MyDogLikes 2014 Holiday Gift Guide - Accessories - Every dog needs them

2014 MyDogLikes Holiday Gift Guide – Accessories

How to use this guide:

Make sure to click on any item of interest and it will drop down a tab with more information.  This includes a brief description of the product as well as links to our official MyDogLikes Review and where you can purchase the item.

Also watch out for some exclusive discounts for our readers!

The Fifth Paw

The Fifth Paw

Hands Free/ Doody Free Leash Attachment
Tired of having to carry around bags of poop on your walks?

The Fifth Paw is a convenient leash attachment that is sure to make your dog walks more enjoyable.

This clever device attaches to any standard leash and will carry several used poop bags or other items. Simply slide a tied off bag into one of the clips and you are now hands free! We have been using this for several months now and won't be going back!

Messy Mutts Dog Bowl

Messy Mutts

Double Feeder
Tired of cleaning up messes and chasing your dog bowls around the floor?

Messy Mutts solves both of these problems with their silicone base, wide rim feeder bowls. The stainless steel bowls are removable and the entire feeder can be put into the dishwasher!

Talk about a convenient way to cut down on messes and germs!

West Paw Design

Bumper Dog Bed
West Paw Design Dog Bed
Every dog deserves a comfy bed.

We really wanted something that was large enough for Harley to lay comfortably, without spending a fortune. West Paw Design's bumper beds ended up being the perfect fit! They are stylish, durable and extremely comfortable.

These beds are available in several sizes and tons of fabric patterns!



Dog Boots
Pawz Dog Boots
Did you know that the winter snow, ice and road salts can be harmful to your dog?

Pawz dog boots are unique in that are both disposable and reusable. They are constructed of natural rubber allowing your dog to feel the ground beneath them while they walk.

We have been using these boots for years and could not be happier!

Protect those paws with Pawz disposable dog boots!
ALU Dog Collar

Mema Pets

ALU Dog Collar
Form meets function.

Mema Pets ALU dog collar utilizes a completely new latching connection. The buckle machined out of solid aluminum and the cork collar combine for an elegant and modern look.

This collar is sure to grab attention wherever you go!
Illumidog Reflective Dog Collar


Reflective Dog Collar
Don't get caught in the dark!

Illumidog's reflective SOLAS dog collars will help keep both you and your dog safe on nighttime walks. This is the same type of reflective tape that is used in marine safety and rescue environments!

You will be amazed at how well these collars pick up the light!

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