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The Perfect Dog Walking Bag – Travel Wags “The Walker”

Showing off our Travel Wags Dog Walking Bag
Written by Kevin Sando

Take a quick moment to think about all of those dog essentials that you bring along with you on your daily walk. Leashes, poop bags, treats, keys, cell phone? Perhaps water for a longer walk or hike? It doesn’t help the matter that athletic gear (especially women’s) rarely has any pockets.

Juggling all of these things can be a real pain.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an easy way to carry everything with you?

Here at MyDogLikes we are all about living a dog friendly lifestyle. While the majority of our reviews tend to focus on items made primarily for the dogs, today we are going to be showcasing something designed specifically for pet parents!

Travel Wags “The Walker” Bag

Our Travel Wags bag loaded up with all of our dog walking essentials.

The Travel Wags Story

Travel Wags is a New Zealand based company that designs and sells a line of stylish AND functional bags for pet parents. The company was founded by Sarah Hall, a former television journalist ready to leave the broadcasting world behind. After spending years searching for the perfect dog walking and weekend bags, she decided that starting a business would be the next challenge in her life. Not only would she be able to create the perfect bags but she could spend more time with her precious pups. (Hey – we get it! That was a huge reason for us starting our business as well!)

Sarah teamed up with noted designer Sonya Cotter to make it happen, and after much hard work, Travel Wags was born! They now offer 2 different bagsThe Walker and The Tote.

Travel Wags recently contacted us to see if we would be interested in reviewing and featuring their dog walking bag. Quite familiar with the difficulty of carrying everything we need, we were excited to check it out!

Travel Wags Bag Review

Simply put, this bag is designed to hold everything you need on a walk with your best friend. The Walker is spacious, but it is also compact enough to be perfect for daily use. Not only is it functional, but it is beautiful as well. No one would guess that this bag is designed to hold dog supplies.

Showing of "the Walker" bag from Travel Wags

A Stylish Dog Walking Bag?

The Walker is a rectangular shaped tote-style bag measuring roughly 10″ on each side. It’s grey herringbone fabric is classy and neutral while the orange accents for the zippers and lettering give a nice pop of color.

Breaking down the Features of the Bag

There is so much more than meets the eye with this dog walking bag! Let’s take a look at each feature one by one to see why it will make your walks easier.

Shoulder Strap

"The Walker" bag can be worn over the shoulder or cross body thanks to the adjustable strap.

The Walker comes with a detachable, black, nylon strap for carrying. The strap is wide, smooth, and adjustable in length, allowing for the bag to be worn over the shoulder or cross body. I prefer to wear it cross body as it leaves both hands free for the dogs.

Magnetic Clasp

The flap of the bag folds over and secures quickly with the aid of a magnetic clasp. No need to struggle to find the snap, or worry about it wearing out over time. We found that the clasp held strong even when we loaded up the bag and put some strain on it!

A magnetic clasp makes the bag flap easy to align and secure.

Exterior Pocket

On the front of the bag you will find a zipper accessible pocket. This compartment stretches along the width of the entire bag, and is perfect for storing something that you need easy access to – such as training treats!

Interior Pockets

Travel Wags has included a number of different interior pockets into The Walker. One designed to hold a roll of poop bags that can be dispensed out the front. Another perfect for a cell phone or keys. A third zippered pocket can hold things you would like to keep a bit more protected like keys, money and identification.

Interior Pockets with plenty of room for phone, keys, money, treats and more!

In addition to these pockets is a large open area giving you the ability to store a wallet, treat bag, book or anything else you may need while out and about.

Built in Poop Bag Dispenser

Travel Wags has thought of everything - there is even a poo bag dispenser built right in!

One of the most unique features of the Travel Wags bag is that there is a poop bag dispenser built right in! They even throw in a roll of bags to get you started!

What’s Included with the Travel Wags Dog Walking Bag?

The Travel Wags bag was designed specifically for pet parents.

Ergonomic Water Bottle

Proper hydration is extremely important during exercise – especially in the heat of the Summer. But seriously, who wants to lug around a water bottle on a walk? Worse yet, if you were to bring a bag with you, most water bottles take up a ton of space.

Travel Wags has designed and incorporated a custom, flat, water bottle to fit in a special slot inside the bag. Not only does this save room in the bag for other items, but it helps to give the bag shape and form. Simply put, this was a brilliant idea! We measured the capacity and were pleased that it holds 16 oz.

"The Traveler" comes with a space saving water bottle as well as a collapsible bowl!

Collapsible Water Bowl

If you have water, your dog will need something to drink it from! The Walker includes a large collapsible dog bowl for that quick drink break on your walk.

Take a look at the size of this thing! Much larger than other collapsible bowls we have used in the past.

Travel Wags - Our new favorite bag for dog walking!

Why MyDogLikes the Travel Wags Dog Walking Bag

Anything that makes our lives easier is a huge plus in our book. The Travel Wags Dog Walking bag is the perfect accessory for pet parents. No longer will you need to struggle carrying all your dog gear, in fact you can conveniently bring along much more. While this bag is great for walks with your dog, its also great as an everyday bag. If your dog is as “on-the-go” as you are, you need this bag! Thanks to its classic design and stylish fabric, it easily and beautifully blends in as regular purse, while still meeting the needs of a busy pet parent!

I also love the look of ‘The Tote’, Travel Wags’ larger bag. Though we didn’t review it, I can see this bag easily accommodating a bigger day/overnight trip. I’ve been looking for a great bag for a while and am so happy that we now have this bag. If you are the mom of an infant or toddler, you know how important the diaper bag is, to me-this bag is just as important as a dog-mom!

Want to get your own Travel Wags Bag?

Click Here to Browse their Store

About the author

Kevin Sando

Kevin is a mechanical engineer with a degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has move than a decade experience in new product design, prototyping and early stage manufacturing. Pairing this background with his love of dogs, gives him a unique perspective to evaluate the design and execution of new and interesting pet products.


  • Pick up bags, keys, & cell phone are critical. Anything else depends if we are just going around the block or farther afield.

  • I bring my phone, poop bags, treats & my dogs & I wear reflective gear & use an LED leash, if it’s low light/dark. (And my dogs also wear Puplight collars when it’s dark.)

  • I bring keys, leash, potty bags, water, money, phone and treats also my i.d this is great thanks for the chance.

  • leash, poop bags, treats(for training), cell phone, water, a small toy, and sometimes my showmanship lead if we are going to a park for training.

  • I take poop bags, water, keys, phone, money incase we walk by a garage sale and paper and pen.

  • water, water bowl, food (not much, more like a snack), food bowl, leash, poop bags, phone, & maybe toy (depends on weather & how she feels). mostly, though, it’s more like she “runs” me instead of me walking her!

  • We bring the poop bags attached to leashes, phone, keys, and water if it’s a long walk.

  • We have 4 dogs, we bring bags,water bowl,snacks, our own stuff . We sure could juse this bag

  • We take treats, poop bags, treats, water, treats, a ball, treats, frisbee, treats and a brush. Did I mention treats?

  • This bag is such a great idea! Besides the normal items such as keys, pet waste disposal bags, cell phone, water, portable water bowl, pet toys to play catch, a can of mace, my epi pen and sometimes the occasional book. I also live within walking distance of other family and many close friends so I regularly will take gifts, food items, homemade soaps or one of the other many homemade bath, beauty, candles, or the other types of fun craft items that I regularly make and want to share with those that live nearby. It’s simply a matter of convenience just to bring these items with me while walking my dogs in order to stop by and drop the items off as I pass their homes. Not to mention I always check the mail as my last stop before heading home (our mailbox is not one that’s conveniently located right by our home) So depending on the day it can be a couple plastic shopping bags full of various items that I’m also taking for a walk! Having one of these bags would not only be super handy & organized but a thousand times more comfortable to carry while walking two dogs than flimsy noisy plastic shopping bags!
    Also my daughter is a professional dog trainer, so a couple of these would be Heaven sent for her and any others in this occupation! Being able to have her business name embroidered on the bag would an extra bonus!

  • I always bring poop bags. a water bottle,phone, and small plastic container, to put water in for my fur baby.

  • Cleverly designed AND stylish bag! What’s not to like?! As a professional dog walker, I can certainly appreciate this product – I always have bulky client keys on me, poop bags, and my cell phone. Depending on where I walk, I sometimes also carry a spray bottle filled with vinegar to keep stray/loose dogs away (works very nicely).

  • Mostly treats and poop bags, because we don’t usually venture very far from home, but I could see this coming in very handy, especially for longer walks! That water bottle idea is brilliant, and I love that it comes with a collapsible bowl! Plus I LOVE that it doesn’t look like you are carrying dog stuff. As much as I love my puppies, I also care about my style, and although I will forgo thale latter to be practical, I love it even more if I don’t have to!

  • I typically bring my cell phone, ID, water for both of us (dog and I), a bag or two to collect poop, and often not much else. Sometimes food for the dog too. I am planning on getting pepper spray / gel soon to take as well. This bag would be so helpful and it’s very styliish!

  • We’re a city person and a city dog, so errands and a walk are often combined… my wallet, poop bags, key, a water bottle and a collapsible bowl….

  • Poop bags are a must as is my cell phone.Other things depend upon where we are walking.If I am walking on our country road,my phone and bags are all I carry cause I do the bad thing and don’t lock my doors.If we are walking somewhere else I carry just about everything from poop bags to treats for him and me.

  • I carry poop bags, water, water bowl, poop bags, treats, keys, toys, wipes. I always have a lot of stuff with me!

  • Oh my goodness! This looks perfect! I’ve been looking for a bag I can bring that allows me to have a water bottle, charger, phone, keys, wallet, dog treats, and of course poop bags without being too bulky! Adding this to my wish list for sure.

  • I live to bring water and toys on long walks. My dogs like to take breaks a lot.

  • I bring along poop bags, water, treats, and an extra leash and collar (just in case) and a small first aid kit always!

  • We bring a tennis ball, fresh water and towels as we generally end up at a stream where my Boxador loves to romp in. The Mal-Shi loves to run and play

  • My little guy wears his harness and leash, of course, but I do take water, plastic bags and treats. 🙂 Thank you.

  • I bring poo bags, my cell phone and keys (if I’m headed to the mailbox) when I take the pups for their walks.

  • When i walk my dogs, i always have my iphone with me to listen to music, wallet, keys, poop bags!

  • i bring a water bottle, a little bowl, some treats, his eye drops and nose drops (he has allergies), and some baggies to clean up any messes he makes

  • Wow, what a fabulous way to bring what you need. Some days, I have to bring a jacket to tie around my waist just for pocket space! 😉

  • water and bags mostly, though we don’t go very far because my doggy is 15 now.

  • I take on my waks a water bottle, collapsible bowl, poop bags, lots of treats, and an extra leash for that Chunky Chocolate Lab that runs down the hill to say hi. My pup isn’t socialized very well. Thank you for your great review.

  • Water, leashes, dentalstix for treats to distract them. We normally only walk one block and it is an empty field in our rural area so we don’t usually pick up poo.

  • We go walking with our 3 dogs and we carry treats, poop bags and some water for them too.We also carry items for us as well.

  • Depends on where I’m going and how long. Sometime its just pickupbags, if we are going hiking or on longer treks, also bring water, snacks/treats, a leash and the ecollar

  • If it’s a short walk, I just take some potty bags, but if we go on a long walk, I take a water bottle and a small bowl. I love this bag, I never wear things that have pockets, so I am usually ill prepared when going on walks. Thank you for turning me on to this company!

  • I would bring adventure items! This bag looks perfect for any hike, trip, secret mission, or leisure activity!

  • Short walks I bring a
    Kurgo Running belt with poop bags Flash light and my phone, a leash, and the dogs wear a collar with their ID tags they are also Microchipped
    For long Walks I bring
    The above along with a collapsed water dish, treats and Water

  • Wow. This bag is amazing. This is exactly what i need. Looking so stylish while being convenient. I just love the design. Thinking of getting one in the future

  • This is awesome! I bought it for my dog and its’ probably the best dog leash we’ve ever bought. I would have to say that this is an essential for walking your dog. It works great if you like to go running with your dog. I love that it has a dog bag dispenser that can fit the standard size roll.

  • Thank you so much for making this blog! Wolfie and I really need to add the collapsible bowl and muzzle. We also recently added human bug spray wipes for me since I always forget to pre-spray before adventuring. Thanks for your sharing

  • I am a wag walker and I love it!!!!!! I make four legged friends and I have one that I love walking a lot!!! She and I have become close. Like best friends!!! I don’t care if I get paid or not, dog walking is my motivation for actually getting out there and walking.