry while she did the same to Harley.

Washing dogs after swimming is very important to remove allergens and other potential contaminants that the water source may have left behind.

Bathing a dog outdoors with a hose is a very convenient and less messy option for large dog owners

Well, Mom’s momentary lapse in judgement led to a seriously proud (and dirty) pup! I am pleased to say that I restored all of my smells (and then some)!

Our Golden Retriever managed to return himself to a dirty dog just moments AFTER a bath!Our naughty Golden Retriever only moments after a bath!!!This post is part of the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop! Join in on the fun!

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