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Pouf, It’s Magic: Absorbine #WoofPouf Review

Someones excited for bath time at the PetSaver Superstore self wash station!
Written by Rachael Sando

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I love my pups. Every stinky, smelly, and oh so sweet part of them.

Even though they are oh so wonderful, from time to time they have just a little too much stink even for a Momma to love. Like today for example, when Charlie laid in a bed that another dog had peed in (unknown to me). He smelled a little ripe for picking and I knew he needed a bath, BADLY.

Charlie in the dog wash station at Petsaver Superstore in Rochester, NY

Since we are always looking for ways to make life a little easier I took Charlie to the self-wash on my way home from work. My typical practice is to have twice as many people as dogs, but I had a stinky pup and knew this was going to be a solo mission.

You know what stinks more than my pup, washing said pup, alone.

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My Top Bath Pet Peeves

  • so many wiggles, not enough hands
  • soap spilling everywhere
  • hard to reach spots and small delicate areas

Today, I had an ally.

Woof Pouf's come in 2 different varieties: deodorizing and flea and tick repellent

The  Absorbine® Woof PoufTM

The Absorbine Woof Pouf is a patented bath loofah designed to keep your dog fresh and clean with the convenience of an all in one product. Gone are the days of dropping the shampoo bottle while you wrestle with a wiggly puppy, this pouf has all the soap you need to get your pup “so fresh and so clean”contained within. How you ask? The Woof Pouf is made with unique soap beads that gradually dissolve, producing a rich and luxurious lather.

Absorbine Woof Pouf Logo

Baths are simplified and your ingredients for an easy bath are in hand, literally. All you need is a Woof Pouf and some and water! No more fumbling around with a slippery bottle of shampoo every 30 seconds!

The Woof Pouf comes in 2 varieties:

  • The ShowSheen® This pouf contains Ordenone® soap beads that work great on a wide variety of odors. Ordenone works by trapping and neutralizing the molecules that cause odors, and can even be used for skunk odor elimination! Last but not least, this soap is eco safe as well containing no sulfates or parabens.
  • The UltraShield® This pouf contains soap beads with a natural herbal extract that work to repel fleas and ticks without the use of harsh chemicals and pesticides!The Absorbine Woof Pouf is a bath loofah with soap beads built right in! This product makes dog baths a breeze!

Pouf Its Magic

While it’s not out of the ordinary for our playful pup to make a mess, I knew I needed an extra helper at the self-wash to ensure that Charlie smelled “sweet as can be” and not like pee! So, how did the Woof Pouf work for us?


Getting ready to try Absorbine's Bath Loofah for Dogs

Top 5 features of the ShowSheen Ordenone Woof Pouf:

1. Simplified and ALL-IN-ONE – One of the features I loved right off the bat was the ability to have just one product in the tub. With a little bit of water, the shampoo beads lathered up nicely and prevented me from fumbling with a wet, slippery bottle.

Absorbine's Woof Pouf is a bath sponge with soap beads built right in. An essential to add to your kit of dog grooming supplies!

Though the Woof Pouf could be convenient enough to take on vacation and then toss, the makers indicate it can be used as many as 15 times before it’s time to re-up and purchase a new one. Given that the poof looked EXACTLY the same after one use, I totally believe it!

The Woof Pouf claims to be good for up to 15 baths - here is what it looked like after bath number 1.

2. Soap-On a ROPE-Since there was only one of me, I loved being able to put the rope of the Woof Pouf around my wrist-giving me hands free access to my slippery escape artist (a.k.a-Charlie).

Getting ready to review the Woof Pouf!

I also liked that I could hook it around the faucet when I was rinsing or getting more water from the hose and not be forced to fumble around looking for it afterward.

We loved that the Woof Pouf has a built in handle. Convenient for staying on your wrist or hanging when needed.

3. Smells be GONE-Did it work? You betcha! Charlie didn’t smell like urine anymore! While this is a victory on its own, I loved that Charlie’s odors were neutralized rather that covered with heavy scents or perfumes. Charlie didn’t smell like anything in particular after his bath-just fresh, clean, and natural.

Washing Charlie with our brand new dog sponge from Absorbine.

4. Tough on Odors, Gentle on Sensitive Skin – Surely if it works well to neutralize odors, it must be hard on sensitive skin? Wrong! Charlie has been an itchy friend all summer, but his skin was cool and calm after use.

The Woof Pouf works great for tight spots and hard to reach areas.

5. Tough to Reach/Special Areas – Last,but certainly not least, my favorite feature was the ability to scrub in difficult to access areas like the underbelly, legs,and paws. What happens so often during our baths is that I pour shampoo into my hand and watch as half of it drips off before making it to these difficult to reach areas. Since the shampoo is right in the pouf, I was able to access all of these difficult areas with ease and without waste. It worked great on delicate areas like Charlie’s head and face as well. I was able to use it to manipulate these smaller and tighter spots with no soap getting in his eyes!

Charlie is one happy dog during his bath time!

Even the most tolerant of dogs can be difficult to control in the bathtub. How many times have you accidentally dropped or knocked over that open bottle of shampoo? We love that the Woof Pouf has soap build right in and lets us focus on the task at hand. 

Overall, we loved the Woof Pouf and would recommend it for people with dogs of all shapes and sizes. Not only was it really convenient and would be great for traveling, but it really works!

Interested in picking up a Woof Pouf of your own?

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About the author

Rachael Sando

Rachael is a School Psychologist with degrees from the University of Rochester and RIT. Though a lifelong dog lover, this passion has taken on a new direction through the utilization of therapy animals in her day job. Charlie, our Golden Retriever, works with Rachael as a school therapy dog in a local primary school where he brings comfort and support to students and staff on a daily basis.


  • My dog has been really good actually-no big smelly messes yet-but I know I’m jinxing myself writing this!

  • You poor boy! Stuck in the bath situation a lot lately! We didn’t like the smell of those poofs, but it seems most do like them. They would be real convenient.

  • 15 washes impresses me,I love the flea and tick pouf.The pouf would be great to take on vacations
    and I really like the fact that it is all natural ingredients.The flea and tick pouf is really a great
    idea rather than carrying something like Frontline.

  • This is what I learned….Cleans, conditions, and repels in one easy step! UltraShield® Green Woof Pouf™ contains soap beads infused with natural repellents proven effective against fleas and ticks, using gentle, yet effective herbal extracts. Our eco-friendly formula contains oils of thyme, cedar, lemongrass, rosemary, citronella, clove, and geraniol in a vegetable-based soap to leave your dog’s skin and coat clean and soft.
    No-mess, one-handed “wash & go” bath tool cleans and conditions, plus repels ticks and fleas
    Soap beads inside the pouf—just add water
    Rich lather lasts up to 15 washes
    Great “on-the-go” shampoo when traveling; no more need for slippery shampoo bottles!
    Sulfate and paraben free

  • My husband likes to take the scraps from filleting fish and bury it in the garden…..Macey likes to sneak in the garden, dig them up and roll around in them! She smells absolutely disgusting!!

  • So far the pup has avoided any significant messes… mostly because he likes to keep e between himself and anything that threatens his elegant appearance

  • I tried this and it is so convenient..much better than juggling a bottle of slippery doggie shampoo and a wet wiggly dog. The ONLY drawback I have is that after using it on my three dogs, the next morning I found my tub with 30+ SNAILS in it and the pouf still has some in it….UGH!!!! Perhaps someone was trying to pull a prank at the factory. I am still trying to get rid of snails.