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5 Ways to Help a Shelter with #TractorSupply

Shopping at Tractor Supply with Dogs
Written by Rachael Sando

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I often look around at my beautiful fur-family and feel completely overwhelmed with love. The joy that Harley, Charlie, Lucas, and Maxwell, bring to my life, is immeasurable. Likewise, the gratitude that I feel toward the people and organizations who helped to bring them into my life is profound.

Harley and Charlie love shopping at Tractor Supply's dog friendly stores

I have never met someone working at a shelter or with a rescue who didn’t feel incredibly passionate about the work that they do. Despite the nobility in their work, at times the pet overpopulation problem feels insurmountable. Knowing that there are so many animals waiting for homes can be disheartening. Unless  individuals pull together as a community, there is little that can be done to improve the life of our most vulnerable members of society.

Shopping with the dogs at our local Tractor Supply storeWhat would you say if I told you that the Tractor Supply Company®, known primarily for its high quality agriculture items, was right there in your community, working with you to support the rescues and shelters that you love?

About Tractor Supply – Not Just for Farmers!

More than just a farm and feed store, Tractor Supply carries all of the items that you need for your dog or cat. Among the products they stock are comfy beds, awesome accessories, health care items like flea preventatives, and all of the toys, treats, and food your pup could need! If you think that Tractor Supply is only for farm dogs, think again!

Charlie browsing the dog treat aisle at Tractor Supply

Tractor Supply carries many of the premium brands that you recognize and maybe a few that you do not, but totally should, including DogForDog® and 4Health®. DogForDog is an amazing company that makes all natural, made in the USA treats and DOGSBUTTER (think peanut butter for dogs!). They make healthy food and treats, but that’s not all! For EVERY bag you buy, a bag is DONATED to a dog in need; providing them with wholesome nutrition while they await their forever home! Now that is a partnership I can get behind!Tractor Supply routinely gives back to local pet shelters across the country

Picking out some goodies to donate to Lollypop Farm in Rochester, NY

Tractor Supply is also the exclusive seller of 4Health, an affordable, premium-quality line of dog and cat food and treats that are made in the USA. Wondering if your picky eater or allergy sensitive pup could enjoy 4Health, chances are good that you will find a formula that works and grain-free varieties are available!

How Tractor Supply Gives Back

Another thing you may not have known about Tractor Supply is that the company is involved in charitable efforts nationwide and right in your own backyard. At a national level, Tractor Supply runs an annual social media contest that donates a total of $25,000 to 10 deserving organizations. They also provide low-cost, walk-in vaccination clinics through their partnership with PetVet Clinics!

Shopping at Tractor Supply in Macedon, NY

Locally, Tractor Supply plays host to adoption events and fundraisers for area shelters. You know how I know this? I represented my local shelter at a Tractor Supply in Geneseo, NY during their Pet Appreciation Week celebration where I was able to show off some adoptable animals and talk about community resources for pets in need. At the end of the day I was presented with a HUGE box of bones to take to the dogs. It turns out that customers and employees had been preparing for my arrival, and had purchased and donated throughout the week! Talk about a community that gives back!  

Charity In Action

Joking around with CharlieGiven what I now know, I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was pretty shocked (happy, excited, ecstatic) when Tractor Supply presented me with a $100 gift card and told me to do good! Yes, you read that right-ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS to buy goodies for animals in need! Yes please!

So, who will be the lucky recipient? Lollypop Farm!

Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester is 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization that works to fulfill their mission of  building lifelong bonds between people and animals through education, community outreach programs and the prevention of cruelty. As an open admission shelter, Lollypop Farm takes in animals of all kinds (dogs, cats, small animals, birds, reptiles, farm animals, etc) from all over the state of New York-and beyond.  

Having worked at Lollypop Farm (where Lucas Kitty and Bad Max were adopted from), as an employee and now as a volunteer, I know first hand that the amazing work that they do would not be possible without the support of the community.

So what did he get?
Charlie's shopping list for Lollypop Farm

Let’s see if Charlie can remember his whole list!

  • 4 bags of 4Health Kibble – 2 Dog/2 Cat
  • 1 pack of Kong Squeaker Tennis Balls
  • 2 bags of Dog For Dog Training Treats
  • 2 tins of KMR – Milk Replacement Powder
  • 1 package of Nylabone Durachews (Size Small)
  • 4+ Large Cans of 4Health Wet Dog Food
  • 8+ Large Cans of 4Health Wet Cat Food

What will Lollypop Farm use this donation for?

Our donation to Lollypop Farm included plenty of great 4Health food and treats for the shelter pets

Here are 5 ways that your local shelter can use your donation:

  1. Kibble While feeding shelter pets is the obvious answer, community programs such as Emergency food banks help to keep animals whose families provide them with plenty of love, but may have fallen on hard times financially, with the food they need to get by for a short period of time. Kibble is also stocked in the humane officer’s vehicles to provide to families in need or to be used to entice an animal that may be scared or hurt.Dog pushing shopping cart
  2. KMR Milk Replacement If you have ever been in a shelter in early spring and early fall, you know what kitten season is. Very often young kittens are found and brought into shelters. These “bottle babies” require almost around the clock care from dedicated staff and foster families. KMR is the milk that will nourish these young babies and give them the best chance at surviving.
  3. Training Treats Many shelters teach their animals simple commands during their stay. For example, Lollypop Farm has a “sit and click” policy that encourages appropriate greeting and manners when kennel staff are with the dogs. In addition, donated treats can be used in behavior classes that are offered at your local shelter which help to teach manners to dogs who might otherwise be at-risk for surrender because of their behavior.Perhaps Charlie could use some brushing up on his manners?
  4. Wet Food – Kittens eat it up, helping them to make weight and become eligible for their spay/neuter surgery. The goal is to get them out the door and into the homes of  loving families! Wet food is also offered to dogs after their spay/neuter surgery to entice them to eat. Animals with special medical needs may also require a soft diet.Picking out cat food for Lollypop Farm
  5. Toys  Toys are often used in behavior enrichment classes and during outdoor play time. Making sure that dogs stay cognitively engaged is so important because it helps them to show their best behavior to prospective adopters. After all, a tired dog is a good dog!  Charlie wanted to make sure we remembered some KONG tennis balls for his friends at Lollypop Farm

Delivery Time!

Dropping off our Tractor Supply donation at Lollypop Farm near Rochester, NYCharlie and Harley were so excited to take their special delivery to Lollypop Farm! They marched right in the front door with a wagon full of goodies and dropped them right in the donation bin! They love knowing that Tractor Supply’s generosity will bring happiness and health to homeless pets in the community!

4Health dog food is available at your local Tractor Supply

Of course, they couldn’t waste an opportunity to say hello to some old friends and get some belly rubs!

Taking time for some extra belly rubs

Taking Action

Now that you know all about the amazing products that Tractor Supply carries what is stopping you from checking out your local store? Maybe while you are there, you can create a goodie bag for a shelter animal in need.

Tell Us Below:

What would go in your Tractor Supply Goodie Basket!?

About the author

Rachael Sando

Rachael is a School Psychologist with degrees from the University of Rochester and RIT. Though a lifelong dog lover, this passion has taken on a new direction through the utilization of therapy animals in her day job. Charlie, our Golden Retriever, works with Rachael as a school therapy dog in a local primary school where he brings comfort and support to students and staff on a daily basis.


  • I had no idea that KMR was one of their products. The shelter I volunteer at goes through tons of that stuff in the spring. Love that they donate nationally and locally.

    • They carry KMR. Our shelter goes through so much of it at the height of kitten season! Hopefully Tractor Supply will be another great place to pick some up for your local shelter!

  • Your shopping trip looks so fun Charlie! You did end up getting a lot of nice things too. I’ve visited Tractor Supply and it’s such a cool store. I can spend way too much time in there!

  • What a wonderful program! It’s so great to see businesses helping shelters out in so many different ways. One of the first times I went to TSC they were hosting a local rescue with adoptable dogs there. I was impressed and I’ve been a customer ever since. They just built a new one even closer to home now, and I need to get over there soon to check that one out!
    Great selections you made there, Charlie, and glad to see you got lots of belly rubs!

  • Hey! That looks like the Tractor Supply just around the corner from me! I love that they are helping out shelters and homeless pets. Lollypop Farm is such an AWESOME place and they do so much good for the animals …and for the community. I am positive that they REALLY appreciated the donations!! Great job!