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MyDogLikes Top 6 Dog Toys for 2015

Chuckit Frisbee


As a connoisseur of frisbee's, this one received Charlie's highest regards.

The Chuckit! Zipflight is constructed of a tough canvas-like material that holds up well to plenty of wear and tear.

The Chuckit! Zipflight flies fast and straight and has the perfect amount of hang time to be caught in mid-air!
PrideBites Pizza


Custom Plush Dog Toys
Making its appearance for the second year in a row and with good reason.

PrideBites plush toys have a very unique multi-layer construction. This gives them their trademark look and feel, while also making them surprisingly durable.

Most notably however, are the adorable designs that these toys come in. There shapes are fun and wacky and will even custom make a toy in your dogs likeness!

These would make an AMAZING gift for any dog lover!

Make sure to click the link above and enter the code 'MyDogLikes' to save 20% on all orders!


Dinosaur Chew Toy
Nylabone Dinosaur
An oldie but a goodie, Nylabones have been around for years, but we still love them!

Nylabones come in tons of different styles, flavors, and shapes that dogs of all shapes and sizes enjoy.

They satisfy the urge to chew without putting your dog at risk from rawhide bones which are often chemically treated and baked bones which can splinter or shatter.


Squeezz Ring
KONG Squeezz Ring
Tons of fun for chew, fetch and tug - the KONG Squeezz dog toy line FAR exceeded our expectations!

The KONG Squeezz ring (pictured above) makes a high pitched sound when compressed that is sure to entice any dog. Best of all is the way that it bounces and rolls during play!

Make sure to check out our review for some very fun videos!
Puller Dog Toy


Training Device/Dog Toy
The puller consists of a pair of soft but durable rings that can be used for fetch, tug, or training.

They come in two different sizes and are ultra lightweight - allowing for both big dogs and small dogs to enjoy them! They have the perfect amount of resistance for a good chew and can take a surprising amount of punishment!

Charlie loves to play with the Puller both indoors and out and has been chewing, tugging, and fetching these rings for over a year!
Nerf Dog Flyer

Nerf Dog

Its NERF or nothing (or so our resident expert, Charlie, says).

The NERF Flyer is great for a dog who loves to chase frisbees; this thing really flies! We love that it has a long flight (a tired dog is a good dog), is super durable, and also so easy to clean.

Charlie loves that it is easy to carry on his post frisbee session walk!

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Anything we missed? Tell us about it below, as well as what new toys your dog will be playing with this year!


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