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Blue Buffalo Dental Chews for Dogs Review

Charlie shopping at Petsmart for some Dental Chews! There were tons of options to choose from!
Kevin Sando
Written by Kevin Sando

Charlie, the million dollar smile man, knows how important it is to have clean, fresh, teeth. While dental care is important all year round, its especially on his mind during February which is Dog Dental Health Month.

Charlie, our Golden Retriever dog smiling!

Even a silly puppy like Charlie knows that good dental hygiene can help to combat periodontal disease, a serious but preventable problem, that occurs in about 80% of aging pups!

Our Golden Retriever dog brushing teeth!

Charlie knows that regular brushing goes a long way in keeping his teeth healthy.

Brushing dogs teeth is an important part of dog dental health. It can help prevent periodontal disease - a common problem in aging pets!

He can’t help but notice that he doesn’t brush as often as Mom and Dad and worries that his 24k smile might become tarnished. What’s a dog to do?

Charlie is unsure what to do with his prop Dog Toothbrush! "How am I supposed to fit this thing in my mouth!"

Lucky for Charlie, Harley knows just what to do. While regular veterinary care and brushing is important, he knows that there are things he can do BETWEEN brushings to keep his breath fresh and his teeth clean… Dental Chews!!

Heading into Petsmart to check out the great deals and selection for Dog Dental Health Month

Off to the pet store!

Charlie shopping at Petsmart for some Dental Chews! There were tons of options to choose from!

Introducing Blue Buffalo Dental Chews for Dogs

With so many choices, it can be hard to pick the perfect one. One of MyDogLikes’ personal favorites is Blue Buffalo Dental Bones, the only dental chew that also has ingredients used to support joint, heart, and immune system health!

Blue Bones natural dental chews help to clean dogs teeth and freshen breath

You will never find any meat by-products, corn, wheat, or soy in BLUE Bones Dental chews. Only the finest natural ingredients come together to form these highly digestible (and yummy) bones.

MyDogLikes reviews BLUE Bones dog dental chews. Pictured is a sampling of the available BLUE Dog Treats

BLUE Bones come in 4 different sizes (mini, small, regular, and large) and also Puppy and Wilderness grain free varieties. We chose the large which is for dogs 50lb and up! The boys are strong chewers, small bones just won’t cut it!

Checking out at our local Petsmart store! The boys love shopping at Petsmart where they get plenty of love and attention!

Off to the register, man are these people nice!

Blue Buffalo Dental Bones Review

You might think that dental chews such as BLUE Bones, which are designed to clean and freshen breath, might be minty or medicinal, but you’d be mistaken! These chews are no joke and smell delicious and smokey!

Reviewing Blue Buffalo Dental Chews to help spread the word about Dog Dental Health Month

Harley BLUE Bones

In fact they were so tasty the boys wanted another,  but Mom reminded them that one-a-day is plenty to keep the dog dentist away.

Dental Chews for Dogs do a great job in cleaning teeth and freshening breath in between brushings!

Why MyDogLikes Blue Buffalo Dental Chews

Recently, we got a scare with Harley. At his latest vet check up, he had a chipped tooth and a mass growing in his mouth. We routinely check his mouth and body for lumps and bumps and were shocked by this discovery. He has a procedure scheduled to remove the mass and clean his teeth. He will be OK. For now, we are supposed to watch the chipped tooth to make sure that it doesn’t get infected. Our best chance at keeping his mouth healthy is to continue with good oral hygiene.

Using a giant toothbrush in our Dog Dental Health Month photoshoot! Visit MyDogLikes for lots of dog products reviews and funny dog pics!

This means a combination of regular brushing, and dental chews such as Blue Bones from Blue Buffalo.

Charlie loves BLUE bones - Dog Dental Chews!

Now that’s something to smile about!

Want to try out Blue Buffalo Dental Chews for Yourself?

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