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MyDogLikes Top 6 Dog Accessories for 2015

4Knines Car Seat Covers


Car Seat Covers
All dogs love a car ride - but between the hair and the dirt, they often can leave quite the mess behind!!

This is no longer a concern for us now that we have a 4Knines cargo cover and 4Knines bench car seat cover.

These covers are extremely easy to install, washable, durable and look great!
PooBoss Dog Vest


K9 Utility Vest
The PooBoss Dog Vest is the walking companion you need!

This vest has a built in poop bag dispenser, multiple pockets for storage and reflective tape for visibility.

It is easily adjustable for size, lightweight, and not at all intrusive or uncomfortable.

We have been using this vest on our daily walks for about a year and we can't imagine being without it!

Use code “MyDogLikes” to receive a 20% discount on your purchase!


Dual Brush
With 2 Golden Retrievers in the house, keeping up on grooming is a necessity!

The FURminator Dual Brush has become a weekly part of our grooming routine. One side is perfect for removing knots/ undercoat and the other great for smoothing the coat.

If you only have room for one brush in your grooming supply collection, this is the one you need!


Dog Boots
Pawz Dog Boots
Did you know that the winter snow, ice and road salts can be harmful to your dog?

Pawz dog boots are unique in that are both disposable and reusable. They are constructed of natural rubber allowing your dog to feel the ground beneath them while they walk.

We have been using these boots for years and could not be happier!

Protect those paws with Pawz disposable dog boots!
Personalized Dog Collar


Dog Collar
Who doesn't love something personalized?

RUHA manufactures fine leather products include laser engraved dog collars. Visit their product designer page to choose from a wide variety of fonts and graphics to create your custom design!

Harley has been wearing his RUHA collar daily for a year now and it still looks good as new. These collars are absolutely beautiful!
ALU Dog Collar

Mema Pets

ALU Dog Collar
Where form meets function.

Mema Pets ALU dog collar utilizes a completely new latching connection. The buckle machined out of solid aluminum and the cork collar combine for an elegant and modern look.

This collar is sure to grab attention wherever you go. Charlie has been wearing his daily for 1.5 years and it looks just as good as the day we put it on!

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Check out the Accessories Section of our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide!

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