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Tutorial: Making a Silhouette DIY Dog Treat Jar

These Dog Treat Jars are a great gift idea for dog lovers!
Written by Kevin Sando

Looking for a special gift for the dog lover in your life?

How about making something homemade like this DIY dog treat jar? Something to fill the heart AND the belly of a pup that you love!

How to make a DIY Dog Treat Jar from MyDogLikes!

We love giving our boys treats – especially Charlie who is always working on behaviors like having a calm body. We try to reward him when he’s doing what is expected and that means always having treats on hand. Unfortunately, bags of treats littered throughout the house are not exactly our style of home decor! Not to mention they are quite susceptible to a break in by the Cat Ninjas in the house!

Creating your own, custom dog treat jar is the perfect solution to this dilemma – and we think it looks quite a bit better than keeping a bag of treats on the counter, don’t you?!  This project is simple to do and doesn’t take much time to complete. Best of all, it can be personalized to match the decor and personality of your recipient!

Want to know how its done? Let’s get started. The first step in successful crafting is to make sure you have an adorable furry assistant to oversee the project: Check! 

Golden Retriever Charlie is always up for some dog crafts

Gathering Supplies

For this project you will need:

DIY Supplies for our dog craft project.

Instructions for Making your Custom DIY Dog Treat Jar

The Jar

  1. First things first, select the images that you would like to have on your jar. I simply googled “golden retriever silhouette” etc. until a found a few that I liked. Print these images on plain paper and cut them out.
  2. Trace these pictures onto your vinyl adhesive roll. Cut them out when done. 
    Tracing and cutting out dog silhouette patterns for our homemade treat jars.
  3. Make sure that your jar is clean and free of residue/body oils (if not wipe it down) and place the stickers on the jar as you desire. Alternately, if you are using premade stickers or are really fancy and have a Cricket or Silhouette Machine, you can skip right to this step. Be sure that the stickers are pressed down hard, paying close attention to the edges, so that no paint can drip through where you don’t want it. 
    Applying our homemade dog decals onto the mason jars.
  4. When your stickers have been placed, wipe down the jar once again to remove any debris or residue that may impact the paint sticking to the jar.
  5. In a well ventilated area (outdoors), place the jars upside down on a piece of cardboard, wood, or something else you don’t mind getting paint on. Apply a thin, even coat of spray paint. Let dry, and repeat as needed to ensure that all areas have been covered. (You will spray right over the stickers). 
    Spray Painting our mason jars after applying the dog decals.
  6. Allow to dry for several hours after painting. When the jars are completely dry, carefully peel off the stickers. If you have nails, typically this is enough to get the stickers off, but tweezers or the end of a knife will work just as well. Remove slowly to avoid any accidental paint removal. 
    Peeling away the dog decals after spray painting.

Between coats, work on the lid.

  1. Select the figurine that you would like to use and attach it to the lid/lid disk (if using a mason jar) using a strong adhesive. Allow it to dry. 
    Hot gluing the figurines onto the lids of our DIY dog treat jars.
  2. Coat the lid with spray paint, following the same procedures of thin, even coats until you have achieved full coverage. Allow to dry for several hours afterward.

Assemble your jar and admire the great gift you have created for some pups that you love!

Now for the Fun Part…Filling the Jar with your Favorite Treats!

Need some recommendations? Check out our favorite single ingredient treats!

Looking for fun DIY dog projects? See how to make these cute homemade dog treat jars from MyDogLikes!

Think we have their attention?

Golden Retrievers Harley and Charlie waiting for a dog treat!

Please let us know if you give this DIY project a try and how they turn out!

About the author

Kevin Sando

Kevin is a mechanical engineer with a degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has move than a decade experience in new product design, prototyping and early stage manufacturing. Pairing this background with his love of dogs, gives him a unique perspective to evaluate the design and execution of new and interesting pet products.


  • These are great! I have 2 dogs who would love these! I also give Christmas presents to the dogs in my life, and I know they would like them too! Great idea! Great Giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

    • Well then best of luck to you! Sounds like you have lots of dogs and dog lovers these would be a good fit for!

  • Awesome treat jars Kevin!! They came out great! The girls are very pleased with ours too…as long as I keep it stocked with @naturalbalance treats.

    • Ha! Yes for sure! Jeanne do you think Kevin really made these jars?! 🙂 It was Charlie all the way!

  • Wow, you boys went all out! I made some really cute jars, but they were super simple, like 5 mins. to make. I like yours and I, of course, love the treats they are filled with! Nice post!

    • Thanks Emma! You do everything well (naturally) so your compliment means a lot. Charlie and Kevin are taking full credit for this project, but from one independent lady to another, you know I was the creative force behind it 🙂

  • We have two small female dogs.  Pepper is a salt & pepper miniature schnauzer and Mitzi is a black & tan dorkie (dachshund/yorkie designer hybrid). They would both jump up and down for this homemade Dog Treat Jar.

  • i have 3 girls in my life that would love to star at a treat jar. they know where i hid them now and with the treat jar they will just star at it til i give them one. i have 3 mini schnauzer girls, Evie, 14, Tressa 6 and Harley 5….dark salt and pepper and the 2 younger are black and silver and 1st cousins.

  • We adopted a wonderful dog this past summer, a Dingo named Joey. I know he would love a treat jar full of goodies.

  • I have two shepherd/lab mixes. We got them separately, but they are so similar that everyone thinks they are littermates. They keep me active and keep me smiling. 🙂

  • This project is the cutest thing ever! All my pet-loving friends would love this. Personally, I have three small very food-motivated dogs here that would love that!

  • Both of my dogs would enjoy this! They get treats every night at bed time and they don’t even have a treat jar

  • I have a large doggie family. I also have lots of good friends with doggies this would be fun to make for.

  • I have three dogs (Border Collie, German Shepherd an Shih Tzu) My German Shepherd is allergic to poultry (turkey, duck, chicken) and eggs so his treats have to be kept separate. This would be a great way to keep his treats separate and easy to access (they will look great on the cupboard for easy access, other than the plastic tote I have now). I really love how these look and would be honored to win.

  • Nala, my jack russell terrier would love this and she is such a beggar. I have seen a lot of treat jars lately and these are just too cute. I might just have to make a jar for all the people I know who have dogs.

  • I have two pups in my life. Lady Girl is my rescue pup, age 8, adopted at age 4. She is my buddy. Then there is the new pup, Pookie. 8 wk old Peeka-poo. Lady is not real happy but is being a very good sport. 🙂

  • I have two beautiful babies that would love these treats.they have blessed our lives,this would be perfect.thanks so much for sharing.

  • I have 5 dogs that love treats! I also have friends that are pet owners. This would make a cute gift. I love this!

  • I have two shih tzu ‘s and a Jack Russell that would appreciate these cute doggie jars.

  • my dog Indie is 7 lbs of love and energy. She is a Yorkie who loves her treats and loves her walks and who loves me for who I am

  • My sweetie pie is Rex. He loves treats and counts each one!! He’s a German Shepherd/Lab mix. He would love this prize!! He’s also a rescue!!

  • This is so sweet my two girls Daisy & Lilly would get so excited to have a special jar like this for their treats. I do make homemade treats from time to time they both just love the treats when I do. Thanks for the chance.

  • I have three dogs who would appreciate one of your beautiful jars! filled with treats! I have a Golden Retriever named Brambles, a German Shepherd named Kada, and a Chihuahau Terrier mix named Burton.

  • We have 3 pups in the family Smoki Cairn terrier is my bubby He love to go to the trash dump and he barks at all the cows or Smoki know as mow mows, horses ,Donkey or as Smoki known as Jack he love to get treats especial Beef Jerky Be Perfect to put is jerky in

  • Honey is my Chihuahua and she loves her treats, She has two siblings, Salem and Pumpkin, Cats she loves to play with. and she is almost 4 years old.

  • My special puppies names are Sushi, LuLu, and Scruffy! They are so precious and make my world & life a better place. I can’t imagine life without them.

  • you bet we do! We’ve got two mixed rescues and they’ve done absolutely everything to show their love to us–one is a St Bernard mix and the other is a Chihuahua mix–‘cookies’ are their favorites 🙂

  • LaMancha would love a homemade treat jar. What a great gift idea for my friends and family with dogs.

  • My dog loves treats of all kinds! And I am all over the nice jars for the dog treats! We have a couple, and they are invaluable!

  • Yes! Coco would love this treat jar full of treats! She loves treats but what dog really doesn’t! LOL! She is a 10 year old American Cocker Spaniel. She is a very happy dog. Her wigglebutt is always going! She is the best!

  • We have two dogs who would love their own treat jar.
    Bear is one of those awesome “designer” dog breeds of a Pitador who drools at the mere mention of food. Lawdy, I’m talking St. Bernard like drool! For a dog that is always on the go he’s quick to get to the “sit” position if he knows there’s a treat involved.
    Then there’s the regal Beagle, Oswald. He just stares with his big beautiful eyes until you fall into a trance and give him food.

  • I have three dogs who would love this fun treat jar! A chocolate lab and a puggle who adore treats and know where they come from! A foster dog who hasn’t had a great life and is learning that there are great things to eat here. This would be so cute sitting at the shelter, full of good treats that potential adopters could dip into as they are becoming acquainted with the dogs! Wonderful idea, thanks!

  • Yes, there is a dog in my life who would love the DIY Dog Treat Jar named Cody. He is a 4 year old spoiled rotten Jack Russell Terrier/ Basenji mix that we adopted as part of our family. We all love him tremendously and would love to give him this treat!

  • I have two precious pooches, Bella and Rosie, who both love treats! These jars are adorable, thanks for the giveaway!